Raising Bilingual Kids

Discussion in 'Linguistics' started by TruthSeeker, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. akasha1 Registered Senior Member

    well, i have the same experience actually. when i came to belgium my stephdad would not allow me to speak Russian anymore with the result that i learned Dutch very quick, but my Russian started to faint away and it became an effort to speak my mothertongue. when i was alowed to speak Russian again, it came all back, with a small accent though.
    Now, i only speak Russian to my family, even though 2 of them speak fluent Dutch. I just like to express myself in Russian more then in Dutch, because it is just a nicer language lol
    But to also proof you right, my cousin of 3 will try to get out of speaking Russian as mutch as he can get away with it

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