Questions about Covid-19?

Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by KUMAR5, Apr 26, 2021.

  1. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    properly recorded when they are making money off the process of burning them

    its capitalism

    the hundreds of dead dumped into the ganges river is a slightly more complex issue
    the military need to be protecting themselves from all the water born illnesses that develop if they hope to maintain some form of modern order of society.
    REGARDLESS of how backward and suicidaly superstitious the culture and majority is.

    now your being some type of propaganda puppet(why? are you being paid to do this?)
    scientists and advanced statisticians can tell these things as easily as some people read from a book

    this is a science web site
    you are being quite obviously deceitful against science
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  3. KUMAR5 Registered Senior Member

    No, even that body which is disposed off in ganga is traced, creamered and still recorded. So no chance if its remain hidden.
    Actually, India had managed ist wave very well, well appreciated but there were sudden, unexpected , uncalculated numbers of Covid patients during 2nd wave. It was like sudden over burden or heat of the moment which caused some instabilty. So it could not be properly handled initially and there was undue false propaganda due to inhouse political, media TRP and sudden overburden reasons. Anyhow, bit later, things came well under control. Simply, it was like eg, rainy season is calculated but Tsunami is not. India was prepared for rains but not for unexpected Tuumani but unfotunately it came. It simply was like a clamity. No one in world blame and degrade for clamities. So no sense in degrading for it. Moreover, if one support his home, it is big idiocy to take it like as if he is earning money from it. You know India is a big countty with high population, many diversities and with quite lienient democracy. So its exposure in much more than others...on both sides all over. We did not felt life threatening stressed by going through with all these. Only others, unnecessarily. Hence pls mend acc.
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  5. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member


    what percentage of low cast rural villagers were not tested for covid after they died ?

    what is the spread ratio in rural villages of the new variant ?

    what percentage of rural villages have no medical clinic with a doctor to walk into if they are sick ?

    what are those rural market leaders doing about providing health care to their community during covid ?
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  7. KUMAR5 Registered Senior Member

    Get it from competent authorities, if it is beneficial to you. We are simply hapoy and not much stressed here.
  8. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    You basically summed up the exact same chain of events here in the US.

    The difference was that during the first mild wave we had an incompetent ignorant president who suggested that people drink bleach to kill the virus and now we have a knowledgeable, competent president who in 6 months brought the pandemic under control in spite of a spiking second wave.

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    If I recall, it was you who made the unfavorable comparison of numbers and percentage of infections and deaths between the US and India. I am convinced that the medical personnel in India are competent and just as dedicated as in the US, the medical communities are not the problem.

    The problem with pandemics is the commitment of the government to deploy its resources to all the corners of the nation and not to select segments or areas and leave poor areas under-served. That doesn't work.

    When there is a great flood, you cannot stop it by applying partial repairs to the dam.
  9. KUMAR5 Registered Senior Member

    All is okay but our head in India is not incompetent. He handled ist wave best even beyond most advanced countries. But since 2nd wsve was sudden, quick and unexpected like Tsunami, there was some instabilty. No fault of any one. Now it is handled well and our country is also well preparing itself for anticipated 3rd wave.. which should be controled very well. Moreover I have not compared India specifically with US but compared in general with many other countries.
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  10. KUMAR5 Registered Senior Member

    Obiously, there will altred immune response on getting virus infection, leading us to proceed toward above but will/can it also happen due to vaccination which should also be alteting immune response to atleast some level?
    Further, can antibodies presence in body suggest efficient, alteted and active immune response wheress Immunolohical memory as effecient, altred but yet inactive immune response so alter complication levels due to altered and active immune response?

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