SAR'S CoV-2 Death rates & Statistics

Discussion in 'World Events' started by RainbowSingularity, Mar 10, 2021.


do you think the Real covid death toll in some countries is higher if so by how much ?

  1. yes but dont know

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  2. yes many times higher

  3. NO . i think thier statistics are accurate

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  4. i think the statistics are too high

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  1. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

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  3. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    i think it is reasonable to expect ALL flights from India will be infected with a new strain of covid19
    this shifts the risk level up considerably as it increases the down stream risk to a small outbreak
    which would quickly become a large outbreak
    my ideal opinion would be
    if they are citizens they should be flown into a quarantine airport

    what i wonder is what level of risk do the airline staff pose & get exposed to

    can they have special flights so any flight outbound from India to Australia is only allowed to land at the quarantine airport
    which houses all staff on site ?

    additional thought
    as the 2nd wave intensifys
    i expect it will start to make larger impact on the more affluent working class creating more of a financial impact of moving money & assets
    this will probably translate as a increased financial cost
    hospitals being effectively full is also going to start to make considerable impact
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  5. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    I suggested some months ago, near the time lockdowns started, the Government Australia should hand over repatriation of stranded tourist to the RAAF for a mass evacuation

    That would bring back people BEFORE they become infected. Why leaving people for longer periods in an infected zone was considered smart I don't know

    The RAAF do training missions. Why not a taste of reality?

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    Hercules aircraft

    Something like this with fewer and masked

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  7. Bells Staff Member

    Have you seen the Australian Government in action?

    I don't think incompetent even applies any more.

    A lot of people suggested using the RAF to get out people home. A lot of people also suggested they look at various vaccines instead of sticking with just one and having only a few here and there of another vaccine..

    The only reason Australia did not become a complete disaster with COVID spread is not because of the Morrison Government, but because the State and local Governments imposed lockdowns and rules and basically ignored the Federal Government.

    They promised to get people home. Tens of thousands are still stuck overseas. They promised 5 million vaccinated by April. Less than 2 million were because of a lack of vaccine and no fall back when some developed issues with the one vaccine the Government focused on above all else.. But fear not. ScoMo has now declared that Australia may be trying to reopen our borders and something something about bring people home and then something something about how COVID may have to just be treated like the flu because of the vaccines that so few can get because he completely and utterly stuffed that up as well..

    I shit you not!

    You are stuck in Bali? You may actually be better off at this moment in time. If it wasn't for my mother being in a nursing home with dementia, I'd probably be moving to New Zealand.
  8. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Wow, that picture brings back memories.
  9. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    My last figures I heard, few weeks ago, were around 36,000. Was 70,000 March 2020
    So so wrong
    I agree. As far as COVID-19 is concerned. To many other problems lifestyle wise though

    Here in Bali girlfriend Inul moved into hotel room to look after me. Not that I required looking after. However Inul is doing a lot of things like cooking meals, she runs a Food Court with her sister

    As good as the meals are where Inul stands out is being my sponsor in Bali and handling the paperwork to extend visa each month

    Today is going to have another go at getting me vacinated
    Spent some periods as Registered Nurse in nursing homes. Never enough time to be with patients

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    Would not be surprised if New Zealand shut down travel bubble because of Australia repatriation of people from India

    After yesterday's news see what today's newspaper says

    My first ever flight was in a Hercules. I was at Richmond and flew to Brisbane as a hitchhiker on the flight. Ten years in the airforce lots of hitchhiker flights

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  10. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    those head rests could be parachutes, fixed to the chair. so they pull it on as it un-clips as they get up and walk down the back to evacuate
    save space

    i would really like to do this for an overwinter
    not sure what job i would do
    i can cook n clean & check machinery, file, type & monitor systems
    but i think you need a suitcase full of science degrees to be in the proficiently efficient box.

