Russia's Government talks about Release of E.T. data.

Discussion in 'UFOs, Ghosts and Monsters' started by Dennis Tate, May 13, 2021.

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  1. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member

    The following are quotations from somebody who I regard as brilliant and obviously well travelled....... I could not imagine that AboveAlpha could have gotten to the place where he could write so well on so many topics if he was merely well read.

    However he got all the information that he got what he wrote about Russia releasing information on UFO's was more than merely impressive to me.

    "Russia's Government talks about Release of E.T. data."

    "Where can I read about these alien encounters by US astronauts? It helps if you provide links, as per forum rules..."
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  3. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member

    Some of the following links may not work now but they did a few years ago:

    "It was from the first link. Spculation is not evidence. I need to see clear, unambiguous, supporting pictures for me to accept testimony as proof. The Russians tell us that they have pictures taken from a few metres. Let's see them.
    That said I have no doubt that we are not alone in our infinite universe. Equally, given the unimaginable distances involved, I find it highly improbable that we have been visited. Equally implausible is the contention that an alien spacecraft with all of its advanced technology to enable it to get here, should make it all the way to planet Earth only to crash in a desert in New Mexico!" (Snakestretcher)

    AboveAlpha left many of his readers with the impression that he was still working with the CIA or NSA as a sub-contractor but was semi- retired. I believed that there was significant truth to his claim to have connections in at least one branch of the USA Secret Service.
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  5. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member


    where is it ?
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  7. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member

    If you do a search for the title you will find his original writing quite easily. He did not put it into a blog or anything like that to my knowledge.

    Interestingly enough he claimed that Russia..... was really angry with America... due to America surging ahead in technology due to what some Russian scientists understood to be American scientists somehow having access to reverse engineered alien technology. No kidding.... he stated that that was part of the reason as to why Russia wanted to release what they knew..... .apparently to turn the U.N. and much of the world further against America????
  8. sideshowbob Sorry, wrong number. Valued Senior Member

    Oh, goodie. Russia is so well known for accurate information.
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  9. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member

    Here is a four hour lecture that may have gotten a lot of Russian scientists jealous....... if they took the time to listen to all of this.

    Dr. Steven Greer - Nov. 21, 2015 - How the Secret Government Works: The Most Explosive Expose - HD

    •Nov 24, 2015
  10. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    where is the Russian Government threat ?

    = false claim
    breach of site rules

    then you troll me when i ask for the claim

    seriously ?

    where is the content of the russian government talking about it ?
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  11. Bells Staff Member

    Mod Note

    Provide the links to the quotes you posted. You know, as per the forum rules.

    Telling people to search for it is not good enough. What you have done is essentially plagiarise. So I would suggest you post links to all the big chunk of texts you have copied and pasted here. If you do not, I will be deleting all of the quotes you have copied and pasted in this thread without acknowledging its source by providing a link.

    I would also like to add a few other issues with this thread..

    You started an OP with quotes and no actual discussion points.

    You then provide a video that's nearly 4 hours long without any form of synopsis or breakdown..
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  12. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member



    Russia's Government talks about Release of E.T. data.

    and after that discussion went over 750 replies a replica was created and the original poster added more details there as well:

    Russia's Government talks about Release of E.T. data. (Part 2)

    "Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain" is a book that gives a lot of evidence indicating that Russian scientists as far back as the time of Stalin took psychic phenomena of various forms more seriously than was the case in the USA, (publicly anyway).
    Last edited: May 18, 2021
  13. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member


    My suggestion at the links is just to read posts by AboveAlpha..... he really seemed to have insider knowledge of the topic.
  14. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    what you are doing is very straight forward

    your making a claim the Russian government has made threats publicly

    i asked you to post some links to the news site or government statements

    instead you says its just some guys opinion
    you have not posted his comments at the very least
    you have told me to go look for it

    go look for the information that you just made up

    there is a big difference between making up lies
    (not a great plan to make up such false statements about governments because they can sometimes have crazy people who take it personally)
    and UFO research

    UFO research is science based

    UFO conspiracy(is theory of make believe)

    maybe you have got the 2 confused

    Russian UFO conspiracy's
    Russian Government public statements

    2 distinctly different things

    fyi for the record
    i have read plenty of Russian reports of UFO's
    from mystics to military people

    its one thing to talk about peoples conspiracy theory's
    but i would consider it ill advised to start making false claims about the Russian government
    Last edited: May 19, 2021
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  15. Bells Staff Member



    The first thread is insane. Literally and completely batshit crazy insane dating back to 2013..

    The second thread was equally insane, only with added texture of you trying to convert them to Christianity.

    You went from aliens, to near death experience to something something God and psychic crap. I'll admit, I didn't read the entire threads because there's only so much I can take of people being certifiable without seeking any help whatsoever.

    It's all over the place. Which one could expect from something batshit crazy. But still. That this was allowed to continue is shocking in and of itself.

    Which leads me to the next question..

    Why are you trying to bring this utter crap to this site?
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  16. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member


    Because the poster AboveAlpha has me convinced that he has a background in the CIA
    and on at least one of his missions he met with aliens.......

