Proposal; regarding proud muslim(with poll)

Discussion in 'SF Open Government' started by Dr Lou Natic, Mar 28, 2004.


No one should be banned before proud muslim unless they exceed PM in suckage

  1. Agreed, I am a decent human being and my vote signifies this

  2. Disagreed, pm deserves special treatment because he is retarded

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  1. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    That's ... stating your case well.

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    No. In this you're wrong. After all, you insist on being able to go out of your way to offend people. People like you, who have less to say than PM, are the ones getting special treatment.
    What? You can claim to know what it's like to be an Arab Muslim living in the West during this time of trial?

    Get over yourself.
    Coming from someone as paranoid yet megalomaniacal as you, that's a reliable assessment.

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    You're only half-right, but there is no half-credit for a half-wit like yourself.

    It's true that I think of the west as wrong, but if you'd ever bothered to pay attention to my more philosophical posts in the Religion forum, or if you were capable of understanding them in the first place, you would find that I dislike monotheism, and hold "right" as an abstraction and not something taking place within humanity on any large scale. Which conditions make it hard for me to claim that Muslims are right inasmuch as they're Muslims.

    But someone like you ... what, you couldn't possibly see how that's relevant?

    Look, Lou, it's not that you're obliged to read through all my posts in the Religion forum, but you might wish to consider that you demonstrate only ignorance and spite with these kinds of posts.
    Well, if I enjoyed it, I probably wouldn't complain. Beyond that, since I'm not particularly into pitchforks, I'd probably blame PM himself.
    You actually don't know how.

    And it's not just PM. I watch people try to play turnabout all the time around here, and about 97% of them are absolute retards in that form.
    In the West, and especially in the conservative parts of Western politics and contemporary thought, there is a prevailing spite that is almost inexplicable. As liberalism sinks into blind anger in the West, it transforms from outrage into spite.

    I mean, look at the Me! Me! Me! aspect of your post.

    You do get to be inflammatory and ridiculous. You're just being petty and greedy. But that's to be expected. Not just because you're a Westerner, but also because you're Dr. Lou, and that's the precedent you set for yourself.
    I'm aware of this; and with PM tethered and muzzled and pack of dogs circling him, I'm not just going to sit here and watch the feast.
    Actually, it is when your idea of going at it "naturally" involves wishing those who disagree with you silenced.

    Remember that people have free reign here to talk about how we should bomb ____ (fill in the blank). Otheadp can advocate Israeli murders. Brad Rules was free to call for the extermination of all Muslims--except, of course, for a few of the women, who he thought were hot.

    I think in reality you just need to quit whining, Lou.
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  3. everneo Re-searcher Registered Senior Member

    Well, You can do better than that. I happen to be one of those dogs often whenever PM barking at randomly. Infact PM does not require enyone to come to his resque, he enjoys and works hard to be in that situation.

    PM represents nothing but his own ignorance and arrogance. I don't vote cause still i think there is hope to bring him on right track if he is not encouraged to continue on his current way of harming the very cause that he thinks he represents.
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  5. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    In other words, what? You still think there's time to strip his heritage, religion, and identity?

    Hey, people at Sciforums can talk about killing all the ragheads, endorse the murder of Palestinian civilians, and accuse people of atrocities for the simple crime of disagreeing with the standard anti-Islamic party line.

    And any number of Islamic-advocate posters have been subject to moderator or administrative action for saying things similar in intent to what Zionists, American jingoists, and Bushlovers can say regularly.

    It's quite obvious that PM can take care of himself. It's the rest of y'all I worry about. I think it quite significant that so many of those other people will put such an effort into suspending their compassion, their sense of reality, and their intellects when they pause to consider issues related to Muslims.
    If you or I were to try to apply that equally, we'd go crazy.

    Why single out the Muslim? Is it just easier?
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  7. everneo Re-searcher Registered Senior Member

    PM himself makes fun of those attributes with your active support.

    PM tops the list of haters of all sort. That is the point of this thread.

    For a change, and for the sake of reality check, why don't you reply, with reason and logic, to any of PM's post disagreeing with any of his follies.? Soon you would be called a hypocrite / ignorant / self-rightious in big bold colored letters.

    Certainly not the craziest.

    Yes, he made the job easiest by himself. If you don't find the odd and single out PM then you are clubbing all muslims with him.

    Strange, you seemed to be worrying about the standard of the forums diving low but put your efforts to add more weight to the dead-weight (PM's indiscriminate hate threads/posts).

