[ Question ] war between Atlantis and the Rama Empire

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by neuronicus, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. neuronicus Registered Member

    war between Atlantis and the Rama Empire


    Does anyone know more about war between Atlantis and Rama empire (~13.000 B.C. ?)?
    I would like to know more about:
    -what kind of weapons were they using (surely not just vimanas or vailixis and nukes).
    -why Atlanteans attack the Rama empire? http://www.sacred-texts.com/ufo/ourpast.htm <- I'm not satisfied with that short explanation.
    -course of events in this "Great war"
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  3. Adam §Þ@ç€ MØnk€¥ Registered Senior Member

    What is the "Rama Empire"? Never heard of that one.
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  5. Mystech Adult Supervision Required Registered Senior Member

    Umm, it could be because everything you've ever heard about any of it is all just the combined pipe dreams of various slackers and rather spaced out people?

    Even the most credable account of Atlantis, from homer, was just a story he happend to hear as a very young boy, which was told by some old guy at a symposium (And what goes on at symposiums? I'll give you a hint it starts with a "dr" and ends with "inking")

    As for the Rama empire, how much you wanna' bet that that's some space caddet's recent addition to the whole story sometime within the last 30 years, and if any explanation is given as to weather this information even has a source, it's probably form a past life, or channeld spirit.

    Come on, people, think about it, if you were an investor, and someone was giving you a sales pitch, to get you to throw money at their new company, would you really expect a return from anyone talking about ancient techology, channeling spirits, knowledge from past lifes, etc. . .

    Of course not! Such things never come to ANY fruitation, because they are just a bunch of bull, no one has ever managed to do anything with these concepts, except for waste valuble time! Get over it!
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  7. neuronicus Registered Member


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    I need that bunch of bull. I'm doing something and those wierd or "alternative" explanation of our past are really necessary to do that. So don't be negative and help me.
    BTW - I do not believe in these explanations. They are just great to read.

    Something more real than my nukes and DNA weapons

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  8. Deja vu Registered Senior Member

    Homer never once espoused any such story in any of his writings. You have Homer confused with Plato. Homer was not just one person, by the way. He was most likely a conglomeration of people just as Aristotle was.

    If you're going to be a skeptic, at least get your facts straight.

    As for Atlantis the fact remains there are numerous anomolies with the traditional view of archaeology in dating some ancient sites such as the pyramids at Giza and especially some of the sites in Central and South America. Some of the monuments there appear to be easily thousands of years old (that is built BEFORE the Incans or Mayans ever lived there), but since carbon dating isn't accurate on such stone, it is impossible to prove.

    The biggest chunk of proof may come with this latest find off the coast of Cuba. Oceanographers accidentally stumbled upon a sunken CITY off the coast of Cuba with an underwater robotic camera. They have been studying it in private for over a year now and I have read interviews with the chief archaeologists and oceanographers who have taken the invesitgation over. They are unanimous: it is a man made structure that appears to be at least 6,000 years old. The columns and archetecture rival and even resemble those of anceint Greece (which came much after this civilization).

    Say hello to a revised American history folks.
  9. Mystech Adult Supervision Required Registered Senior Member

    I've seen a doccumentary on that, there are no columns, just a lot of sharp angles, it's doubtfull that it's accutaly anything man made, they've already found natural geological prosesses which probably created it.
  10. Deja vu Registered Senior Member

    Not what the oceanographers and archaeologists have said in interviews. --shrugs-- maybe they lie?
  11. TheVisitor The Journey is the Reward Registered Senior Member

    Very likely something ancient is down there....The whole world was flooded aprox. 4000-4500 years ago. The poles moved, the earth tilted on it's axis, and everything was destroyed.

    The person was Plato, and I believed he reffered to Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu.....also there are accounts of Atlantis in battle with Athens......which implies either Atlantis was destroyed sometime after the worldwide flood in the time of Athens, or, Athens also existed before the flood in the time of Atlantis., if any truth at all exists from this particular story. It also stated that the "Gods" destroyed the earth by raining down a resinous thickness, as they had before 8 or 9 times before, every time Man had become a problem to them.
    Atlantis has also been suggested to be confussed with the sinking of an island kingdom about 1500 B.C. in the area of ancient Crete "past the pillars of Hercules.....

    Interesting stuff...
    I've spent some time researching ancient history from Old Testament accounts which when looked at from this perspective, reinforces and agrees with some historical findings....

    Legends of Titans and Olympians, Atlas, Hercules, tales of ancient "Gods" and giants that roamed the earth.
    The bible may explain how legends like these got started and more if you know where to look....