    I believe that he used that discussion forum to get information out there that will set the stage for
    the release of extremely green technology that will revolutionize the USA and soon the world economy.......

    .... One specific claim that he made in a private message to me was that the Stanley Meyer dune buggy technology was in the hands
    of a major USA military contractor and a part of the NSA want to make this technology public.........

    President John F. Kennedy wanted to make much of the information public that was known at that time and the four hour
    lecture by Steven Greer M. D. goes into how that fact played a role in his assassination........

    ... as well as in the assassination of Marilyn Monroe.
    Last edited: May 19, 2021
  17. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member

    My belief is that AboveAlpha is a part of the NSA that want the bad part of the Secret Service dealt with who
    collaborate with drug dealers and human traffickers.......

    My belief is that the personal messages that were sent to myself and many others on the forum were meant to
    make more and more Americans aware of the truth so that pressure could be put on

    the CIA and NSA to release some of the best technology that they already know of.

    Here is the very first private message that I ever sent to AboveAlpha as well as his reply......
    that sounded very logical to me.....

    Above Alpha… have you ever considered becoming an actor / film producer?
    What AboveAlpha wrote about the updated Stanley Meyer hydrogen fuel dune buggy fits very well with what was already known........

    One of AboveAlpha's friends from the forum speculated as to the identity of AboveAlpha.....
    I bought the guy's book on that mere possibility......
    I listened to nine chapters of the book but I am of the belief that the online character AboveAlpha was probably somebody else but.......... I do believe that a fascinating drama is all set up to be played out in front of all Americans that will probably catch more and more attention over the coming months:

    I bought the audio version of "The Operator" by Robert J. O'Neill... wow!!!!

    For the record I asked permission to eventually release the messages that AboveAlpha had sent me... and he said yes to do so.... with only one type of message to not be released. I have already deleted most of the personal messages that I have that fitted the category that he referred to.....
  18. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member


    BrainScratch: The Death of Stanley Meyer and his Water Powered Car
    •Jan 26, 2018

  19. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member

    I have reason to believe that AboveAlpha felt that he knew information that could eventually save millions of lives because the following was actually a personal message to me that I felt had to be made public:

    "Is this analysis of the probable long term effects of climate change logical?"

    For the record I personally disagreed with the fatalism in AboveAlpha's ideas......
    I believed that deliberately turning deserts green....
    combined with the even newer idea of putting carbon into the soil that is explained in the documentary, "Kiss the Ground"....
    could begin a series of events that I felt had the potential to avoid the terrible events of the future that AboveAlpha warned me about.....

    An interesting detail is that AboveAlpha never replied to that particular discussion...... I am not certain why..... but my guess is that that scary future being believed in by people in the Secret Service is a detail that is not wanted to be common knowledge.....
    Last edited: May 19, 2021
  20. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member

    You may consider it relevant that back on February 25, 2015 I began a discussion that was meant to attempt to convince AboveAlpha to enter the race for the office of President for 2016. I suggested to him that because he termed himself an Agnostic he would probably need to join the Dems.

    Should AboveAlpha allow us to set him up for the office of POTUS as early as 2016?

    Based on AA's posts would you advise him to consider becoming POTUS?
    1. *
      Yes.... he is obviously well informed on many important issues.
      12 vote(s)

    2. No.... he is too honest! He would not make it in Washington!
      3 vote(s)

    3. Yes..... but he had better join my favourite party!
      1 vote(s)

    4. He has already told us too much... his 14,000 posts will haunt him!
      10 vote(s)

    Before beginning that discussion I did ask AboveAlpha's permission to begin that thread..... He told me that I could.....
  21. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member

    I personally have never bothered to do the research on what the Russians have actually released so far.......

    AboveAlpha actually gave me more impressive information than I had the free time to do justice to researching, but.... I have viewed a couple of films on unusual phenomena in water that was released by Russian scientists and the documentary that I remember on that topic was impressive.

    What they released fitted well with the Dr. Masaru Emoto research.... that although flawed.... was interesting.
  22. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member


    Thank you for taking a serious look at all of this.

    I want to give you one detail from the nearly four hour lecture by Steven Greer M. D. that may well catch your attention.........

    Dr. Greer mentions that President Ronald Reagan on the campaign trail in California was known to have apologized to one of his
    major supporters there.........

    President Reagan had promised a woman that he would NOT have G. H. W. Bush as his V. P. but..... when he went back to an area where he could meet with her again later on he apologized to her and he told her that.......

    a group of owners of BigMedia had done a meeting with him and they had threatened him that either he made G. H. W. Bush his V.P. candidate or they would so attack him in their media that they owned.......
    that he would become unelectable.

    President Reagan told the woman that these owners of BigMedia did indeed have the power to fulfill their threat...... so he had given in to them..... and had made G. H. W. Bush his V. P. candidate!

    If I remember correctly that detail is not in the first two hours of the lecture by Dr. Greer but is in the last two hours. The same goes for the comments on J.F.K. and Marilyn Monroe.
  23. foghorn Valued Senior Member

    Isn't there something somewhere about worshipping idols?? Is there something you should be telling your god about?
    And to think ''AboveAlpha'' is just an ordinary member of some forum visited by Dennis:
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