Square Watermelons

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by Success_Machine, Nov 14, 2002.

  1. Cory Registered Senior Member

    KFC is poison

    I try not to eat it but once in a while I fall weak, after I'm done eating it I fell like I need a shower, but anyway on to the chickens.......

    I heard that they made some wierd chicken if you wanna call it that and it doesn't have any feathers or a beak and they're not legally allowed to call it chicken (only KFC?). Just what I heard.
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  3. On Radioactive Waves lost in the continuum Registered Senior Member

    ya, i guess thats what i heard was somthing like that. that reminds me of a story circulating around about 6 years ago when i worked at McDonalds ( and yes they really do put the icky in mickey D's)

    anyhow, i've heard the story recently and it goes something like this. Jon Doe was eating chicken from (insert fastfood chain here) and he bit into a blister in the chicken, like a grizzle filled with puss. long story short he had it anylized and it was some form of cancer.

    the story is made up to disgust you, but probably not far from the truth. years after i worked for ronald, when i heard the story again i laughed. i knew how the story went and finished up for the fastfood worker.

    well the good thing about working at McD's is that i was horrified of fast food, and to this day it would be very rare that you caught me eating it. now a hole in the wall mexican joint- thats another story. if you want the good stuff, you ask them for what the employees are eating in the back
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  5. Clockwood You Forgot Poland Registered Senior Member

    wanna give each chicken a full catscan before beheading?
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