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    When I first got married, I was 5'10" and 235 lbs (overweight..started getting stretch marks on the sides of my stomach)..umm time for a change. So I lost weight and got down to 180. This was pure dieting. Didn't like that so I started lifting weights and built a muscular frame.

    I love being touched and it feels great when I am skinnier or more muscular, but hated it when I was fat.
    I know first off their is a mental thing to it, but it got me thinking that I wonder if there is a physical thing to it.

    Does fat block the nerve endings where touch to a fatter person is duller than that of a skinnier person?

    My wife has been overweight for a lot of years but recently dropped 60 lbs and I can tell that my touch is more accepted and wanted than before. (again maybe mental), but if somebody has any drop on the body science to it?

    Is it all mental or do skinner people feel more or are more sensitive to touch due to nerve endings ect. (hope this isn't a complete rubbish of a thought)

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