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    Moderator(s) for Pseudoscience are:

    Moderator Expediency
    Moderators can not be assumed to read every post or thread. Moderation is a voluntary position where the tasks and operations performed here are secondary to real world commitments, with that in mind Moderators will attempt to be available to carry out their duties as and when they have free time. If a moderator doesn't appear to be online, either use the Private message method of contacting them or use the Report button, someone will deal with the issue, or at least appraise the situation.

    Moderators do not need to explain why they have:
    • Deleted or Edited posts
    • Locked or moved threads
    • Temporarily Banned a member
    This doesn't mean they shouldn't explain, it's just if they have to explain to everyone that asks, they will spend more time dealing with the request for an explanation than their actual moderation duty.

    General Guidelines

    The following Guidelines has been simplified to try and make it easier on people that want to know what they shouldn't do in the forums. Obviously some things will not be mentioned but I'm hoping this generates a General system which can be appreciated for it's simplicity.

    • NO SPAM/ADVERTS This means by bots and humans alike, anyone caught doing it will have the post removed and if they are a severe offender they will be permabanned.
    • NO PORN/WAREZ/Promotion of Illegal Activities. This can't be helped it's a basic rule of the interweb to promote at least a little bit of clemency. Profanity does occur here (although it's suggested to try and refrain from it), apparently the English language has slowly been sliding into the toilet.
    • NO RACISM/SEXISM/HOMOPHOBIA or other related HATE SPEECH This isn't allowed. I know you might assume the rest of the forum has it going on, however it shouldn't be here period. Especially no links to Images or Pages on the web that contain such material.

      Caution: a Moderator can not test every link posted, it's not our responsibility to keep you safe, but we will remove/edit links that are a problem.
    • NO TROLLING/CYBERSTALKING/FLAMING this can be repeated over and over again, some people just don't get it.
    • NO PLAGIARISM don't cut and paste vast texts from somewhere and claim it to be yours. There is nothing worse than Intellectual Dishonesty (Well other than a number of Human Rights Violations)
    • The Administration and Moderator(s) do the task of trying to keep this place shipshape through merging, deleting and moving of threads (occasionally deleting or editing of posts), we aren't here to enter into "Flaming/Pissing contests". If you don't like what a Moderator has done then there are some simple steps to take:
      • Ask the Moderator Via PM to rethink their decision or ask what you can do to change their decision. It's possible some threads can be salvaged if worked on.
      • If the Moderator isn't responding or is being rude, PM an Administrator and make you case known.
      • The OPEN GOV forum is not meant for people to complain about moderators or state they are being treated unfairly. It will likely tar and feather you as a time waster.

    A list of things that will likely get you banned:
    • Insulting Moderators/Administrators or otherwise trying to undermine as a community.
    • Constantly Editing or Removing the posts you've made (The forums software attempts to deal with this situation with a rather rigid editing timeout)
    • Undermining Moderator Deletions or Edits with Reposts of the same material. (If a Moderator has done something biased towards you, complain via PM to an Administrator)
    So with these guidelines in mind, Enjoy your time posting in the Pseudoscience section.
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