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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by DaveW, Oct 28, 1999.

  1. DaveW Registered Senior Member

    Could anyone tell me if the server is feeling somewhat slow?

    It seems slow to me, but then I've got a terrible connection to the internet.
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  3. Double Overdrive Registered Member

    no it ain't slow

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  5. degarb Registered Member

    The site is a dog now, since insisting to make all users use IE4 or greater.

    The retardation of loading that you feel is ie4 loading all forms of bastardized (not able to use standard html--Opera, Netscape).

    I use to be able to load site in 5 seconds on opera now it takes me over a minute (to open ie5 then another 30 seconds to load).

    Personally, I am going to BBC science or yahoo science. Screw these site developers that get so bored doing thing the old way that they have to go out and buy a book on dhtml or java--just to excite and stimulate them selves. Meanwhile they forget to that the reason that they have a site is to get the maximum number of people to use the the site--not to stimulate themselves.

    These people who say the site loads fast, do not know what fast means!
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  7. Oxygen One Hissy Kitty Registered Senior Member

    I've never had a problem loading this site. Since going ADSL, it screams even faster. No problems.
  8. DaveW Registered Senior Member

    There is no DHTML on the site. The site works just as well with IE or Netscape, as long as you are using a reasonably recent browser. As for Opera, I see no reason do cripple my designs for a browser that has essentially no market share.
  9. degarb Registered Member

    56k Akron, Ohio. I can view 10 to 15 pages from in the time it takes to load one page here. I had cable Internet for 2 years, yet Opera is faster with a 56k using at most pages than IE5 is with a cable modem (ie5 is faster than ie3 or ie4). If a page takes much more than 3 to 6 seconds to load, then let me read books. WAKE UP!

    The BBC science is where I shall go in the future.

    I see not one improvement in this site since the web designer screwed it up with whatever has made it unreadable in Opera. Not one improvement useful to me--the consumer! Just a lag of about 30-40 second in load time!
  10. degarb Registered Member

    I found a way of loading the site with opera. It seem you use java to forward a person to the new address, when I type

    Now loading your site with Opera, I cut 20 seconds off the load time, and about ten per article.

    Java is great for site developers to scope out your data, but I haven't seen one thing good done with it for me the viewer. My site uses some DHTML, so I know the temptation for using it. But I will not view sites that require java or dhtml. Also, I use a proxy to block cookies. Have you seen how these thing violate one's anonymity? You can wander into adult site without permanent proof on your hard drive in IE5 (in a file that logs all accepted cookies that cant be deleted)!
  11. DaveW Registered Senior Member

    [sigh] reiteration:

    1) There is NO DHTML on this site.
    2) I don't use Java for redirection (strange idea...sort of like skinning a cat with a toothpick)
    3) Cookies are only placed by my advertisers. Block them all you want, I won't care.
    4) I don't care about Opera.

    5) It seems you've told us more about your personal and private life by spouting off about adult sites than any cookie could ever have. Bravo,sir.

    [This message has been edited by DaveW (edited November 07, 1999).]
  12. SkyeBlue Registered Senior Member

    I seem to have no trouble loading these pages. At work we have a fast connection (a T-1 is what I think they call it) so this page loads in an instant. At home, I have a regular 56K modem and crappy ol' AOL, and I can still load these pages in a few moments. I have much more trouble with regular websites with graphic-intense pages. This forum is just fine the way it is. I use IE5 at work, Netscape 4.6 at home.
  13. degarb Registered Member

    1. There is no redirection at but one on There is no alternative for browsers who do not autoredirect.
    2. Like you never did a "warez" search or even a simple search something benign and not get dozens of porn cookies and pop-up. Furthermore cookies can take up a significant hardrive space or make the MSIE cookie log file grow into a file of significant size.
    3. If you don't care for opera, you don't care for speed.
  14. Corp.Hudson Registered Senior Member

    Guess what? I am connected at 28.8kbps, and the site doesnt take 30 seconds. More like 10 at the max. If you took the 30 sec. it takes to learn IE5, you would know you can turn off cookies. That was hard, wasn't it?

    I would have a good looking page load in 10 seconds then a page that looks like shit load in 2. And WE DONT CARE about you the user. You do not typify the avg. exosci user, so stop boring us with personal details.

    P.S.--No, I have never had pop-up windows just accidentaly come up when I search in webcrawler. Plus, its your own damn fault for going into warez sites. Only morons dont know about the alternatives.

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