Singularity = Zero Volume Tetrahedron

Discussion in 'Alternative Theories' started by rr6, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. rr6 Banned Banned


    This is a zero-volume tetrahedron or singularity ascribed to a black hole.

    Its 4 planes, in 6 coordination, define the cubo(60-octa)8)hedron aka Vector Equilibrium that is defined by 4 great/equaltorial, bisecting planes.

    It is believed, that, all the information inside a black hole is expressed on the event horizon surface of a black hole.

    With pefectly spherical cubo-octahedron/Vector Equlibrium, defined by the 4 bisecting planes, we find that the area of the 4 inner bisectin planes is exactly the same as the outer surface of the spherical VE/cubo-octahedron.

    Ever number, polygon, polyhedron etc of our finite Universe, its finite set of cosmic laws/principles, has one or more unique factors that cannot be expressed by any of the other numbers, polygons, polyhedra etc.....

    It is kinda of like the ole saying, that each of us human individuals is unique, and that is true, tho we all share some common traits.

    Woman( Xx ) is the most complex entity we know to exist. Man( Xy ) is next in complexity and both have access to from mind/intellect ergo the immense complexities that arise from that access.

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  3. youreyes amorphous ocean Valued Senior Member

    i think the tetrahedron popularity arose after the films Hypercube 1, 2, 3.
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  5. rr6 Banned Banned

    Plato > Archimedes > Fuller

    Plato documented the 5 symemtrical polyhedra of which three are primary, stable platonic polyhedra;

    tetra(4) singularity.....3-fold symmetry....minimal 4 dimensional structure/system

    octa(8)hedron....intermediator....doubling effect....4-fold symmmetry...medial....

    icosa(20)hedron.....golden/phi....5-fold symmetry....maximal...12-around-0

    Archimedes documented 13 polyhedra of which one is the cubo(6)-octa(8)hedron one of its cosmically unique functions;

    cubo-octahedron aka Vector Equilibrium/12-around-1

    Fuller discovered and documented the transformorative version of Archimedes cubo-octahedron and named it the jitterbug aka Operating System of Universe;

    Jitterbug is a toy-like model that does more to explain 6 or more exotic cosmic shape/patterns of Universe than any other toy-like model known to humans.

    Jitterbug exhibits the 6 primary/fundamental motions of Universe.

    The cubo-octahedron is a truncated cube that shares a 60 deegree oriented, 4 common axi with the other basic set of polyhedra.




    rhombic dodecahedron,


    penta-gonal dodecahedron

    and each of these have and associated set of 3 XYZ axi, so that we arrive at a cosmic 7 sets of axi.

    25 is the total of cosmic axi associated with the 4-fold VE/jitterbug and inclusive of 2-fold and 3-fold,

    31 is the total of cosmic axi associated with teh 5-fold icosahedron( golden/phi )
    56 is the sub-total of both 4-fold and 5-fold.
    31 left and right skew axi of icosahedron bring the total set of primary cosmic axi to;
    87 total cosmic axi.


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  7. youreyes amorphous ocean Valued Senior Member

  8. rr6 Banned Banned

    Tho true, that does not tell us what the specifics of the info.

    Again, I refer the reader to my heat death scenarios, wherein we find the various static versions of a 2D( flatten photonic/heat death ) cubo-octahedron/VE, having at minimum two icosahedral sphericals on each side.

    We know there exists both left and right skew versions of the 31 great/equaltorial circle-like planes, so, it may be that have both left and right-skew sets passing through the 2D flatten cubo-octahedron/VE as the maximized heat death entropic expansion of Universe.

    Here again, which flatten, 2D geometric option we choose, may have an affect on the specific static patterns that are mapped on the flattened 2D cubo-octahedron, by the 31 left and righ-skew great circles that pass through the flatten 2D cubo-octahedron/VE.

    This much we do know. The pattern that its created one of the single equqlateral triangles of the cubo-octhedron/VE is shown in the 87 GrCP's graphic. I'm suprised I had never realized this in the past.

    In the graphic there is obvious curved equalateral triangle centered for our viewing. At that center we see multiple railroad-like tracks are similar to the graphic we used to see on tvs back in the 50's and 60's when they were doing a test of the emergency whatever.

    On the superficial surface of it, the pattering in this equalateral triangle, this would appear to be the fundamental patterning we find at the heat death ending-beginning of Universe ergo the fundamental patterning for all existence. Sort of the initial coding closets to its absolute static state/phase.