    Read the following post titled "Pre-flood history and the Great Pyramid"
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2003
  12. TheVisitor The Journey is the Reward Registered Senior Member

    Pre-Flood history and the Pyramid

    The origins of life would sometimes appear to the scientific mind to support evolution, but the evidence they refer to does not have to discount a creation by God, if looked at with an open mind, and through the scriptures. Life was created on earth , each species being higher and more complex than the last, with animal life being formed up until one was created that could reflect God's image, Man. Species have a certain ability to adapt to their environment but not to change from one species into another, for the scriptures say, " they were commanded each to bring forth of their own kind. It has been proven however, that two species that are lets say, next to one another on the scale of creation can mix and produce a hybrid that was not in the original creation. One example is the Mule, a cross between a Donkey and a Horse. Now this brings me to the mystery of the Serpent's seed. In the garden of God, the Serpent walked upright, talked to Eve, and eventually beguiled her into disbelieving God's word and believing the devil's lie. The true meaning of the word sin is "unbelief", This Serpent however was merely an animal, and therefore could be possessed and used by the devil, for it did not have a soul like a Man. The Serpent was the closest member of the animal species to Man. Adam was created in the image of God, an attribute of God's own genes, a Son of God. And like a son grows up to reflect the image of his father, Adam was to reflect God's image , to manifest God in this physical realm. He was created the first of a new species, higher in power and authority than the angels," The Sons of God". But Adam fell - these sons of god were suposed to be brought forth by the spoken word, like Adam was, and like Jesus was, not by sex...Thats why Jesus had to come by the spoken word to redeem these fallen sons. Eve was not in the original creation, but was taken from Adam, a by-product, this is why she could be deceived. Lucifer had stated "he desired a kingdom more glorious than Michael's" , and said "I will ascend up and set as God and be worshipped as God". The scriptures say he deceived one-third of the angels in heaven, and when he spoke through the serpent to deceive Eve he was trying to carry out his plans to destroy God's future kingdom and create his own "Satan's Eden ", where he sits as God, and is worshipped as God, by all the peoples of the earth. Science, education, and modern civilization are all a part of his plan to get people to lean on their own understanding, instead of faith in God, who is the Word (1 john 1:1-14 ).
    The bible says "God himself came down in the cool of the evening, and talked with Adam". As he listened to the words God spoke he was partaking (eating ) of the Tree of Life, who is God (In the book of Proverbs it says, "the words of a righteous man are as the fruits of the tree of life")The tree of the knowledge of good and evil , was the serpent , which they were commanded not to eat of least they die. ( a mixed tree containing the truth mixed with lies) The best lie is the one that contains 99% of the truth, and only 1% lie. The Serpent said to Eve, "surely you shall not die, but your eyes shall be opened and you shall be like gods". Adam was created by the spoken Word. Satan can not create something from nothing, he can only pervert something God has already created, so he used the serpent to seduce Eve and thereby create a hybrid race. It's been documented many times that a woman can have sex with two different men within a 24 hour period and conceive by both of them ,giving birth to twins, both of different fathers. The scriptures say "Cain was of his father the wicked one", And after being with the serpent, Eve went to show Adam this that she'd learned, the bible says" Adam knew his wife Eve, and she bore him a son, Cain, and then bare his brother Abel.

    So there are two sons representing two separate races, The Sons of God, (Adam and Eve's real children, made in the image of God - Jesus said: "You call them gods whom the word of God came to, and they were"....He was speaking of the prophets...The Word of God came to the Sons of God before the flood too....Enoch and Noah are examples....and with lifespans of nearly 1000 years), and the Son of Men (from which the came the giants, the serpent was larger than man).

