quick question; how many joints in the human body?

Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by scifes, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. scifes In withdrawal. Valued Senior Member

    for an adult, how many?
    and reference please.
    most questions sites say it's not fixed and a joint is not well defines, any more professional answers?
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  3. Asguard Kiss my dark side Valued Senior Member

    how do you define a joint? are you talking about ONLY movement spots or every place a bone is conected to another bone, if thats the case its probably at a guess equal to the number of bones in the body minus 1 (or possibly 2) because the hyoid bone is not conected to any other bone in the body.
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  5. Unconcept Registered Senior Member

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  7. Buddha12 Valued Senior Member

  8. scifes In withdrawal. Valued Senior Member

    yeah i found that estimation too, we might now consider moving this thread to religion, cuz i doubt mohammad counted them one by one when he said
  9. C.E.O Registered Senior Member

    answering -islam. org/ Responses /Osama /360joints .htm

    I can't post it correctly because I'm still under 20 posts, so I put spaces but I hope you can go to the right link.
  10. Unconcept Registered Senior Member

    Muhammed wasn't the first one to say that the human body has 360 joints as the Answering Islam page states.
    It would be trivial to find this out without modern medicine, human beings have been dissecting each other and corresponding that knowledge for thousands of years, they've been interested to know about the human body and how it works.
    Note that the numbers are rough estimates, the number of bones and joints differ between humans, and I think that 360 joints is the number of joints in an adult specifically.
  11. Dinosaur Rational Skeptic Valued Senior Member

    The figure of 360 must include some joints which we normally do not consider to be joints. Has anyone found a detailed list of the 360?

    I am having a difficulty trying to list 360 joints. Consider the following
    On one side of the body: 14 obvious finger joints; no more than 14 toe joints; wrist, elbow, & shoulder; Hip, knee, & ankle.

    The above adds up to 34. Multiply by two for the other side = 68.

    BTW: After inspecting my own toes, I am not sure how many joints are in the little toe & the one next to it. Perhaps there are less than 14 toe joints.

    Most people (including myself) overlook the spine & neck. I suppose each pair of vertebrae should be considered a joint.

    Perhaps the wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, & ankle should count as more than one each due to there being more than two bones involved in those joints.

    Does the connection between each rib & the spine count as a joint?​
    The above does not seem to result in 360 joints.
  12. Unconcept Registered Senior Member

    Discovery Magazine seems to disagree with the reference I cited
    "The existence of 360 joints, in fact, is not accepted in medical communities; rather, the number varies from person to person, with an average of 307."
    I tried searching for anything peer reviewed about this, and didn't find any.

    I found a muslim listing the names of the 360 joints
  13. scifes In withdrawal. Valued Senior Member

    could you or somebody else quote the relevent parts of that page here? i can't currently view it.

    only adults will face reckoning. so it's logical the number mentioned is for an adult.
    however, i've studied 3 years of hogh school biology, and i wouldn't get NEAR 360 if i were to count my joints, just look at Dinosour in post #8, with all his years on a science forum he couldn't get close to that estimation as well.
    now, what's even more interesting is(from the aforemntioned link):
    so assuming that pre 1995 stuff is correct, such an estimation is too accurate to be true(as it's explained).

    dude, you're good with research, doin it by the book, then again, a couple months here and you won't be giving a damn anymore

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    but i question that "avarege", you know they say three statistics professor went out hunting, they found a rabbit, the first one shot 2 yerds to his right, the other 2 yards to his left, the third cried "we got him we got him!!"

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    so what average is that? that of adults and children? the healthy and the crippled? but anyway it won't really matter. i still see the 360 estimate too close, and in all my search online, as well as the answer i got to my op, there was no 307. i'm sure if i mentioned the hadith before asking the question you would've answered me 307 directly insted of the much widely known 360

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    Last edited: Jun 13, 2012
  14. Dinosaur Rational Skeptic Valued Senior Member

    360 is a very special number, first used by the Babylonians. It has a lot of divisors. It is 60[sup]2[/sup] & the Babylonians had a numbering system based on 60.

    I wonder if Mohammed just picked it due to its being a special number & never really had a count. Nobody in that culture would argue with him.