    Again tho, if we use the version of 2-frequeny 2D flatten cubo-octhedron/VE as an equalateral triangle at heat death, then we have to consider a set of 4 equalateral triangles, instead of just one and they may have partiality of 2-1 ratio leaning into one icosahedral spherical more than the other.

    Here is grpahic of 2-Frequency triangle--1, 2, 3, 4----
  9. youreyes amorphous ocean Valued Senior Member

    is he crazy?
  10. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member

  11. rr6 Banned Banned

    Xx - Xy

    Hi Cap-K, in regards to kinds of complexity;

    1) numerical complexity which the higher the number of parts, the higher the number or relationships between those parts and that may be and expontial growth of relationships as the number of parts increase beyond a critical amount, ex numerical three has 3 relationships, but at numerical four we quantum(?) leap to 6 relationships,

    X has a many more parts than the simpler y and ergo just numerically speaking, a an Xx has many more parts than a Xy set. That alone does not neccessarily say a whole lot, and more so when we consider that and elephant has more parts than a human-- via just its amount of mass ---yet who here believes an elephant is more complex than a human, excepts in the number of parts ergo the number of relationships between the higher number of parts?

    Numerically, a more massive human has more parts than a less massive human.

    2) another kind of complexity arises synergetically from the parts, and that is access to mind/intellect, and it is this amount of access to metaphysical mind/intellect that makes human more complex than all other animals, so here, more access = more complexity arising,

    3) the crux of why woman( Xx ) is more complex than man( Xy ) beyond just more parts within the given set of chromosomes is as follows;
    ..3a) wom(b)man is like a man, except woman has a womb and man has no counter-part to the womb.

    The womb carries a additional human either Xx or Xy and creates another synergetically potential set of complexities arising between mother( Xx ) and fetus( Xx or Xy ). So there alone we have significant increase in the number kinds of parts( Xx - Xy ),

    and the expontial relationships that man will never experience, and possibly leads to synergetic relationships man will never know or understand, irrespective of conversing with a a pregnant woman.

    So Cap-K, if you believe a that a man is as complex as a woman-- much less more complex ---than a woman, you will have to do some fancy rationally logical footwork to ever convince me of any conclusion, wherein man is more complex than woman, or even relatively close in complexity.

    Cervix dilates > muscles contract-IN > fetus/baby pops-OUT = local grunt

    EMRadiation dilates > black hole contract-IN > galaxy pops-OUT = cosmic grunt.

    There is more to the cosmic story but this and the previous post should be enough to help better your cosmic understanding and comprehension.

  12. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member

    Do womens' X Chromosomes have different genes, or are they exact copies?
  13. rr6 Banned Banned

    2-1 Ratio 2-Fre.Triangle and Quarks

    Ha ha, just had new realization.....the 2D, 2-frequency triangle--- 1,2,3,4 triangles --- in the above graphic page, when in my heat death scenario setting--- O!O ----,

    has one triangle face bonded to left-skew icosahedral spherical,

    and two triangles face bonded to the right-skew icosahedral spherical,

    and one triangle that remains neutral or shared by both sphericals equally, so,

    this led to remembering, that, with the proton and neutrons--- all bayronic hadrons ---we always have a 2-1 ratio of kinds of quarks.

    So here again, for a 2nd line of reasoning, I can see how the initial patterning at a heat death ending/beginning, could be sinificant to the coding of 2-1 ratio of quarks in hadrons.

    Later on I will explain how mesons--- the strange bosonic fermionic/matter force particles ---are associated with the VE's four great/equlatorial circle-like planes. It should be obvious already to those who pay attention to graphic clues presented by my givens.

  14. rr6 Banned Banned


    left-right = chiral?

    mirror images = chiral?

    inside-out = chiral?

    How I arrived at my heat death scenario is s little complicated to explain, and may or may not lead to my given left and right-skew icosahedrals at heat death.

    So, I'm confident of two icosahedral sphericals just not if the actually pathways will lead that way.

    However, ratio 2-1 triangles, 2 into one spherical and one into the other spherical, I believe is a valid conclusion, irrespective of whether the two icosahedrals on each side of flattened, quasi-2D, contracted VE/cub0-octahedron, are actually left and right skewed icosahedrals.

    My guess is that your correct, in equating chirality to the left and right skew icosahedrals. I can check into Synergetics and see if Fuller sees it that way.

  15. rr6 Banned Banned

    I don't know all of the specifics only that X has much more genetic material. Women do produce testerone, so I presume there must exist a SRY gene in one, the other or both of their X's. I did read that at least 18 of the genes on the smaller/compacted Barr body x, are active.

    As to wheter there are genes in the Y chromsome-- ex SRY testerone --that are not in either X, I dunno.

