StarGate SG1 canceled

Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by madanthonywayne, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Sgal Principessa Registered Senior Member

    The SEASON FINALE was great. They are really good at leaving people in suspence. Now we know it isn't being canceled.
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  3. madanthonywayne Morning in America Registered Senior Member

    I hope you're right. They sure left us hangin' if they do cancel it.

    On another point, I can see now why the almighty ancients could not defeat the wraith despite near godlike technology. They're arrogant assholes, not even taking the precaution of raising the shields of Atlantis because they knew that the pseudo-replicators couldn't attack them. Or at least they couldn't attack them thousands of years ago. So it must still be true!

    They showed no interest in being updated on what had tranpired for the last few milenia. It was, "We're back, get the fuck out. We have nothing to learn from such as you." Then the replicators come kick their ass. Idiots.
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  5. orcot Valued Senior Member

    yeah that show was stupid, they should at least have taken the ancients to that world that had that working ZPM (the one with the hand plant things).
    It makes me also wonder why they didn't go to that tower thing from season 2. in stead of yust returning home.
    And didn't it seem funny to anybody else that their are supose to be 6 weak passing, and they didn't make a single reference that they are repairing the hyper drive of the battle cruiser wich should still be floating somewhere in space unless the earth vessel has some sort of tractor mode.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2006
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  7. Prince_James Plutarch (Mickey's Dog) Registered Senior Member

    A season finale does not entail not cancelling it. It only means that there will be one last season if they are indeed looking to end it permanently. Considering this plot with the Orai and crap is coming to a head, this would seem to be possible.
  8. CounslerCoffee Registered Senior Member

    It wasn't a season finale. It's a season hiatus while they film the next ten episodes.

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