Religion, Dinosaurs, A.I. and Aliens

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by superstring01, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. TheVisitor The Journey is the Reward Registered Senior Member

    Here it is...I knew I had it somewhere.
    First we establish the connection between "Sarpa" and the "Serpent".
    From the Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary

    "There is a strong mystical parallel, and possibly some remote etymological connection, between the Sanskrit sarpa (serpent) and the Hebrew saraph, the parallel doubtless arising in the same esoteric thread of mystical thought. See also SERAPHIM"

    Then we make the connection from "Serpent" to "Sir". Piece of cake.
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  3. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Er, doesn't that contradict your earlier statement
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  5. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member


    Coincidences abound in linguistics.

    The Italian word for "woman" is donna and the Japanese word is onna. Pure coincidence.

    Sanskrit is an Indo-European language and Hebrew is an Afro-Asiatic language. The two families are unrelated, at least as far back as we can look into the era before writing was invented. And of course the reason we can't look back any farther is that everything about a language, including its vocabulary, phonetics, grammar, syntax--its entire worldview--seems to almost completely turn over in ten thousand years.

    Therefore serpent and saraph are not related by ancestry. Are they related by borrowing?

    Since "serpent" and cognate words exist in both the Western (e.g., Latin) and Eastern (e.g. Sanskrit) branches of the Indo-European family, it is a word that goes all the way back to proto-Indo-European ca. 4000BCE. It cannot be a borrowing from Hebrew, a language which did not yet exist, about an archetype in Judaism, a religion which did not yet exist. Since many of the legends in the Torah are retellings of Babylonian legends, perhaps the Indo-Europeans borrowed the word for "snake" from the ancestors of the Babylonians. If there is evidence for this hypothesis, it needs to be presented.

    At this point there's no evidence that the Indo-Europeans borrowed their word from the Jews or their ancestors. Did the borrowing go the other way?

    At the time the Torah was written, the Indo-Europeans had already split into several tribes and had begun their two-pronged diaspora into India and Europe. It's conceivable that the Jews had encountered one of the eastern tribes on its way east from the Indo-European Urheimat in the Anatolia/Georgia region, and borrowed their word for snake. Stranger things have happened. But again, we need evidence for this hypothesis before we can take it seriously.

    So far, the hypothesis that the Hebrew and Sanskrit words are related remains pure speculation because there is no evidence to support it. Occam's Razor says we should examine and disprove the simplest possible explanation for a phenomenon before we waste our time examining more complicated explanations. The simplest possible explanation for the similarity of these two words is coincidence, and it will be almost impossible to disprove until we invent time travel.
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  7. Forceman May the force be with you Registered Senior Member

    NOt literally

    It might not literally be his children, for it says that he is the "Father of all lies", and that those who sow discord, strife, and confusion are his children- the children of darkness. We, the sons of God, are not angels (really second angels are humans) but we are called sons of God because of the sacrifice of the Lamb of God, His Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven. Anyone who commits moral sin is under his parentage, and I don't think Satan has a wife. Those who follow him are his children, while those who follow Elohim are His children.
  8. TheVisitor The Journey is the Reward Registered Senior Member

    Does He have a wife? Isaiah 14 compares him with the king of Babylon. Rev.18 describes a women also called Babylon.
    She committed fornication with ..."The kings of the earth."

    Lucifer's name is only mentioned in Isaiah 14 in a proverb against the king of Babylon.
    It is the king of Tyrus in Ezekiel 28 who was the anointed cherub spoken of being in Eden the garden of God.
    A similar reference describes the leader the "others" in Eden envied in Ezekiel 31.
    All of these may have been Lucifer, but maybe not.
    Because Ezekiel 31 brings up another question; "Who were the other people in Eden"?

    Something happened in Eden that appears to have involved more than just Adam and Eve.
    How this happened and who was really there is the metaphorical subject of Ezekiel 31. (
    A vision given as prophecy to Ezekiel for the king of Egypt tells the Pharaoh he is like those in this past event.
    It's about the "Trees of Eden". These "trees" were not natural trees. It is a metaphor. They were people.

