religion does NOT poison society

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Norsefire, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. Norsefire Salam Shalom Salom Registered Senior Member

    While true that an extreme dose of it might, I say religion is healthy for society.

    let me say:

    1) Religious people are less likely to commit crimes
    2) it gives people faith and culture

    Athiests are usually the people that have no respect for others, they curse, they do drugs......athiests.

    I think religion is good for society.
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  3. SnakeLord Valued Senior Member

    Source for your information please.

    And 'faith' is healthy... how?

    This is hardly worth responding to. It is naive at best.
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  5. superluminal I am MalcomR Valued Senior Member

    The prison system is almost exclusively populated by "believers".

    Thesis... demolished.
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  7. (Q) Encephaloid Martini Valued Senior Member

    1) Prisons are full of religious people proportionally more than the non-religious.
    2) Faith is not a requirement for existence, happiness or anything else. Cultures can develop without religions.

    It's "atheists." Theists are hypocrites. They murder in the name of their gods.

    In spite of the evidence to the opposite.
  8. Gondolin Hell hath no fury like squid Registered Senior Member

    Says who?
    Isn't faith required? Faith gives you religion.

    They're atheists for that very reason. I know people like this. They see the word atheist as an excuse to do what they please.

    More proof for your claims would be nice.
  9. [a-5] Sex machine, coin operated. Registered Senior Member

    Agreed. But could it not be argued that these prisoners embrace religion because they're in prison and they do not see anything else left in life?
  10. [a-5] Sex machine, coin operated. Registered Senior Member

    Quotation needed.

    You're stereotyping Atheists. I actually know many atheists who do good for their community.

  11. superluminal I am MalcomR Valued Senior Member

    Sure. I've heard that explanation before too. But I don't have stats on conversion rates in prisons.
  12. SkinWalker Archaeology / Anthropology Moderator

    I'm familiar with many atheists and theists alike. About half of the atheists I know "curse" and drink -not a single one does drugs. On the other hand, nearly every single one of the theists I know well uses more profanity than sailors. Every single one drinks. Without exception. Several use drugs.

    That's anecdotal account only, and certainly not indicative of anything other than you would need to supply data that can be evaluated. Could you cite a source for you claim? Or support it with empirical evidence? Clearly you claim is hot air and suffers without this. Nor is it consistent with data already cited in this forum in other threads regarding statistics of crime and so-called "moral" choices like abortion and divorce.
  13. visceral_instinct Monkey see, monkey denigrate Valued Senior Member

    I think if I posted something like this, I'd be instantly dismissed as being just a stupid teenager.

    That was the most ignorant pile of manure I've ever read. Why the hell do you have a problem with atheists? I could understand it if you said you had a problem specifically with those 'militant' atheists who harass religious people, but purely for being atheists?

    I'm an atheist. Never done drugs in my life. How can you make the assumption that not happening to believe in a god - being an asshole with no morals?

    You need to grow a brain and start thinking things through instead of posting ignorant rubbish on a kneejerk reaction.
  14. Shangorilla Registered Member

    I believe in Nietzche's idea that God is Dead. Figuratively speaking. I do not think that religion can create create morals, values and goals for a modern society. We are too material for that. Were we, say, in the Middle Ages than religion could, because they were less material at that time. We cannot look to metaphysical forces for guidance, morals, values and goals in our lives. We must look into ourselves and create ideals for ourselves. We must each create our own ubermensch that we strive for.
  15. Roman Banned Banned

    So Norsefire, is Israel a nation of atheists, or theists?
  16. Carcano Valued Senior Member

    Faith is a grave means 'not wanting to know'.
  17. Gondolin Hell hath no fury like squid Registered Senior Member

    Faith, in my mind, is ignorance.

    "Faith means not wanting to know what is true." --Freidrich Nietzsche
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2007
  18. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Norsefire, you're a testament against religion

    In the first place, we must remember that crimes are violations of laws, and those laws have, almost entirely, been written by people who believe in God. It is, in fact, religious people who have created such a structure of law and society that raises so many criminals within its midst. Educational and economic considerations bear tremendous influence over crime statistics, but for some reason these religious folks keep passing laws that virtually ensure a steady supply of criminals.

