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If you think about it how did the theory of Aliens & Extraterrestrials begin? They show stuff on tv that shows people in the acient Egyptian times believed in aliens, the carved pictures of oval flying objects, and people with large almond shaped eyes...

if they're fake and made up, who was the very first person to come up with these stories?? And why do all people who exprienced these things discribe aliens the same? or why do they discribe the UFO's the same way? people just don't want to believe...
yeah, a lot of people make up stuff, like photo's and movies with computers and editing, but... before computers and before everything else, how would people know these things?

oh well
please someone respond

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Try to imagine something you've never seen before. It's impossible. Your mind will make it up out of things that it already has knowledge of.

I believe that many of the legends that are held up as proof of aliens or else angels are actually misinterpretations of natural (although apparently rare) phenomena. By no means do I discount the idea of ancient astronauts. In fact, there is more evidence for extraterrestrial intelligence than there is for god (and yet, nobody says you're nuts if you believe in god).

As far as who was the first, study primitive cave-paintings. Many show strange beings and things in the sky. I don't believe that the things in the sky are birds. People eat birds. A caveman is going to know what a bird is. Of course, it may just be a meteorlogical anomaly they were depicting, but the possibility is there. What I find more intriguing about te cave-paintings are the figures that appear to be wearing equipment. Primitive people travel light, and I am not ruling out that it may be a painting of a shaman in costume, but when comparing the quality of the Lazcaux (sp?) paitings in France, well, anybody who can draw a bison that good can surely draw more than a stick figure of a human. (In fact, it's so good that it leaves me suspicious...). I have to go. The work day is calling, but I would love to continue this conversation with you.
Thank you! that was what I was trying to say about the cave paintings, because they don't look like anything that we know of.

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Alien Princess,
Just curious..are you wanting to know if
the existance of aliens exist? Perhaps you
have had an experience/encounter before?
If so... do NOT let anyone..including
here- discount what has happened to you.
Yes, there are many that have made up
stories .... and that is SAD/SICK... I do
not understand why anyone would do such a
thing... but know that not all do.
If you are searching here to try to find
others that have been through what you have..
do not hesitate to e-mail me... I can put
you in contact with someone that has...
alien princess-

Just a quick note. Take vonDaaniken with a grain of salt. He's too eager to embrace the extraterrestrial theory. Some of his ideas are good, but it seems that all a figure has to do is be wearing a headdress for him to call it a helmet.

Flash-People ridicule what they do not believe in an attempt to make others conform to their idea of "normal". It helps them remain comfortable and feel secure if everyone else thinks like they do. Also, it helps them feel superior, especially if they have been laughed at themselves. A good dose of genuine skepticism is very healthy in a topic like this, but a true skeptic merely wants more empirical evidence. After all, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. It's these other people who wouldn't believe in aliens if one came up and bit them in the butt. In my studies I have found the term for people like this: jerks.
What the heck are you talking about?
Ok, maybe I have had one too many beers..
but.. I was being sincere. I believe
in aliens.

I was talking about why people make up stories and hoaxes about things like UFOs.

Eh...what kind of beer?
Concerning the cave paintings (and anscient artefacts in general).

One has to be very careful when interpreting them from a modern perspective. Just the fact that a bizon is drawn realistically and a nearby human seems stylized should not be suspicious. Cultures are alive even today (e.g. on Fiji) that believe drawing realistic pictures is blasphemous, as only God can be perfect. So, for centuries they have been drawing and sculpting highly stylized art. The same could be true of the cave dwellers. For example, they might have placed a special religious significance particularly on not drawing humans realistically. This could be very understandable. For example, they might have believed that a cave painting traps or enslaves the soul of the animal painted. So, they might have painted their tropheys realistically so as to gain strength from owning their souls or energy, and they painted humans stylized so as not to accidentally enslave a human soul. It's just one possible explanation -- but you see the point about interpreting anscient art: you have to be very mindful of the cultural subtext before a correct interpretation can be formed.

I am; therefore I think.

*S* Irish beer *S* the best!!!!! a total
"so what the fuck" type of beer LOL
I didn't mean to be disrespectful..I really
did not... but either I am totally "crazy"
or I am telling the truth.
I know so many have given others that have
experienced the "alien abductions" a bad
name.. but there are those who KNOW and
would bet their LIFE that what has happend
throughout their life to be true.
I just wanted to ease her mind that she
isn't crazy..that's all.
I've said it before on this board and I'll say it again....
If you can't fault the data, fault the person - it's easier.......
Such are some skeptics.

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