Religion in the UK

Discussion in 'Religion' started by Light Travelling, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Photizo Ambassador/Envoy Valued Senior Member

    Life and death are not two sides of the same coin, and Life is indeed quite different from death. The lie (leading to death) is that the one is mistaken for the other.

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  3. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    That's a pretty minor difference, all things considered. The believe the same things will happen, just that the personage of the world-eater is opposite. It doesn't reduce the social effect of either one's dominance: a diminished willingness to make the world we live in now a better place, because of these apocalyptic expectations and assumptions.
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  5. Photizo Ambassador/Envoy Valued Senior Member

    How do you figure?
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  7. Yazata Valued Senior Member

    I don't know who 'his' refers to, but I think that Christianity and Islam are tremendously different.

    Islam is a divinely ordained social order, a system of law, established by God himself, perfect and forever unchangeable, intended for all mankind collectively. Islam is directed to spread the enforcement of God's law, through Jihad.

    Christianity is a soteriology, a path of salvation. It isn't a code of of law or a system of social organization. It isn't the continuation of the Old Testament Jewish Law, but rather an entirely new Covenant with God, built around individual faith in Christ's atoneing sacrifice on the Cross.

    I agree very strongly. But that view is out of favor in contemporary Europe. Any criticism of Islam whatsoever, and any expression of unease with Islam's rapidly rising numbers in European cities, is visciously denounced by the politically-correct as "racism".

    But Islam isn't a religion that's easily assimilated. Its more devout Islamist adherents have no interest in assimilating into 'progressive' secular society. Their long-term vision is the other way around. Or at the least, maintaining themselves as a distinct God-favored society within a larger society.

    So, blinded by it's own insufferable self-righteousness, European civilization might be importing long term social divisions and hostilities into its midst that will fester on for generations to come.
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  8. Photizo Ambassador/Envoy Valued Senior Member

    That's a human description of what is and has been unfolding for all of history. In other words, God's redemption drama encompassing every human being in every generation down through time to this very day. The main players are the Jews from whom came the Messiah/Deliverer of all mankind. The rejection of their Messiah opened an opportunity for pagans/gentiles to join themselves to the God of this People through this rejected Messiah. This opportunity has been available to all people--Jew and Gentile alike--for 2000 yrs. With the regathering of Israel and the subsequent recapturing of Jerusalem, the time for pagans/gentiles to come into this fold is quickly drawing to a close...YHWH is once again actively working among His people; specifically bringing many of them to faith in the Messiah along with preparations for a third Temple. These events--coupled with the contemporary convergence of many scriptural signs--point to the soon return of the Jewish Messiah in accordance with words of Jewish prophets uttered thousands of years ago. People would do well to heed and obey the words of the Gospel while it is still possible: Repent and Believe in Jesus.
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  9. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    Maybe in theory, but that's not how it's been practised. For all practical purposes, Christianity is an extrapolation--and cherry-picking--of Old Testament law combined with the new dogma of Jesus of Nazareth as the messiah. It's not as explicit as Islam at having a codified system of social laws, but it has had its own ethics and social teachings.
  10. wellwisher Banned Banned

    Modern Christianity is a composite of many things, the main being connected to the merger of Christianity with Rome in the 4th century AD. Rome made Christianity its official religion and then tailored Christianity to the needs of the empire. Rome added pagan holidays, to the new church calendar, to integrate the church with the diversity in the empire. Rome was not the official secular of Christianity, since Christianity had been more of slave, underdog. The church was rebuilt by Rome.

    The merger had many advantages for early Christians, because it brought protection, scholarship, science, art, multiculturalism, government to the church. The Pope and the Cardinals were like emperor and the senate of Rome. On the negative side, Rome was a world superpower with a tough military tradition. This also became part of the Catholic Church tradition. As Rome faded it away, in the dark ages, it never really died, but was reincarnated as the Catholic Church.

    The split up of the Catholic Church, which started in the 15th century, was like cell division, where the 1000 year old fertilized ovum, began to split back into Rome and Christianity cells, of various proportions, to form the cells of a new growing body.

    There are now a wide range of Roman-Christians cells, each with different character. These range from Romanist atheists who remained bound to Christianity, through the ties of resentment; mirror. There is also the pure Christian with the charisma of inner faith. There are also those in the middle, some that retain the hard line of Rome in their faith; fire and brimstone, and others with their inner dove of love.

    The Christian cross symbolizes the four orientations of perception. The head is intuition/faith, the feet are instinct, the left hand is emotion and the right hand is intellect. The Church body is spread over this cross. Being nailed to the cross is implicit of being in a state of suspension; organic flux, between the needs of the polarizing composite; render onto Caesar what is Caesar's and render onto God what is Gods (separation of church and state).
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