Srebrenica Massacre - It was Genocide

Discussion in 'World Events' started by Red Devil, Aug 2, 2001.

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    The court in The Hague has delivered its verdict on General Krstic and that is "Guilty of Genocide", the first such verdict since WW2. He has been sentenced to 46 years in jail; a paltry total considering what he did. But, now that the truth has emerged about what happened in Srebrenica and the horrendous truth about the Dutch UN Contingent's commander. The moslem people of Srebrenica had taken refuge within the Dutch UN Compound and asked for protection, explaining that they were to be shot by the Serbians. This so called General Krstic and his "men" came to the Dutch compound and said to their commander, "open the gates and let them out" which is exactly what the Dutch Commander did! The Dutch soldiers even pushing the moslems into the arms of the Serbs! This Dutch Commander should be now put on trial for assisting in Genocide of innocent civilians. It has also been announced that General Krstic is to appeal against both conviction and sentence. Another implication is that there is now a direct link between the genocide and Milosovich..

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