Discussion in 'About the Members' started by John Connellan, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. Logically Unsound wwaassuupp and so on Registered Senior Member

    it looks messy and bloody. therell be hard drive everywhere, and cables scattered all over the place. you dont wanna see.
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  3. Kunax Sciforums:Reality not required Registered Senior Member

    can you recomment grown men, whats do they taste like?, I been trying to cut down on babies and teen girls, so I need something as a supstitude.
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  5. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member


    Anyway, you were mutilated mostly as a means to show that a conscience has to be injected into one's psyche.
    You had no qualms about killing cats as you saw them as parasites, and no matter the social opprobrium or my scratching the meat off your face you still never felt anything.- and it proved my point so thank you.
    Which is easier in this medium, really- your not feeling anything.
    It offers distance and what psychologists call 'dis-individuation' where you don't feel as accountable for your actions since the distance prohibits individual responsibility.
    The same way individual mores die in a mob.

    If I had you in person, I swear on your gwamma I'd at least make you flinch.

    Pussy gummy bears.

    Catholics are nice sauteed, Muslims and Christians...not so much.
    I recommend a nice mango sauce for boiling your Muslim and some Cajun spice for the grilled Christian.

    The obese are nice treats as well.
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2004
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  7. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Wait now, Invert kills cats?
  8. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member


    Killed. Long story. Grandma was a cat lady. Cat's needed killing. They were killed. Crap. I have the feeling that it's being turned on me once again.

    Oh. I used to run them over too. These cats I do feel guilty about.


    Oh, come now. You can't be that fat and ugly... can you?

    As to the assault of Dreamwalker. I know, it's a different situation entirely, but I had my fingers crossed. It had such hopeful prospects last Friday and I was anticipating the attack all weekend. And now my hopes and dreams have been shattered.

    Bah. Squirt.
  9. Kunax Sciforums:Reality not required Registered Senior Member

    dreamwalker: another thread another time.

    step out, turn around and look back its not that hard

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    mmm sounds so tasty, older french are good too, as they are roasted slow the juices dripping from them makes the base for a most excelent red wine sauce. But to older and they a hard to schew not to menchin very dry, so the trick is to find a point some where in the middle.

    how many in here has actually killed something larger then a fly be it by accident or on purpose?
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2004
  10. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    I can recommend eating medium old bavarians, they are already filled with beer and have quite a lot of meat on them.
  11. Logically Unsound wwaassuupp and so on Registered Senior Member

    most of us no doubt.
  12. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Every single one of you goddamn meat eating barbarians has killed hundreds of animals intentionally just to devour them as steaks!!! You murderes, animals have feelings! They deserve to live!!!
  13. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Nice try.

    I'm a full blown vegetarian.
    I realize I'm being a bit childish and anal but my what I'd do to every last person in here who can hurt an animal without feeling anything.
    I'd kill to work in a restaurant if only to pee in the lobster sauce.
    You *do* know how they make lobster, yes?
    Or how about veal- I'd work in a market just to have some old lady buy a pound and have the whole thing flung in her wrinkly fucking face.

    Not saying people should stop eating animals, they're free to eat their likes.
    But I'm also free to urinate in the lobster sauce.
  14. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Of course I know how they make lobster, just like crabs, and I did it myself, alas, just once. Not very appealing since then I started to kill the poor animals before I cook them, like driving a knive into their brain.

    But lobster tastes just a bit salty, nothing more. I cannot understand why people cook a being alive and pay pretty good for it if it is tasting totally cheap.
    Yes, Iwould join in peeing in their lobster sauce, perhaps add a bit sperm, you never know if I have STD´s.

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  15. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Lobster sex, isn't it?

    Female lobsters are mature enough to reproduce at the age of five. Sperm in transferred from male to female during the summer, with fertilization occuring in spring. The female lays up to 80,000 eggs at a time, once every two years. Eggs remain attached to the female through a "simmeret," which hangs from her tail until they hatch many months later. Newborn lobsters often become caught in the tide and drift and swim for their first 12 days to five weeks of life. Those juvenile lobsters which survive, eventually find a home on the ocean floor. Young lobster grow through the process of molting, and will shed its shell up to 25 times during its first 5 years of life. Adult lobsters molt approximately one time per year.