    If, for instance, the United States was truly a "Christian nation", we would have done more over the years to address poverty, which would have a tremendous downward influence on crime statistics. But these religious people are, as a general rule, demonstratively religious, and not truly religious. They're willing to set aside their belief in God whenever they think the price of fulfilling that principle gets too expensive, whether that cost is in taxes, time, or effort.

    It is, generally, neither a faith nor culture to be proud of.

    In the history of religion, you'll find a coincidence with the rest of political life. In the early days of Christianity, for instance, the orthodox did not win out because they were necessarily correct. Rather, they won out because they had stronger ambition and greater organization. Despite the fact that modern psychology and philosophy is finding merit in ancient gnosticism, the people went with orthodoxy because it was easier to just follow along like obedient sheep afraid of punishment.

    And when it was just the Catholics banging children ...? But now we have regular news reports of protestant ministers fiddling with the kids, and even from Afghanistan we get reports that Muslim warlords are screwing little boys. Add to that the multibillion dollar televangelism fraud and the accusation by several megachurches that the First Amendment means that government has no right to stop them from fraudulently representing themselves and thereby stealing money ....

    And think for a minute about drugs: Once upon a time Congress amended the Constitution and two thirds of the states ratified the principle that alcohol should be illegal. The next day, the nation woke up infested with criminals that did not exist the day before.

    The same thing happened with marijuana in 1937. It will happen if e'er we outlaw nicotine.

    In the meantime, relying on such generalizations doesn't help your case, Norsefire. Presenting yourself as being so rabidly irrational suggests primarily that you haven't much to contribute to important discussions about human beings and the societies they live in.

    And as Superluminal pointed out, there are many believers in prison. Growing up near Tacoma, Washington during the gang explosion of the 1980s, recalling the death of Brenda Harris, whose car was riddled with automatic fire after she waved to a friend, it was quite hard to miss the number of gangsters who wore gold crosses. And it is even harder now to miss the number of brutal thugs who have religious imagery engraved on their bodies. You know, there are some who think tattooing the Virgin Mary on their bodies will protect them from bullets. I suppose, however, that's a step up from African theists, who ate Pygmies believing it would protect them in combat. And as long as we're on Africa, I might as well drop a name: Joseph Kony. And while we're considering strange religious leaders, it's well enough to consider David Koresh, who liked banging little girls, and wonder when it is we're going to see a heavily-armed atheistic cult dedicated to the sexual exploitation of children. There is the tragic tale Pitcairn Island, where alleged Christians committed such ubiquitous sexual exploitation of women and children that the Pitcairn society is likely destroyed (2007 population is listed at 48).

    I know your argument makes for a nice slogan, Norsefire, but ignoring the real causes of crime in order to indict atheism only suggests the severity of your own hatred.

    You are embarrassing yourself. And the idea of God. And the idea of religion. Seriously, the character you play here is the kind of person that reminds the rest of the world of why we wouldn't want to be religious. After all, if faith makes us behave and think that way?
  19. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

    Link please?
  20. superluminal I am MalcomR Valued Senior Member

  21. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

    Ah so the rest of them all declare themselves as religious?

    Do they also confess to their crimes and promise never to repeat?

    Isn't it strange how people will believe anything?

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    Whats the ratio of atheists designing weapons of mass destruction and free trade policies that bankrupt poor nations.

    Oh wait, this is not a crime, because it only results in mass murder and mass starvation?

    Also women are more religious than men. Are women more likely to commit crimes? More likely to be in prison?
  22. KennyJC Registered Senior Member

    Scandinavian countries are the most atheistic in the world, and yet, they outperform religious countries in social matters (such as crime and drug use, etc.) rather convincingly and have great culture.


    Stupid thread.
  23. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

    Aren't they also the most racist?

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