    I still hope PM could be made to reduce his generalized rhetorics of hatred and to counter the replies with reason and logic.
  8. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    It's a bigger picture than we're accustomed to looking at here

    Maybe you could clarify. We might be on two different paths looking at each other across a two-foot ditch.
    His ranking is a matter of opinion.
    I do. People tend to miss those occasions because I'm neither cussing him out at the time nor condemning all Muslims. Not everybody. But it's a consistent trend.
    I see a larger story at play, which dates back at least to a poster named Helen, who was abused as a Muslim by other posters despite being an Arab Christian, and we've had a string of defensive Arab and Muslim posters ever since.

    The communication style has been simple; it's only through insistence by both sides of the war debates that graphic pictures of casualties aren't being censored. (The images and angry condemnations of the acts that led to the casualties were what seemed to upset people at the time.)

    It's an ongoing story for those paying attention.
    We're all human. Some people are just more honest about their issues than others.

    We've treated Muslims as second-class at best throughout our time at Sciforums, whether there were any here to debate with us or not.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2004
  9. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    I rarely offend people. I was just making sure that i could if ever the urge arose seeing as how PM does it all the time.

    Correction, pm opens his mouth more frequently than I do. Exactly how much more I have to say than pm is not measurable with current technology. Lets just say its a hell of alot.

    Did I say that?
    I said you don't know shit about me. And your post has ironically validated my statement perfectly.

    Where have I displayed paranoia? Oh wait "I" represent the west from your simpleton perspective. My mistake.

    You are the one that confronts me on these forums. And you ALWAYS prove blatantly that you have no idea what I'm talking about. No I don't read your posts. I'm not interested in you. You come at me and show a complete ignorance of my views. You lump me with fucking political parties and if you knew anything about me you'd see that is inherently hilarious.
    Lucky for you I'm the only one paying attention because you embarrass yourself when you attack me. Because you aren't attacking me. You're attacking western politics or something and for some reason you think I am the embodiment of those politics when in reality I have nothing to do with them.
    I ran foul with you when I insulted PM, pure and simple, now you try to drag me into a political debate that I have no interest in. I was insulting some maniac who turns out to be muslim(I guess the name should have been a give away), I was looking at his ridiculous words. And now according to you I'm a megalomaniac patriotic american(not even american) that has a grudge against muslims.
    This automatically proves you never read my posts and have no idea what my views are. If you were a little more clued in you'd know I couldn't give 2 shits about human politics from the intra-perspective. I look at them from the outside. The same way i look at lion politics(which are much more interesting btw).
    You can't even fathom a world view like mine, because you are a monkey caught up in the semantics of your species cute little behavioural structure.
    Like a salmon seriously discussing the details of his migratory route.
    I don't care which waterfall will be the biggest challenge for you this year.
    The ironic thing is you think I'm petty.

    The bears are gonna be tough this year man, how do think we should weave between their legs? Left right left or right left right?

    I KNOW it isn't relevent.

    No I certainly am not. If you, however, are going to be making statements about what kind of person I am and what my beliefs are that are hysterically wrong then I suggest you do read my posts to prevent future embarrassments like this one.

    What kind of posts? What am I saying? Down with muslims right?

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    Must be, I used the word muslim somewhere and I haven't been saying down with america yet.
    You're so incredibly basic for a cyborg.

    *Tiassabot generate generic anti-america attack*

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    This could not have less to do with me.

    Hows the Please don't look at me angle working for you? Is it even intentional?

    Thanks for the evidence for my argument.

    You don't actually read these posts I write do you? You just go into anti-anti-muslim mode when you think you can smell a situation that calls for it. And its funny seeing how uncalled for an argument can concievably be. If I said something abstract about muslims that wasn't even insulting them I am certain you would come in guns blazing defending them, calling me a "megalomaniac" and blah b fucking blah, speaking jibberish irrelevent to what I actually said. I think I'll test this hypothosis. I'm confident that even though you've been cautioned you'll fall for it.
    You are a machine tiassa
    You have a few arguments, and you scan the forums searching for a place to insert them, you can't address a topic that isn't already stored in your memory banks.
    I find you hilarious. I never paid much attention to you before. I don't think your inadequacies usually stand out like this because usually you are aiming this argument at people it is relevent to. People in the same trivial game as you but on the other team. Ants vs termites, I'm the naturalist crouching over the termite mound. And your chemical messages are being wasted when they are sent in my direction.

    They do? Then fine, I specifically said I was just making sure, this thread couldn't have less to do with muslims vs the west. But you can't pick up on any thing that subtle. I muttered the term pm, I appear to have a little spice in my tone.... anti-american Cyborg attack inevitable.
  10. Porfiry Nomad Registered Senior Member

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