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    Last edited: Apr 23, 2021
  11. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    i missed that but for some reason have a mental note about the "treated like the flu" maybe because many have said that in the media
    the common flu is not a corona virus

    its like getting a small bruise from an axe wielding homicidal maniac running past you who is on their way to the gun shop to get machine guns
    and saying
    "you know what, its only a small bruise, its nothing to worry about really"

    citizens stuck over seas is a funny issue
    because it has media history signalling socialist policy
    and a lot of frequent over seas travelers are often right voting so vote for the conservatives

    mass evacuation of rich right voting voters by political decree is more than their tiny selfish brains & massive egos can handle.
    so the politicians play games with it.
    gamed them into high risk
    but they didn't come home voluntarily ?
    and they don't want to pay for their own choices ?

    its a political mine field for any politician who does not have a massive majority
    and Australia is trying to stand apart from communism and ideological pyramid leadership concepts through Asia to maintain a level playing field of global interaction.
    while it grapples with run away gang culture which has gone almost un checked for the last 25 years.

    Scott needs to keep his shit tight(which is why i would keep it run by the military because if it gets out, it will kill people & that is killing civilians & im not sure private company's can stand up to that level of scrutiny, they have 0 track record to prove they have what it takes
    [my mistake, they have 768 dead to prove they dont])

    and can they afford to have another leadership who decided to let the cruise ship dock ?

    AU & NZ tourism operators are relying on the bubble being opened up to start cash flow
    business both sides has been gearing toward this
    if they fuck it up so the operators have to close down its going to be a kick in the head while knocked to the ground
    and im not sure the au political leadership have enough support to close the bubble once they open it
    so it will be NZ closing it making them look incompetent(which is exactly what it would be)
    there is a lot of middle class cash waiting to be spent on either side by people desperate to get out on a holiday & forget about the shit storm enveloping most of the world.

    and you thought it was bad with the old out of fashion strain

    imagine what it will be like with one of the new faster sleeker models
    asymptomatic for several days to a week
    as its transmissible ...
    massive viral load
    god knows what neurologically
    probably vastly more severe long covid which would help it survive long term

    as i mentioned
    gangs and racketeering going un checked for over 25 years has built the society around private prisons in Australia
    so instead of tackling the hard questions like why are their children being recruited into gangs & terrorism groups
    they are deporting people.
    kicking the can down the road is the expression
    paying purse/lip-money service to private profit making systems off criminality is not going to solve their criminal problems
    its only going to make them worse like the USA

    now gifting that free working class taxes as profit to some corporate hell bent on profit margins to run a critical national risk is not only asking for trouble but like using a baby as a red flag to a raging bull
    waiving the baby to the bull to keep it away from the new fence
    as soon as you stop waiving the baby and risking its life
    the bull will be back at the new fence giving it a damn good kicking while no one is looking and then be in the house back garden about to stomp the wife & gore the children as she is hanging out the washing & all the men are off at the pub, back slapping each other on a new fence build which has not been tested & no one is watching it and the bull has just been given steroids by the vet.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2021
  12. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Possibly it is a part of ScoMo's self-righteous, stubborn psych. but he did announce just before 17th March, 2020 as part of a DFAT announcement that :

    On Sunday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that anyone coming into Australia would be subject to a 14-day self-isolation period.
    "As more countries close their borders or introduce travel restrictions, overseas travel is becoming more complex and difficult," the DFAT advice read.
    "You may not be able to return to Australia when you had planned to.
    "Consider whether you have access to health care and support systems if you get sick while overseas. If you decide to return to Australia, do so as soon as possible."

    At the time there wasn't the appropriate urgency being communicated by Morrison, with more concern about keeping the economy safe rather than people. IMO
    ...and he is probably sitting at home thinking... "Well I told you so...or it's their own damn fault for not following DFAT guidelines" etc.

    As it turned out there was a window of about 30 days if I recall correctly, for most travelers to get home and go into self quarantine. Some did while many didn't take the advice seriously enough and as expected got caught up in all sorts of travel issues as international borders were closing fast. ( but not fast enough)

    Events were occurring very fast and bureaucrat inertia was difficult overcome. The Ruby Princess disaster initiated a mere 2 days after the DFAT announcement. Mixed signalling from the leadership making it all even worse.

