Reversal of Aging by Biological Intervention

I recently came up with an explaination to explain my understanding of cellular degeneration. Looking at what my assumption is in comparison to that of bacteria growing in a petry dish they seem to mimic each other.

I shall write my calculation here in words but understand that all lifespans and timing are written so to make it easy.

First rule is the first Cell (bacterial block) lives for 24 hrs

Each Cell reproduces every 2 hrs

Every reproduction has a change in the RNA pattern that reduces it's life expectancy by 1 Hr.
(So the offspring of the first cell has alife expectancy of 23hrs and the offspring of 23 is 22.)

After 14 hrs of life a cell can no longer reproduce.
(this means that cells that are produced by offspring with a life-expectancy of less than 14 hrs are sterile.)

I haven't added a protein feed pattern to this calculation, but that would consist of the first cells having a priority over the nutrients they need and causing starvation of cells further back through the proteins food route or the fact that lack of protein would cause either complete starvation or an increase in genetic breakdown for canablising.

And I haven't added to the proteins possibility for carrying virual contamination. This means that a virus could mutate the life expectancy and reproduction of a cell. (In fact a cell could be completely turned hostile to feed poisonous protein to cells within it's vacinity)

As well as random events aren't compensated for.

This should give you a basis to understand why we age and even why all our cells age in relationship to each other.
I still vote for ALT-711. Because, it can be taken at a later stage to undo the damage. It inserts itself to break the cross linkage to make the arteries softer and so on.

DMAE and Aspirin only prevent future damage. If you can find an equivalent chemical or herb that undos crosslinkage, I would like to know. Ginger and Turmeric may be able to prevent but not undo.
Kmguru, Imahamster is also very interested in ALT-711. Plan to give a summary of the role cross-linkage may play in aging but am not yet ready.
Here is something more:

In an article appearing in New Scientist January 26 2002 issue, researchers at the National Institutes of Health and California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California, have found that the drug 4-phenylbutyrate or PBA extended the average lifespan of healthy fruit flies by one-third and maximum lifespan by more than 50 percent. Maximum lifespan is the greatest number of years that a species is known to be capable of achieving, in contrast with average lifespan. In humans maximum lifespan has been placed at 120 years, compared to an average lifespan of 73-78 in the United States
Alright, hamster... I want some of this growth hormone, and I want it now. :D

Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing.

HGH is available as an injectible form. If you are over 50, talk to your doctor. If you are young, it is not necessary. There are creative ways to get the stuff like Mexico...
TRF-2 as mentioned speeds the shortening of telomeres so it isn't expected to really improve the overall lifetime of a cell (or help in balding or hair going white). Also telomere protection, especially constituitive activation of telomerase, is an important part of the transition to cancer I don't think it's worth the risk. Even if your hair cells are living better you might not.

A post-doc in my old lab used to joke about Jan Carlson. The funny thing is that Jan is a very large buff Austrian that sounds like Arnold and given the fact that he works on aging you can imagine a movie where he is played by Arnie who is resisting evil scientists bent on world domination through stealing the secret of eternal life ...
Then we are back to ALT-711 or its equivalent unless we can control the telomeres...

Is not that normal cells also can function indefinitely without becoming cancerous with telomeres intact?
Nope, individual normal cells can definitely not survive indefinitely. Neither can cells make accurate copies of themselves without sometimes making mistakes.

That's why we need babies, apoptosis (programmed cell death), and selection. The name of the game is amplify what seems to work even though it is constantly being challenged with errors and innacuracies.

The noise in temperature perturbs the maintenance of information constantly, selective amplification of the signal versus the noise is required for it's transmission through time, space, and individual incarnations ...