The Art and Cultures of the Incas

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    Here is a-little history lesson

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    . They imposed their rule, their highly organized form of government and their spirituality on the weaker, less organized people of what is now Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and parts of Chile and Argentina.

    The agricultural and organizational skills they brought down with them served them well. By conquering several weaker tribes and cultures, within 100 years they had built a powerful empire that spanned from northern Ecuador to Chile. The conquered tribes and the Incas possessed great skills in masonry, as their magnificent stone walls and buildings show. The Incas, like their ancestors were also gifted at pottery and metallurgy and this I want to share with you along with a some historical background in the next few pages.

    The legacy of the Incas lives on in their magnificent arts & crafts. Whether working with pottery, stone or gold, it was clear that the Incas possessed the talent of a culture that will live on forever.

    Following is my humble Tribute to the Art and Culture of The Incas and their ancestors.

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