Screw Iraq, Lets take over Canada!

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Psycho_Potato, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. Rick Valued Senior Member

    Title suggests something...

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  3. EvelinaAnville Registered Senior Member

    Where's Canada?????


    "You silly canadians are funny. America would end canada with no trouble at all. Oh no! Canada has rocky and bulwinkle! Unfortunately, not even they would be of any use if the USA went to war with Canada. It would only last like 2 minutes. We would just change the target site on all of our missiles from Moscow or Kiev, and send them to Ontario."

    Sorry!!! But Americans are so uneducated that they would not be able to find Canada (let alone major metropolitan areas) to destroy the proud Maple leaf. I speak from experience. I'm an American teacher. ("We should go over to Iraq and kill Bin Laden cause of how they bombed the World Trade Center")
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  5. Psycho_Potato Kermit the Communist Registered Senior Member

    Dude, why do we need to know where canada is? what we do is blow everything else up in the world, except the united states. Then we know we have solved Most of our problems.
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  7. Docmayhem dangerously quiet loner Registered Senior Member

    As a point of information: The Mitrokhin Archives is not pro-soviet. It is simply an accurate history of many KGB operations based on several thousand pages of their internal documentation.
  8. Saleen is mean 89 Registered Member

    Why would we invade canada just get inot another war and why would we go into there just for the fun of it you people are stupid....
  9. Tyler Registered Senior Member

    You didn't actually read the thread, did you?
    Not only that, but you aren't truly able to understand what the original poster was saying, are you?
  10. Xev Registered Senior Member


    Now now, don't be harsh. It's probably just the first time he/she/it has inhaled glue.

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  11. 'Strange Registered Member

    Only an american could see an invisible line in the dirt and convince his 4.0 GPA tyrant it's there too. You suck. Going there for the winter once, opened my eyes as to why Moosehead is more than just a beer for you. :bugeye:

    A life of reaction is a life of slavery,
    intellectually and spiritually.
    One must fight for a life of action,
    not of mere reaction.
  12. ICARRYALOTOFBULLETS Quit smoking...:) Registered Senior Member

    Just leave the canucks alone. Like half of todays movie stars and singers come from there, so there 8===3~~~~

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