    Admittedly at the time Australia and the rest of the world's bureaucrats were slowly adjusting to the changed circumstances. Way too slow for the most part. It could be argued that the Ruby Princess Fiasco (19/March 2020) here in Australia, was a big wake up call, especially for State leaders, in a rapidly changing, confusing international situation and just how potent this virus was and was going to be.
    However Morrison's apparent "I told you so" attitude does little to aid in providing a solution to this repatriation disaster especially at the same time down playing this Flu like virus and what it may mean.

    Time line:
    11/March/2020 Pandemic declared
    13/March/2020 National Cabinet formed (State premiers and ministers)
    16/March/2020 Victoria declares state of emergency and first lock down.
    17/March/2020 DFAT travel announcement
    18/March/2020 Human Bio-security Emergency declared
    19/March/2020 Ruby Princess disaster
    25/March/2020 National advisory board (NCCC now NCC) established

    From a pre-pandemic bureaucratic point of view March/2020 was a really busy time...
    It normally takes weeks for a memo or update to protocols to make their way and actually be read acted on and complacency was and still is a large problem.
    Today the greatest problem regarding repatriation is what to do with the people once they arrive.

    Hotel quarantine is not a great solution as already proven and I believe the various Fed and state Government's are considering larger scale facilitation but are wondering if the cost is worth it given the invested hope in the roll out of vaccines and with mutations threatening the effectiveness of vaccines etc confusion reigns supreme...
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2021
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  13. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    and they need to be forced to be made accountable for their choices to ignore the advice

    japan refused them ?
    so all that sailing time
    . . .
    they played piper to the "its fake virus fake science" bullshit
    then played the "its not my fault you cant prove anything"
    let the money be spent "we are better than Japanese"

    that went terribly wrong

    i was watching the news saying "don't do it don't do it"
    "don't let them disembark"
    all the scientists were suggesting quarantine
    and American politicians were exploiting it for anti liberal propaganda leverage

    then all those in control who get paid the big dollars
    said "ok not my fault i say let them disembark"
    then kept saying it wasn't their fault
    when it was their job

    a couple of times i just managed to stop myself from shouting at the TV saying
    "don't let them get off the ship"

    all those australians in india had their free choices
    they chose
    now they want everyone else to pay with the lives of their parents to let them come back on their on time ?
    and throw the business recovery under the buss ?
    looks like pay per view political suicide gearing up for a run off the cliff

    i would choose
    save his political career & smash the virus tourists(make them pay for what they chose freely)
    save the au economy & citizens doing the right thing
    & save his core voter swing base support
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2021
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  14. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    OK OK OK

    My personal experience

    Background booked well in advance 3½ week holiday in Bali - flight cost $320 return

    Three days before return flight lockdown occurs

    Airline cancels my return flight, gives voucher $155

    Started looking for alternative way to get home

    Cheapest $8,000 - total travel time 4 days - passing through 4 airports - 3 long stopovers - each airport a risk of not being able to board due to a positive COVID-19 test - 4 different airline carriers

    Normally Darwin - Denpasar airport Bali - Darwin (direct each way) as mentioned $320 return - 2½ hours each way

    Ya why didn't they come back sooner?

    Edit ½ hour later

    I should add I have been offered various flights back to Australia. None direct ie Denpasar - Darwin

    Some going Denpasar - Jakarta - Singapore - various Australian capital cities. Leaving me to quarantine there and then arrange flight to Darwin

    EST cost around $6,000

    With a broken left shoulder and all but useless left arm I'd be great managing airports

