Pseudoskepticism and evidence for precognition

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by Magical Realist, May 17, 2011.

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    I have not read all the Posts to this Thread & apologize if any remarks similar to mine have already been Posted.

    The link from Magic Realist Post #1 got me to “Page not found”

    BTW: Anecdotes are not evidence.

    There is no evidence supporting precognition, which belongs in the category of ESP along with telepathy, psychokinesis, & Uri Geller stage performances.

    From Nicolas1M7 Post # 25
    An extraordinary claim lacking any supporting evidence. Such claims require extraordinary evidence to be worthy of consideration.

    BTW: Since the development of Quantum Theory circa 1910-1925, the belief in deterministic laws of physics have been discarded & replaced by the notion that the classical world of our senses is supported by probabilistic laws.

    A claim for precognition is a claim that there are folks who can predict the results of dice throws under typical Vegas Casino conditions.

    Before some silly Posts are made, I acknowledge that there are some events we can predict with a high degree of accuracy. Example: A 20 story fall head first onto a concrete pavement will be lethal. Jokers say “It is not the fall that kills; It is the sudden stop.”

    From Magic Realist Post # 27
    Do you really consider these sources credible? I do not & I question the rationality of those who do accept such sources as worthy of consideration.

    From Magic Realist Post #40
    There are over 100 million adults in the USA who are active for circa 14 to 16 hours per day. If there were not a lot of seemingly surprising coincidences, it would be evidence that there was some bizarre phenomenon or active conspiracy artificially keeping the number of coincidences lower than one would expect.
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