Splinter: Having a Go (Off-topic distraction)

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by James R, Jan 2, 2022.

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  1. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Is this thread a cut-and-paste from Tiassa's blog?

    Is there some point to these musings?
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  3. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    You are, quite clearly, not capable of understanding.

    And now that you're stooping to the distractions of the angry and uneducated, maybe you should take a moment to consider the implications: I know you want to feel smart and strong in the face of evil, nasty religion, but looking to have a go just because you can't keep up is the kind of thing other people around here do, James, and think about the point that you excuse some of their behavior by suggesting they're just not smart enough to grasp what they're doing.

    So for someone who doesn't like being criticized, maybe you should be a little smarter about going out of your way to invite criticism. For someone who allegedly doesn't like conflict—(one of the most hilarious things you've ever said to me)—you should probably not go out looking to have a go.

    C'mon, James, you're allegedly an educator. You can do a lot better than that.

    I'd flag your post if I could, but I can't, so it gets sent to the Cesspool in order to remind what your shitty attitude is worth.
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  5. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Another possibility is that what you wrote is such a stream-of-consciousness mess that shifts from one topic to another
    that there is actually no coherent theme to your posts.

    One minute you're talking about the history of rap music. The next you're randomly quoting sections of books about religion. But nowhere do you outline any kind of main thesis or thought that you want to put forward.

    I'm not the first person to notice the lack of focus in that thread. It was pointed out to you by somebody else and you got just as snarky at him. I guess it must be our fault for being too stupid to operate at your lofty level.

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    Have you wondered why nobody else bothered replying to you? Could it be that they couldn't discern any coherent theme or thesis, either?
    ??? Bizarre.
    I guess that would be nice. Would you also stand against evil, nasty religion, Tiassa? Or are you all for it?

    Notice, by the way, that I didn't say anything about nasty, evil religion.

    We could talk about nice good religion. Wouldn't that be friendlier?
    I merely asked two questions, which so far you have failed to answer.
    I actually ignored that thread for quite a while, because I suspected you'd be touchy about any comment in it from me. Then, yesterday, I had a bit of time to waste, so I read through it. You quoted from quite a few books by reputable authors, but from my point of view you completely failed to put forward any coherent thought of your own, such as might invite a discussion on a forum like this one. I was guessing that maybe you got a similar lack of response when you posted this on your blog, so you thought you might try again here. The problem might not be in the fora you chose. Consider the possibility that nobody responded because they couldn't discern any coherent theme or message in what you posted. Of course, it could be that everybody else is just stupid, like me, and unable to keep up with your intellectual analysis.
    You're right on both counts. When I publish things, I usually try to have a point, at least.
    Okay. I will avoid your threads in future, if that's what you want.
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