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    Last edited: Apr 23, 2021
  15. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    I occurred to me at the time that perhaps bureaucrats don't watch or read the news often..seriously... some people really do not take any notice of what is going on around them...
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  16. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    to a point but there are so many mitigating factors.
    in Singapore for 6 weeks not once did I check DFAC warnings.
    in Brazil 2 months not once did I check DFAC warnings.
    and also the warning was not couched with any sense of urgency IMO and would have been ignored as an over reaction.
    Also every one everywhere were in a confused state about COVID-19 which unfortunately is to be expected as many people do not watch or read their nation's news when traveling over seas. (Gosh many do not even read the news when they are at home)... and even the health experts couldn't agree...
    ...and to top it all off we had Trump doing the flu-fandango with Morrison as his dance partner...

    it is only now that the States and Territories here have managed to pull it all together and do so with little help and mostly obstructionism from the Federal Government. ( Trumpism demonstrated IMO)
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2021
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  17. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    This just in re India COVID-19 and flights

    This article is from the NT News issue of Friday, 23 Apr

    India arrivals slashed

    AT least one in 10 Australians flying from India are testing positive to COVID-19 , prompting the Northern Territory’s repatriation program to be scaled back.

    Acting chief health officer Charles Pain (pictured) said the number of repatriation passengers arriving from India will be slashed by 30 per cent to avoid the Territory’s healthcare system being overloaded with returned travellers.

    Of the 28 active cases of coronavirus in the NT, 26 have flown in from India.

    Four new cases were reported at Howard Springs yesterday , all of whom arrived aboard a flight from Chennai last week. It comes as India reported almost 315,000 cases yesterday . Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the changes would affect chartered flights into the NT from India, warning Australians “the pandemic continues to rage” across countries.

    Mr Morrison flagged a tightening of exemptions for Australians wanting to travel to so-called “red countries” where the virus is running rampant. “We’ll be instructing Border Force that only in very urgent circumstances would an exemption be permitted for someone to travel to a high risk country,” he said.

    All repatriation flights from India already booked have had their capacity reduced by 30 per cent, while repatriation flights not yet booked for May would now be deferred until June.

    Dr Pain said the measures were needed to protect the NT’s healthcare system.

    “We can’t allow the healthcare system here to get overburdened , and we also can’t allow the risk of there being any breaches from quarantine ,” he said.

    “The risk is increased if there are large numbers of cases.”

    With “a very high” number of return travellers from India testing positive, Dr Pain said pre-flight tests for COVID-19 couldn’t be trusted.

    “It’s at least 10 per cent of people on those flights (testing positive),” he said.

    “We are questioning whether the testing is reliable.”

    Travellers are supposed to receive a negative test result 72 hours before boarding. The decision was made in national cabinet yesterday afternoon.

    Copyright © 2021 News Pty Limited

    Remember the arrivals are not necessarily residents of Darwin

    Darwin quarantine facilities are being used for the WHOLE of Australia

    Once quarantine finished they go to their own place of residence

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  18. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    india cremations

    an interview of a crematorium owner around 2 weeks ago clearly showed the crematoriums were unable to cope with any more

    but they were not reporting this for various reasons
    personal profit
    public panic
    etc etc

    dead body refrigeration ?
    can they do it ?
    possibly not

    what then ?

    what is the current delay in time ?
    human body decomposition and on set of pathogen bacteria & viruses
    bloating of stomach intestines & explosion resulting in aeration dispersal of bacteria and viruses of dead bodies ...

    probably 1 or 2 people who know this stuff

    is there any other real risks ?

    un burnt human flesh being washed into drains ?
    then running into bathing & drinking water

    is that an issue ?
    might not be

    i guess more likely is social order collapse if religious beliefs are undermined by inability to process death rights
    creating a barbarian animist like mental collapse

    i wonder why the military are not running these things
  19. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    any Australian citizens should be given direct flights back to aussie paid for by the government
    they can work the bill and payment plans out later

    either its on or off
    instead many playing games

    aussie has its own bloody air line for the love of mick
    bloody mongrels !