    Jesus told many parables about "trees" that referred to people.
    He said "you shall know them by their fruit, and their fruit are their teachings".
    The redeemed of the Lord shall be called the trees of righteousness.
    In Proverbs 11:30 "The fruit of the righteous [is] a tree of life"

    Now think of the trees in the garden of Eden mentioned in Genesis.
    God told Adam; You may freely eat of any of the trees, except the one in the midst, because their "fruit" was good.
    The serpent told Eve; "If you (eat of/partake/become one with) this one'll become as the gods"
    The Lord did say of the man Adam; "he has become as one of us".
    Adam and Eve then hid amongst "the trees"... to hide from God afterwards.
    These "Trees of Eden" in Ezekiel 31:14 were "all delivered unto death, to the nether parts of the earth, in the midst of the children of men.
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  9. Dredd Dredd Registered Senior Member

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  11. Pabs Registered Member

    Maybe the Hittites (who were in contact with Jews, Egyptians etc.. and were mentioned in the Old Testament) had a word that is closely related to the Sanskrit saraph (or at least the Proto-IndoEuropean root of Saraph) and that word was loaned to the Jews/Hebrew language?
  12. alinko Registered Senior Member

  13. alinko Registered Senior Member

  14. Actual Facts Banned Banned

    Which is absurd when one considers the fact that, in the Gospel of John, Jesus himself claims to have been half extraterrestrial.

    "... ye are of this world; I am not of this world." -- Jesus Christ, John 8:23

    "In my Father's house [heaven/outerspace] are many mansions [planets]: if it were not so, I would have told you." -- Jesus Christ, John 14:2

    "My kingdom is not of this world...." -- Jesus Christ, John 18:36
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  15. TheVisitor The Journey is the Reward Registered Senior Member


    He never said half. A virgin conceived and was overshadowed by the Holy Ghost.
    Jesus Himself called Mary "woman", not mother.
    He was all God, not just half. If that were so what would you have God doing?
    This isn't the story of Hercules.

    Remember when His disciples said; "show us the Father?
    He answered and said; "have I been with you so long and you still don't know, if you've seen me you've seen the Father."

    Calling Him an extraterrestrial may be in some ways technically correct.
    That term alone however falls far short of describing all that He is.
    The scriptures aren't describing just another creation.
    They say He was the Creator Himself who alone exists outside the whole of creation.
    Beyond Angels, ET's and any other created being we don't know about.
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  16. lightgigantic Banned Banned

    the general consensus seems to be that they appear in different yugas (or possible the tail end of the one we are in). IOW cyclic time means its all coming around sometime

    Depends on how it comes ... although if you want to talk of the next twenty years, it will probably involve incorporating an inferior model of intelligence so that AI can be lumped in with it (Much like synthesizing dna is heralded as "creating life", although its not really)

    Scriptures reference 400 000 species of humans spread over 3 general levels of the universe (we are in the middle)
  17. TheVisitor The Journey is the Reward Registered Senior Member

    The coming singularity...
    That would be the single stupidest and possibly the last thing the human race will ever live to do.
    Most people would think creating nuclear weapons was #1 on the stupid list.
    But I think this one would bump it right out of first place.

    Might as well open up the gate to hell. Build host bodies that are stronger, smarter and longer lived.
    We all know what happens to the "geniuses" after they build the ultimate weapon for the bad guys, right?

    Maybe that's what they've been saving all the bombs for.
    You'd think in sixty-five years somebody would have pushed the big red button by now.
    That just isn't natural. Defies human nature come to think of it.
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  18. Big Chiller Registered Senior Member

    Can one use hard science on a past event without having enough evidence to work with on this event?
  19. sifreak21 Valued Senior Member

    it has been proven that dinos and humans co exsited at one point in time
  20. lightgigantic Banned Banned

    Maybe they should just place nuclear armament in the hands of dancing nao robots or something ... just to be safe
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  21. Shadow1 Valued Senior Member


    yeah, in islam, we do beleive that the univerce is crownling with living planets, and also we beleive in another intelligent race, djins(not genes, or lamp genes!!!!) also we beleive that one day, all humans will unite together, to fight an ennemy that they don't know where is he from, and unknow race, aliens, and others, say, that thos are djins, that are making them selves look like aliens as we think, because we can't see djins, inless they shows up, and we beleive that the djins, are more developed than us,
    so yeah we do belvei in aliens, in other living planets, other intelligent race....enjoy your self.
    i don't know, i think no,
    but their is something about wormholes, and the formation of earth, and of human(in islam, human is made of clay,(clay is, the earth soil, + water) you can check google, and see, that humans are about 70% water i think, and the rest is other minirals, that are all found in mud, it's like a mud pie, i just saw a tv show about it in national geography last night, human is like a mud pie, and 1% uranium, but not the uranium like in the bombs or the nuclear power plants) i talked about this, because i always wondered, what? human are from clay? yeah right! but now, in the tv show, they used the word, humans, are 70 % water(i think, or maybe 80, i forgot) and the rest, are minirals, so humans, are like a mudd pie
  22. Keep in mind that I'm only speaking for Christians when I say this because I am one. I think we believe that God created the dinosours and then them to create us and that he created the aliens. As for A.I. I don't believe that, that can be a topic of this question because that is a matter of our interlligence. It's a matter of if we are able create that.

    Peace be unto you

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  23. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Link please.

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