    I don't care for lobster myself, fucking water bugs anyway. Give me a herd animal, keep your exoskeleton to yourself.

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    Anyway, I've heard that if you cool the lobster down in ice water before throwing them in the boiling water it won't even twitch. Their nervous systems are too simple to feel real pain. (Just what I heard, don't attack me for it. I have no experience with such things.)

    You make it sound like "full blown aids."

    Are you being serious? Are you really a vegetarian? I always saw you as a carnivore. My world reels.

    So, the only meat you eat is human then?

    You do realize that spiders commit suicide by crawling in your mouth while you sleep, right? I don't recall how many pounds of insects people eat a year on average from this "insect suicide".
  16. Logically Unsound wwaassuupp and so on Registered Senior Member

    8 a year is the average. or possibley per lifetime. one of the 2.
  17. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    This......hurts just thinking about it.
    Poor things, if only the consumer were emphatic enough to feel it.
    But at least the Greeks boiled humans in their brazen bulls.

    Anyway, I've just been thrilled with an idea. This crappy thread is going nowhere so fuck John- we might as well hijack it with good posts as opposed to crappy posts.

    Yes I am.

    Speaking of cannibalism, this from my journals with info culled from "Naked Neuron":

    "The most primitive nervous systems (as in those found in coelenterates, like flatworms or planeria) are composed mostly of sensory rather than motor neurons as well as third type of ganglion cells called a protoneruon. Still- no memory. And no brain, but rather a tiny neural ganglia of similarly functioning nerve cells located in the anterior head region. However, planeria can be 'trained' to avoid light that damages their cephalic eyes indicating some variant of memory (where even a stimulus that is not light can be associated as light or as a harbinger to light, in a neat Pavlovian kind of torture)"

    This is where it gets interesting:

    "Flatworms who eat the ground up brains of former cousins who have been 'trained' to perform specific tasks quickly demonstrate an equal mastery without ever having been trained. This means that memory began some 700, 000 million years ago by the ingestion of brains from friends, siblings, and parents (among these primitive organisms, not mammals or higher organisms)"


    So imagine if we could apply this to people- its interesting to think that the first neuron, in order to store its information and communicate it whole in the form of proto-memory had to do it by either cannibalizing another organism with neurons or being cannibalized in return.
    If we can apply this to people, imagine how odd it would be if ingesting the body parts of one's friend or lover would result in our finally seeing the world as they have.
    Something philosophy is obsessed with- qualia.
    Dahmer and Chikotilo,for example, both being cannibals have mentioned that the act feels personal but only in terms of a quiet knowledge they carried of possessing their victims. They’ve never mentioned anything about being able to upload their victim's dreams and memories.
    But I wonder if they've never commented on this because we've either never asked or because they were inundated with the suffocating glare of the media and self righteous people.
    But imagine being able to become a person by eating them in a natural process of physiology, the way it is for the flatworm- and not metaphorically.
    I’d be Einstein.
  18. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    That would be a neat skill, at least dead people would be good for something besides fertilizer. One could amass a great deal of knowledge this way...

    Alas, I suppose it could have a negative effect on you mentality if you also absorb the personality of the dead person, a multiple personality would probably be the result.
  19. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Not necessarily.
    The insane or disturbed are the world’s most interesting people.
    All the ‘normal’ should rot.

    I plan to start a thread on insanity.
  20. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    It does. But, I bet it hurts worse thinking about it than experiencing it.

    Have you ever put your hands in boiling water before? Probably not, eh? Far too sensible to do such a stupid thing to yourself, right?

    Well, I'm not always so sensible (imagine that) and I have done it. While working at the Olive Garden when I was 20 years old or so, a fire started in a trash can next to the line (where the food was cooked). This happened in the middle of the busiest rush of the day. Food was flying. Tickets were lining up. And here were flames rising from my fucking trash can.

    So. What do you to fire? Put water on it comes to mind. So. Where's the closest water? Boiling water for heating up the pasta. And in my haste to gather water for the fire I didn't even think to get something to put it in. Straight dipped my hands into the water. Boiling water. They only sunk into about the first knuckle or so before I realized that I was doing something bad. I pulled my hand out and used a frying pan to get water to put out the fire and kept on cooking.