    while imo
    and in some groups no
    conservatives deliberately limit their own exposure so they can pretend they are not involved and so not accountable and so not morally accountable for their decisions they have already made up, knowing they will conflict morally with their core beliefs that they expect everyone else to obey
    then you have the general public who choose to be ignorant
    then you have mentally & emotionally ill people who simply are incapable at that stage in life etc etc and various other things

    look at how many politicians claim al media is now biased so suggest they dont follow world events
    self fulfilling prophecy of fascist moral ideology
    VERY common and typical western biblical types
    eastern is more toward changing to subject to suggest spiritualism has prominence other than non validity
    best not give tools to abusers stopping there

    conservative impass
    now knowing all flights will be infected
    while promoting government is incapable of doing the job properly
    while actively looking to endorse private business
    while actively trying to make working class tax payers foot the bill to a pre defined socio-economic group that will keep the upper class donors and power brokers happy

    there is no reason other than political games that aussie cant have its own bloody air line fly its own bloody people back to some isolated bloody air field and quarantine them there safely for 3 weeks or so
    and then bill them in payments so they can afford it over the next few years if they are not millionaires

    money power games playing to the decreasing concentric circles of productivity boom n bust ideology

    the moment government makes an all encompassing win
    it becomes flagged as socialist by the elitist psychos

    1st week may be undetectable
    then need 2 weeks quarantine

    and they are playing to the anti-vaxer public support fringe elitists/extremists
    if they don't get lots of virus they wont have to validate vaccination for their own personal protection
    so as long as they keep the doors shut they stay safe exploiting the anti-vaxers voter support

    none of the conservatives want vaccinations endorsed as socially compulsory because that will give science the leading hand above gods will.
    and then they lose their cult like control.

    Last edited: Apr 30, 2021
  20. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    Are Covid vaccinations commonly available in Australian to everyone these days?

    I'm just getting one next Tuesday mainly because I haven't tried that hard and haven't wanted to drive to some mass site with long waits and hordes of people.

    I have neighbors that have gotten the vaccine mainly because they wanted to go to Hawaii and so were willing to put up with more than I have been willing to put up with.

    I have another friend who is a doctor and she just got the vaccinations a month or so ago.

    Here in my local area I see that the most commonly available slots open are in the poor neighborhoods. They have been actively trying to get everyone to get vaccinated and the drugs have been more available there.
  21. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    hows your shoulder ?
  22. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    No pain
    Not even Panadol needed
    Aches a little and limited movement which makes arm useless
    At least back to normal sleep position on tummy
    Laying on left side occasionally feel and hear ball of humerus pop into socket
    Curious as to how much bone growth will need to be removed and joint smoothed out to obtain increased range of movement. Guessing even with good physio will not be full
    Thanks for asking

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  23. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    good to hear your recovering

    bone spur ?
    you want a very good orthopedic surgeon
    1500 mg vit c per day 500mg before each meal
    high omgas fish good
    keep carbs as low as possible
    protein is your friend
    useless if you cant metabolize it
    probably 4 smaller meals per day like a reduced version of a body builders diet
    no less than 2 liters of filtered spring water per day to maintain core hydration
    sugar & excess carbs is your enemy

    some reports around colloidal silver orally to help rebuild cell walls
    additionally aloe vera eat/drink very good, real good stuff taste like sour grass clippings(liquid)
    you can re-hydrate with aloe vera drink products but most have sugar in so only once every 2nd day or so
    sugar inhibits recovery
    carbs metabolise to sugar slow intestine lower uptake of critical nutrients and add excess fat when you want added dihydroxyacetone (DHA) [honey & good fish has it i believe] /omegas(fish)
    on top of basic multi B
    not sure about metals magnesium zinc copper
    you will need specialist advice on those they can be a bit problematic if you have reactions or off balance something too much

    might be touch n go with adding more calcium as you dont want any bone growth as repair process to re-shaped bone
    but you dont want to starve yourself completely of calcium
    keep it high bio-availability in small doses of milk products, liquid is good to help maintain lower intestine hydration

    if you want/need to drink alcohol switch to fruit nothing else for the day
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