    Abel, being a true Son of God, received revelation from God about what had happened in the garden , that it had been blood (not an apple or something) that had caused the fall and had driven them out, and it would take blood, the blood of an innocent one, to bring them back to an unfallen state. Since the whole human race had fell into sin, he saw it would take a kinsman redeemer (Jesus Christ), God coming down as a man to die for our sins, releasing His Holy Spirit to come back upon humanity as a tutor and guide them back into all truth . In the new testament it says " they who are led by the spirit of God, these are called the Sons of God". Cain received no such revelation, being of the serpent's seed, and offered to God a selection of the grains of the field , which were the fruits of his own labors, and his offering was rejected. After Abel was killed, Adam had another son through Eve and his name was Seth. Through Seth's lineage God's line was restored. These Sons of God lived by faith , they were commanded to be separate and not marry amongst the unbelievers of Cain's lineage. They lived enormous lifespans ( up to 969 years), because they walked with God by faith, so much until one (Enoch) walked so close with God that he was translated and was not found. The lifespans of Cain's lineage are not recorded in the bible, they didn't walk by faith in God but leaned to their own understanding, and builded cities , and were the artificers of brass and iron , and the creators of musical instruments. The two races stayed separate until the Sons of God, saw the daughters of men that they were fair , and took themselves wives. This then mixed the races together, and God grieved he ever made man and decided to destroy the world. He used man to do it, just as in this day when He will, (though atomics burning the world with fire),only then it was man's tampering with nature, that caused the world's axis to tilt and brought the first rain on the earth, and the great flood, and the seasons that we've had since that day. (But) Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. He walked with God (Gen. 6:9) and received revelation on how to build the ark, which would carry him and his family over the separating waters of God's judgment, to the other side of the flood. Enoch, who was the seventh from Adam, received a revelation from God also. He was a type of the Elect of God, the Bride of Christ, who will not go through the tribulation of God's wrath to come upon the world in this day, but will be translated, and go to be with Him.
    Enoch and the sons of God , built the great pyramid before the flood. It's design represents God's plan of salvation and redemption. It types Christ the Savior who would come, how He would be rejected and crucified, (the stone which the builder's rejected). The capstone was never placed on the Great pyramid for this reason. The main body of the pyramid is atype of the (many-membered) body of the Bride of Christ. Israel rejected the messiah in order that the scriptures might be fulfilled, that Christ would take a bride from the Gentiles. The headstone comes down in this day ( Christ as the judge ) crying grace, grace, to the believer. The stone which if you fall upon, shall break you to pieces, but if it falls upon you, it shall grind you to powder. (To loose your life for the Word of God's sake, is to find it, But he who seeks to save his life shall loose it.) This headstone represents the Son of man's return and the revelation of Himself to His bride, to catch her away, in the marriage of the Lamb (Rev 19: 7-9). It's an invisible union, (for the earth groaneth and trevaileth, for the manifestations of the Son's of God .) Also the pyramid is a type of the city of New Jerusalem, "a city which comes down out of heaven, who's builder and maker is God". The "foursquare city" spoke of in Revelations doesn't have to be a cube like some supposed, there is another geometric shape that has four equal sides..thats a pyramid.
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  13. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    heyya all

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    Deja vu

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    howdee do to you
    please please please
    links links links
    if possible

    groove on all

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    the bible is mearly a miss interpreted history text...
    written in verse by interpretation and then translated 15 plus times!!
    the Racist idilogical link to the term chineese whispers comes to mind!
    funny cos all cultures have the same effect in miss communication and even in the animal kingdom

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    i wonder what the chineese term for chineese whispers is...?
    "western media whispers" maybe

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    groove on all

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    peace light truth love
    the path to that we hold above
  14. Mystech Adult Supervision Required Registered Senior Member

    What exactly is a "Chinese whisper"? I've never heard of this.
  15. Mystech Adult Supervision Required Registered Senior Member

    Seriously, though, what credability does the bible have?

    I think I've described it as such before, but it's really nothing but a compelation of writings by various authors, with clear and biased agendas, writing about events which may or may not have happend, as interperated by fanatical and primitive people, then translated over and over again. It's a wonder that anyone could possably find it to be an authoritative doccument in any respect.
  16. Mystech Adult Supervision Required Registered Senior Member

    yes yes, and for everything turn turn turn, there is a season, turn turn turn.

    So fricking what? Are you trying to use Rock&Roll as some sort of objective measure of validity? I don't see how something being put into song makes it somehow true beyond reason. . . under this logic, should we all then like big butts?
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2003
  17. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Stairway To Heaven, the song a devoted christian said from it had a secret hidden message once you played it backwards. A devils message, naturally. What's new?

    This particular devoted christian I am talking of, was a teacher at a school in the Netherlands in the mid eighties. Needless to say, he teached religion. He wanted every one to get rid of the album with the song. Had he been able to, he would have personally set the records with the evil song, on fire.

    What is also needless to say is that many students started to worship Zep all of a sudden, in stead of the lord.

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  18. TheVisitor The Journey is the Reward Registered Senior Member

    Paul said: be all things to all men, that some might listen......

    Some people might...........and maybe not...........

