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    Religion, like so much else, began in the trees. At the top branch was the main dude; the monkey king or alpha male. Everyone looked to him for his leadership. He was the law giver and enforcer. He found food and shelter for all in the troupe. He was the supreme leader; commander-in-chief. He was the "decider". He was, while in power, literally, the father of all. He was looked up to and when vengence or etc. was necessary, he was terrible and "just", and all had to accept his version of justice... which, after all, brought everyone thru it... and somehow, willy-nilly, here we are today.

    Such beginnings are more easily interpreted as political/social in nature than religious, yet they are hand in hand and so close and interwoven.... isn't that obvious?

    I'am not a great and practiced thinker. I am a good mechanic though, and never have parts left-over... (When my assembly is finally complete, look out!) lol

    Divisions between troupes in the jungle are natural (and division is all over the place today in human society). Gangs roamed into other territories looking for females to add to their group and frequently, such gangs would hunt for unwitting victims who happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. Stronger groups would incorporate smaller and weaker into the main. And thru history, it has been the same ages-old, naturally-derived programming driving the (human) beings. During the ages of the great explorers, territory was discovered and peoples conquered for the glory of god and king. And kings were god-on-earth for many: Aztecs, Egyptians and Japanese (WW2), China and Mao, are easily recognized examples. Those conquered or ruled frequently had to kneel, pay tribute, swear loyalty, etc.
    join-in, be indoctrinated, conform, etc.

    We hear religious talk and politically-based language today expressing what was expressed only physically for millions of years. With such a heritage, it is no wonder we exhibit our various political/religious behaviors today... dressed up, as it were, in new clothes fashioned by the (dim) intellect. And our behaviors, many of which seem so outrageous at times, (and we often are quite fanatical and dogmatic and certain), and too, are at a loss to adaquately explain our thought and behavior. When we do, it is often in simplistic means void of new insight or developed thought. Well, that's just "Human Nature", as it is said... Such makes it so easy, eh?

    Plus, we have these "Great Big Questions", which virtually no-one can answer... though there have been thousands of books and attempts at explaining. There are questions about god, without end; definitions, denials, maybes, and... even space aliens are brought into the picture in attempts to explain it all.
    Wouldn't it be interesting to have an alien conversation in which we are informed that the answers we are looking for are to be found within us rather than in books and convoluted explanation without end nor resolution?

    Then, there are the questions about what happens after we die. We are the only beings on the planet who asks such, and the reason is because we have developed this gigantic intellect which, for all it's possibilities, can't get out of it's own way. It thinks and considers beyond what is even remotely possible; it functions in the abstract and imaginationary worlds it has created.
    Meanwhile, every moment, we are growing older physically, and we will have our concrete and final answer one day... perhaps when we least expect. Problem is that most all are unprepared for that time when the lights dim and the mind starts dumping out all it's hallucinatory material; religious sounds and visions, etc... and we take it as a reality going on outside of us or that there is a heaven beyond the clouds or a hell just under our feet...

    We are incredible and fantastic beings! Just can't afford to get carried away. Our finest foods are still grown in dirt and water, and without it... well...
    Our egos expand to fill whatever space is left empty... more watery than water, perhaps. With such a mind, no wonder there is so much confusion all over the place and running the show. Perhaps some thief is stealing something from us and we are duped into playing his game.

    Anyway, I can't do justice to these ideas here, but just wanted to put some out into space, somewhere.
    Maybe the aliens will find it and understand a little bit more... lol

    These paragraphs are nothing larger than a period at the end of a sentence; just the crudest of beginnings... something, anyway.

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