Religion and Birth Control

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Arioch, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. murdoch Simply Psychic! Registered Senior Member

    I guess you couldn't get my point. You are talking almost synonym what I said there.

    I have already said one need to find it for it is hard to find, since I don't think there is one. I said happy for those guys who love using them not for people looking for a better and safer alternative than the presently available. Remember modern age comfort loving people hardly give any thought to side effect(s) thing when it comes to comfort and ease.
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  3. Mind Over Matter Registered Senior Member

    1,205 it. Thanks for clarifying.
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  5. SilentLi89 Registered Senior Member

    It depends on which religious belief you are following, right? If you believe birth control is wrong because the Bible alludes to the wasting of sperm being a sin then of course this new method of birth control would be no different than the rest. But if you are against birth control just because you believe that abortion is murder (and there as a chance that the average birth control could cause an abortion because a fertilized egg aka human life can not implant itself in the uterus so it dies), then male birth control should be the perfect contraceptive option for you.

    Despite the complaints I've heard from men about the idea of a male birth control pill because it would make them temporarily infertile, I think it would be wonderful. I assume most men don't like having unknown children being born only to be slammed with child support several years later. It also gives men more control over their sexual lives with their monogamous partner because they don't have to rely on the woman to be the only responsible party. But maybe temporary infertility isn't worth it? I'm a woman so I wouldn't understand the attachment many men claim to feel with their virility/ fertility/ maleness or what have you.
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