  19. Abhay Joshi Registered Member

    Rama Empire ....real facts

    The facts about the Rama empire. I dont know if the people from the west think if Rama was true or just a myth. But I, since my childhood, have been reading about Rama. As a Hindu, we normally read sacred books like Ramayana and Bhagwatgita.
    Well.......I know nothing about Atlantice...........But I sure know evry thing about Rama Empire. I have even visited his birth place in Ayodhya. Well the story goes like this(in short): Rama, his brother Laximan and his wife Sita were sent to forest, for 14 years, by Rama's father, then emperor of india(india was not called Bharat at that time). India was called Aryavartha(Land of Aryans). The reason of 14 years exile was, Rama's father's 2nd wife kaikai wanted her son to be the next emperor. So she asked Rama's father Dashrat to send Rama to exile for 14 years in turn of a favour she did to dashrat in a war. In fact everybody loved Rama very much. So the emperor Dashrat, though very very unhappy with his decision had to send Rama to exile. In exile, Sita, Rama's wife was taken away by the Deamon King Ravna.......who at that time ruled Sri Lanka. He was extremely powerful and till date unbeatable. Rama with the help of the apes....started searching for sita.
    Now as u all must be knowing, there is a big hurdle between lanka and india, the sea. Rama built a bridge of stones between india and sri lanka.
    The place where the bridge was building started is called Rameshwaram which is one of the sourthenmost points in india.
    I have been to that place too and have seen that the bridge though broken at many places still stands there. On the world map it is called Adam's bridge.
    Recentely NASA took some pics of the bridge using its satellites.
    They have estimated the bridge to be about 17 lakhs years old.
    I being reading about Rama and also being an indian cannot tell u about the number of years that have passed since Rama. But one thing is sure, its atleast 10,000 BC.
    I am attaching a couple of pics here.
    Well after the bridge was built, Rama killed Ravana and gave the kingdom of Lanka to Ravana's brother Vibishana.

    I dont give any place to atlantic here. Its a hoax that there was any relationship between the two.
    Ravana had an aircraft called Pushpak vamana. He had kidnapped sita using it. In exile Rama had no vimana etc...
    He defeted Ravana using his knowledge of deadly weapons.
    Using normal arrows and chanting some mantras(vibrating means) he used to turn those arrows into deadlr missiles.
    U all must be knowing the power of sound.
    If u want to know anything more, including weapons, location etc... I can be of much help as I have studied Ramayana and Mahabharat(in very much detail). Do let me know regarding this.

    Please, I have one Request: While replying to this letter.....do not in any way show disrespect to Rama.........we consider him as our god, incarnation of Lord Vishnu. I hope the viewers will understand my sentiments.


  20. Abhay Joshi Registered Member

    one more bridge pic(Rama empire)

  21. river-wind Valued Senior Member

    what is a lakh? thousand?

    thanks for the information!
  22. soontide Registered Member

    thanks for the info on the Rama empire, Abhay Joshi. I have an interest in ancient cultures and I have had problems finding good sources on that particular one. Until tonight, I had never even heard the story of the bridge (which seems to have been a version of an actual construction instead of a legend, as some might call it).

    as far as the validity of some claims about ancient cultures like Rama, Atlantis and other "fictional" ideas; yes, there are some kooks out there that have associated themselves with the idea of a prehistoric culture that may have existed. Just because some kook makes wild claims about something is no reason to completely throw out all cosideration of that thing though. That is the easy way out. If you can just point at someone and say "see, its all bologna" then you are being as crazy as that person.

    Think about it. Egypt seemed to have developed a culture almost overnight( in relative terms). They had a very well defined religion, a system fo writing, advanced knowledge about engineering (even the "prototype" pyramids are quite a feat even with today's technology) and claimed to have come from somewhere else. Other recent research may put the Sphinx of Giza at an even earlier time than was previously believed. Maybe as early as 12000BC if the erosion studies are correct.

    So, there is some actual physical and socialogical evidince that there may have been something before egypt that gave them the information that they had. I am not saying that this was Atlanis or Rama or Mu or any of the other possiblities that are out there, only that there is evidence of something haveing been there. To ingore that as a possibility for serious research should be out of the question. It does need to be looking into seriously, and not as a "crackpot idea of some person who believes that they have talked to one of their past lives who lived there".
  23. Abhay Joshi Registered Member

    I dont know about other stories like atlantic etc.... but can gurantee that Rama's mpire was not a myth. Come on guys we indians pray Rama like god. Also that time was far far back...not just 5000 years ago like egypt but about 10,000 or more years back. There are so many temples of Rama in india.
    If anybody wants any info about Rama or Mahabharat or vimanas......I can help........atleast uptil india's domain.

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