    I believe there are genes that are in the X that are not in the Y.

    So even tho a man has and X, it is obvious that those genes for the womb and ovaries are not active.

  16. rr6 Banned Banned

    Cosmic Pondering of Black Holes

    Cervix dilates > womb muscles contract-IN > fetus/baby pops-OUT

    EMRadiation expands > black hole contracts-IN > galaxy pops-OUT

    There exists a PBS story of a lady scientist in the lab, who recreates compressive forces associated with metorite hitting earth all of the constituent elements present.

    She expected to find a disorganized mess of molecules when she finished the experiment. instead she found simple compounds becoming more complex molecules and she was sort of amazed at that resultant.

    If we were to take this simple > to > complex resultan, t out to an extreme, we may say that with a black hole, there is some mechanism that pops OUT the most complex biological organism we know to exist in Universe, or at minimum some kind of complex coding of development of such complex humans.

    I dunno, just pondering scenarios based on experiments that have been done.

    If we see a semi-direct correlation between black holes and the VE/cub(6)o-octa(8)hedron--- internal planar area = to external positive area ---can we then also see a quasi-direct correlation to Xx - Xy human coding?

    Xx - Xy = 4 chromosomal factors

    VE/cubo(6)-octa(8)hedron has 4 internal planes.
    However, with humans we find a 3-1 ratio of chromosome type.

    With the VE/cubo(6)-octa(8)hedron we find a 6 to 8 ratio--- total 14 ---of surface polygonals or just two types of polygons and/or angles( 90 and 60 )

    Each of the 12 nodal-vertexial events of a VE/cubo-octahedron is/has an intersection of 4 lines/factors-of-relationship, or two vectorial trajectories--- male and female ---.

    24 is perhaps the most cosmic number associated with teh VE/cubo-octahedron.

    Here again, we fall back to the 4 great hexagonal planes that define a VE/cubo-octahedron.

    However, there exists a few 48's within context of teh VE/cubo-octahedron;

    Ex 24, 60-degree surface angles and 24, 90-degree surface angles.

    So I did a quick search and found this;

    ...."22 autosomes + X + Y = 24 disparate chromosomes"....

    So humans more related to 46 and chimps/apes 48. So perhaps apes/chimps are in perfect equilibrium and humans are disequlibrious creatures.
    ...just kidding...

    however, humans do have a unique mind/intelligence that does appear to make them uniquly more complex than almost all more common animal intelligence, i.e. if there is common/average animal mind/intelligence, humans are far beyond it.

    Better stop there less I dig myself into a black hole that I cannot get out of...

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  17. youreyes amorphous ocean Valued Senior Member

    someone please tell me, is rr6 crazy?
  18. rr6 Banned Banned

    24 = Operating System of Universe( 24 + 24 = 48 )

    The above cubo(6)-octa(8)hedron has configuration as seen in the link, called the jtterbug by Fuller.

    This above has many possible configurations. The jitterbug will fold into to basic quadrpedic-like configurations that address most mammals and fish.

    The last configuration of the jitterbug before teh mammal fish set is that of the EMRadiation double-sine wave set,tho this is the Euclidean version.

    1) From the double-sine wave set, we can fold the two rear triangular waves to be perpdendicular to the front two, this is the basic configuration for all fish and the jitterbug as a spinal axis composed of 8 of it 24 vectorial struts, that flexible because it has a joint/knucle half way between the front side fins and the rear tail fin.

    2) again, start with the double-sine wave set, and now we move the rear double waves so they are parrallel to the front double wave set, and we have basic body plan of all cetaccians( whales, proposes etc... ) where side flippers are parrallel to the tail flukes.

    Humans are more akin the parrallel plan of whales, who are mammals also. Here again we still have the spinal axis set of 8 struts that flex in the middle just fish and mammal spines have a flexable.

    What the VE/cubo-octahedron is, besides being the basis of black holes and operating system of Universe, it is also the basic body plan for all biolgocials known to humans.

    Even viruses, many of which have and icosahedral protein shell or based on the VE-cubo-octahedron, because, as the VE contracts it passes through a quasi-icosahedral phase before going on to its many exotics spatial pattern configurations and those basics for all biologicals.

  19. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    I really don't see a Singularity in itself as infinite in any quantity one would like to name, although I do agree that it does/can lead to infinite quantities of densities and space/time curvature.
    It is simply that region where our laws of physics and GR break down.
    I posed a question in Astronomy/Cosmology re the destiny of mass that goes to make up a BH, and also the destiny or otherwise of the BH itself.
  20. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    Don't really know his mental state or his motivations but he is just spewing nonsense - that's for sure.
  21. rr6 Banned Banned

    Singularities( 1D ) Do Not Exist

    Singularities--- 1D in of itself ----do not exist and the zero-volume tetahedron makes this obvious.