    Know how my hands felt? Cold. Ice cold. Freezing. No pain. Just cold. It wasn't until that night that the pain hit.

    Animals die. Life dies. Very often in a brutal manner. It has been thus since the precambrian explosion when things first started eating other things.

    We've evolved defense mechanism against this pain.

    I wonder what the wildebeast feels as the lions disembowel it. Pain? Or the lick and caress of herdmates? I'm sure that it's sometimes one and sometimes the other.

    Let's flip the coin here. How much pleasure do you think the lobster gets from lobster sex?

    Something to keep in mind is that the neurons of the planaria were far simpler than our neurons. If I remember right, they were absent axons and dendrites and used a more general chemical message. The delivered punch of advanced neurons is missing.

    However, this is an amazing thing. And it suggests that memory is not being stored in neuronal structures but rather by the neurons themselves. Inside the neuron somehow. Otherwise, the structure would be lost in digestion, mastication, and the like.

    It's likely that the aversion to light is a simple chemical reaction and that if that chemical were introduced into the neuronal net then the behavior of light aversion would develop.

    More complex "tricks" would be required to show a true absorbtion of memory, I should think. But, with such a simple nervous system, I shouldn't be surprised if practically any "trick" that it is possible for the organism to learn should be passable by chemical means. Scent, photoreactive chemicals, and the like.

    It would certainly be interesting. Yours, Gendanken, would be the first skull I'd crack open. I hope you realize that.

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    Don't worry, you'd live on in me.

    Hmmm. That brings up a point. What if a weak-willed individual ate a strong-willed individual. The memories of the strong-willed might very well overwhelm the weaker will. Possession would result. What are we if not our memories, after all?

    But, we all know that organisms higher than planaria have more complex nervous systems and memory structures. Mastication would surely destroy the delicate storage media.

    But, it would certainly be an interesting world if such were possible.

    Or what if all that were required would be DNA for an absorption of genetic memory? Think of the sources of DNA that go wasted in many everyday practices?

    Einstein with laughing sickness.

    How many brains have you eaten anyways?
  21. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    What I thought.
    There is a theory that says all Extremes Meet, which is basic hermetic bullshit:
    But when applied in this way (your scalding hands) I can understand it- extreme cold feels hot, as any victim of frostbite will testify.
    Extreme heat is cold and inert.
    There's also a cultural analogue- the filthy rich tend to be out of sight, hidden away in estates.
    They carry very little pocket money.
    They don't earn their money and tend to be more vulgar than the uptight middle class or parvenu.
    The filthy poor tend to be out of sight, hidden away in dark alleys, bridges and subway systems when not incarcerated.
    They carry very little pocket money.
    They don't earn their money and tend to be more vulgar then the uptight middle class or parvenu.

    Muhahhahahahha........all hail the headnoise!!
    Now try this experiment. Get 2 steel pipes. Then twist them around each other into a sort of braid. Fill one with lukewarm water. Then fill the other with cold water.
    The effect of touching them both, to the brain, would eerily register as touching something scalding and your hand would pull away terrified.
    Even though neither pipes are even close to hot.

    The most amazing thing, and I've said this before, is that in order to store memory the brain does so via transmitting through chemicals- a major one being phosphorous and some others I'm too lazy to look up.

    Yet the chemical contents are scattered chaotically and either recycled or thrown away, simple metabolism.
    Yet all are able to transmit and store memories as a whole.
    This is uncanny.

    Imagine a small planet filled with a million strangers, each one assigned a sentence that, put together, would be a one million sentence story.
    Then each person has to find his exact counterpart in some part of that planet to give his sentence to in order to keep it stored before he is trashed.
    I cannot fathom the story surviving one transmission let alone two….whole.
    Yet this is exactly what happens in the brain- almost magically.
    The people are phosphorous molecules, each phrase is a detail of perception, the planet is the brain and the million sentence story is the memory.


    These would be virii (or viruses?)
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2004
  22. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member


    You fuckers got quiet all of a sudden. *funeral grin*
    Only proves to me you're solely here to 'chat'.
    So, like, eee heee heeee, anybudy hear frum Chicago? asl?
  23. fireguy_31 mors ante servitium Registered Senior Member

    Hay baby. Chicago hear. Howzit goin'?

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