Spoofing on P2P networks?

Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by L00DPreh, Jun 11, 2002.

  1. L00DPreh Registered Member

    After reading this article , has anyone else had the problem of downloading a song, and then finding out it wasn't legit? It only happened to me once. I have this feeling the RIAA has their dirty finger on this one.
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  3. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    I am too lazy to go and search for info to back myself up on this one as it would likely require a bit more time than I am willing to spend to do it.

    However, it has been done before, especially just before legislation dealing with the topic. Hot news is an easy way to affect the results of the legislation. Lots of times these events are timed. Setup, I might say to get the maximum responce. Here the loop of teaser sounds might well be the red herring to try and make it harder to be successful at downloading copywrited material. I am not a big fan of conspiricies but there is a lot of money involved here. The record industry would love to shut down any downloading, especially new stuff, over the internet.

    Many of the foreign countries have a annual charge, in the form of a tax, that supports their citizens getting it for free. The charge is usually modest so that if you are into getting free music then there is no way that tax comes up equal to the benefit recieved from a year of downloading. The main thrust of the record industy is to close the local foxholes that seep out their source of income. America pays the brunt of the fees charged in the form of the price you pay at the record store. This is their main market to protect as it is the bulk of where their income is at.

    The internet method of downloading "free music" is a hodgepodge that is often hardly worth the time involved to get the songs. As people try to circumvent the laws and still allow access to music that someone has already paid for. I would suggest that we, in the US, follow the international example. Set up an annual tax. Of course the music industry would scream their bloody heads off over the thought as there is no way that they would ever see the outrageous profits that they are now making.
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  5. Fukushi -meta consciousness- Registered Senior Member

    just wait,....

    Until they distribute a virus in that way,.....

    they shure have the scrutiny to so such a thing,....music company's are like BIG EVIL EMPIRES,.....
    nothing to do with art,....just with money
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