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Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by ASIMOV, Jun 9, 2000.

  1. ASIMOV Registered Senior Member

    For some time i`ve been reading all kind of information about mars, happy faces, cidonya zone and so one, but there are some storys that i´de never seen being comment, for example .: Carl Sagan in his well known book Cosmos, wrote in the chapter " Blues For a Red Plantet "
    - " it would be very curiuos to check the misteryus piramides on mars "
    how could Carl Sagan wrote something like this ? He was very sceptic as we all know, he was the first person to tell that the face on mars was a result of shadows and light effects...
    But there are other curiuos quotes ( í`m a portuguese student of aerospace eng i´m sorry about my english ), for example he consider the lost of mars 6 ( the russian probe a mistery ) how can he use this kind of words ?
    Once i talked to a russian engineer that had been on the Phobos two project, and i asked him about what hapened to the phobos 2 space probe the answer was it had been destroyd by an asteroid...
    Can somebody tell me what is going on on mars, why all these stories ?
    The true is that from the begining of mars exploration, this planet has been bad for russians ( however they´ve put probes on the surface of Venus without problems ), i remember mars 3, mars 6, phobos 1 and 2 ..
    Even today remains a mistery the phobos failure ...
    I`d be glad to have someone to help me

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    greetings from Portugal
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  3. ozarky Registered Senior Member

    ASIMOV, Idon't know if this will help you or not.The Martian Enigmas Home Page. About a year or so ago, I printed just about everything I could find on Mars. Some of it I had given away to prove or disprove arguements about the Red Planet. The site I listed had some real good photo's of The Face and City Pyramid. There just is'nt the material on Mars that there was. Maybe people have lost interest.

    I would take anything that Carl Sagan said with a grain of salt. I do'nt like to talk about the dead, but he was an ego-maniac. Maybe that is why he was so good at writing fiction.

    You might try The Black Vault, there was some Mars info on that site.

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