    BTW: My spell checker shows both Mohammed & Muhammed. I wonder why the two spellings. Shiite versus Sunni ???

    Once the number got into the Koran, many would try to justify it.

    It seems to me that counting 20 cartilage joints in the ear is stretching the meaning of joint. Note that some post mentioned a lot of joints in the skull.

    Joint seems to be an incorrect word in this context. It is usually used to refer to joining of bones which allow for motion like the elbow & the knee. Another word or some phrase should be used in this context. Maybe:places where two or more bones meet.[/b]

    Even with the more general definition, it looks a bit difficult to come up with exactly 360.
  15. Unconcept Registered Senior Member

    The pre 1995 stuff is presented without evidence.

    I'm an ex-muslim, and a deep researcher on the scientific facts in islamic texts, I had done some research before as a muslim and arrived to that medical page and the muslim page that lists the joints, so I had the hadith in mind when I posted, when you brought up that question, I thought I'd do more research and found that discovery magazine article. These numbers could vary according to the experts you ask, for example that medical website states the number of muscles as 640 but look here
  16. bakersdozen Registered Member


    Not likely that it was "just picked it due to its being a special number" ... and "Nobody in that culture would argue with him." ??? Are you being serious? Have you ever read his biography? What about the 10 years Muhammad spent being persecuted by his own people for preaching Monotheism (ie: ONE God)? A good source to really learn for yourself is a recently written book by a western scholar who also happens to be an Agnostic Jew (Lesley Hazleton).

    At the end of the day it is a matter of faith - you have faith and believe, great, you don't, again, your choice; but don't insult a Man (Much less the prophet of Islam's 1.5 Billion adherents) due to ignorance or propaganda (Propaganda: ...lies told over and over in order to make people accept them as truth).
  17. dude2 Registered Member

    he never traveled to India or china,and the sources claims just he traveled to Syria, Jordan.thesese pleases that he could reach them! so it is easy to any one hates him to claim that he brought these things from another culture!
    yes, the prophet Mohammad was the first one who said this,and i am asking answering islam to give me where and which book and page that drs in india said there are 360 joints?
    The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "Every human being from Adam's descendants was created upon 360 mafsil. So whoever magnifies Allah, praises Him, declares Allah's oneness, glorifies Him, seeks His forgiveness, (and likewise whoever) removes a stone, thorns, or a bone from a footpath, or calls to what is right, or forbids what is wrong, will have it counted for him to the number of those 360 digitals. This is because he walks that day and removes himself away from Hell." [Sahîh Muslim (1675)]
    from :

    by the way:answering islam was exposed by www.call-to-monotheism.com
  18. brucep Valued Senior Member

    If it takes more than 5 hits before you cavitate it isn't top shelf.
  19. ZeyadRizk Registered Member

    Hey are you serious! Everyone knows now that there are 360 joints. If you tried here or there you will find the same! prior to that we didn't know about some joints so the number 360 wasn't found. If you said that chinese mentioned it I'll say what is your refrence? A quick google search and you will find that:
    The Stanford reference said:
    shouldn't he have said 365? why he said 360!?
    and their reference is
    they said There is no good English translation of this text.
    if you search you won't find any other reference but that Stanford's study but you will find:
    1-Sources of Chinese Tradition: Volume 1: From Earliest Times to 1600
    university of colombia press

    and you will find the same in:
    2-Science and Medicine in Early China and Greece
    3-Medicine and Healers Through History
    4-Encyclopedia of Asian Philosophy

    5-Huang Di Nei Jing Ling Shu: The Ancient Classic on Needle Therapy

    why mohammed -peace be upon him- didn't say there are 365?
    You are cheating yourself!

    he mentioned some other myths such:
    Sunnah religious scholars such as Ibn-taimiah, Ibn hagr, Al razi, and others (all of them died before 1100 AD before Galileo) said that the earth is collapsed from Quran only! say here
    https://islamqa.info/en/118698 so
    why mohammed -peace be upon him- didn't say it was square!?

    You are cheating yourself!
    Muhammed and mohammed are the same the different that some people use O and the others use U

  20. Beaconator Registered Senior Member

    Breaking joints adds cartilage allows for smoother joints just don't pull on your fingers too much they could fall off

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