    As the 3D tetrahedron goes to zero volume, chords become the defining dimensions for the VE/cubo-octahedron and the static geometric basis for a black hole, wherein the internal, 4 great/equaltorial planes area--- whats inside the black hole ---are equal to whats on the surface( event horizon ) of the black hole,

    however, this is only true with the highest frequency concept of VE as sphere.

    With the Euclidean verson as shown in the graphic, the internal surface area of GrCP's is greateer than the surface area if I recall correctly.

    4D > 3D > 2D > STOP as this way leads to singularity aka single dimension.

    Pi^3 = 31. 00 62 7..STOP > this way leads to infinite scenarios.

    2-fold > 3-fold > 4-fold > 5/phi-fold STOP > as this is the primary basic set of symmetrical rotatons and from which all others are derived.

    There exists micro-infinite and macro-infinite non-occupied space, beyond/outside of our finite occupied space we call Universe.

    Gravitational spacetime is 3rd perpendicular set that embraces, cohere's and ultimately--- at the heat( photon ) death of la very flat Universe ---is redirected back into to either a left or right skew set of gravitational spacetime great/equlatorial circle planes.

    The EMagnetic double-sine wave--- two perpendiculars ---is embraced by the 3rd perpendicular plane that is the ultra-micro, gravitational spacetime tube( geodesic arcs )

    This becomes more self evident with Fullers jiitterbug VE/cubo-octahedron, that infolds to the Euclidean double-sine wave configuration. The jittterbug has 6 squares that do not have stablizing diagonals. However, we know they exist as gravitational vectors. 6 such vectors is all that are needed to stabilize the VE/cubo-octa(8)hedron.

    However, since the VE has 6 squares, there exists 12 gravitational diagonals.

    The Euclidean version of the double-sine wave, as defined with the jitterbug infolding, has four amplitude peaks( nodal vertexial events ) and valleys( nodal vetexial events ).

    It takes 6 vector to connect the 4 amplitude peaks and and 6 to connect the 4 valleys.

    Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, ergo the flat, ( longest wave/frequency ), lowest amplitude photon, at entropic death is at its weakest place and the non-visible, 12 gravitational vectors overide the charge and momentum of the photon.

    There are reasons why Fuller called his toy the Operating System of Universe( OSU ).


    Last edited: Aug 16, 2013
  22. rr6 Banned Banned

    6 + 6 Gravitational Diagaonals Reside Where?

    Above we can see the 12 diagonals, that exist as gravitational vectors within the jitterbug toy-like model of the VE/cubo(6)-octa(8)hedron.

    Actually upon review these 12 diagonals are NOT the 6 gravitational lines-of-relationship between the 4 nodal-vertexial points at each amplitude peak.

    The cubo-octahedron is basically a cube with its 12 vectors/lines truncated at the midway-point.

    Since there are 12 diagonal lines-of-relationship, for the VE's 6 squares, then once the jitterbug has infolded( contraction ) and extended linearly( expansion ) we know that at least 6 the diagonal, lines-of-relationship of the squares, exist between the two electron amplitude peaks/points and two amplitude magnetic peaks/points, becuase we know that 6 lines-of-relationship define a tetrahedron and the tetrahedron has for nodal vertexial points.

    Since i don't have a computer program to visualize this, I'm left with conceptually visualizing this pattern of relationships.

    My concern here is are the other where do the other gravitational diagonals/vectors reside?

    My current jitterbug model is operationally defunct or I could figure this out. :bawl:


    Last edited: Aug 17, 2013
  23. rr6 Banned Banned

    Corretion To Last Post

    Actually upon review these 12 diagonals are NOT the 6 gravitational lines-of-relationship between the 4 nodal-vertexial points at each amplitude peak.

    This is not to say that we do not have unseen/not expressed gravitational vectors as the 12 diagonals in the 6 faces or elsewhere--- ex chords that cut across the inside of the VE to connect the 12 vertexes other than just 24 outer chords ----.

    Those 12 diagonals do come into play when recalling the 12 Great/equaltorial circles of the VE/cubo-octahedron.

    I wish I had a graphic that expressed the internal chords that would connect the VE's 12 vertexes. I forget how many there are but it is probably at least 6 of those that do connect the 4 amplitude peak/points/vertexes, as found with the jitterbug Euclidean version of the double-sine wave.



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