The best love song for that special someone???

Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by sargentlard, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. Whyatt Thrash Indecent Registered Senior Member

    Umm, why not "stinkfist" while you're at it?

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    Although the meaning of the song is nothing like the title or the lyric would originally suggest... Ok, I don't think I'd pick that one for a love song...

    "We could be so happy, baby" is a great lovesong. No, wait. That's about impossible love...

    "Black" by Pearl Jam! No, that's not right either...

    "Suffer"! No, no, no...

    I've got it! "Say goodbye" with Dave Matthews Band. So, it's about casual sex, but still.. It's moody.

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  3. Whyatt Thrash Indecent Registered Senior Member

    I just realized Tool has actually made (something that comes at least pretty close to being a) lovesong.


    "This body, this body holding me.
    Be my reminder here that I am not alone in
    This body, this body holding me.
    Feeling eternal
    All this pain is an illusion.

    Twirling round with this familiar parable.
    Spinning, weaving round each new experience.
    Recognize this as a holy gift
    And celebrate
    This chance to be
    Alive and breathing.

    This body holding me
    Reminds me of my own mortality.
    Embrace this moment...
    We are eternal, all this pain is an illusion."
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  5. R.A. Pharrell Registered Senior Member

    (Tastes good, tastes good, tastes good)
    [Man:] So what's up with you right now?
    [Girl:] What you mean what's up with me? What's up with you?
    [Man:] I'm trying to find out what you want to do
    [Girl:] I think I need to go home chill out, relax
    [Man:] I think you need to go with me and lay down and relax with me
    [Girl:] Naw it's too early for that
    [Man:] Too early? I been thinking about it for a long time
    [Girl:] But I just met you I don't do that...on the first date
    [Man:] Been with a man you should have been doing it girl, what's wrong with
    [Girl:] What's wrong with you? You ain't getting none

    [Lord Infamous]
    Bitch I don't wanna just hold hands
    And listen to slow jams
    I'm not with that romance
    Or candle light slow dance
    Hoe why don't you take a chance?
    Ain't like you ain't fucked before
    Come out those tight ass pants
    Stop thinking that I won't call no more
    Don't listen to the rumors that Lord will school ya and slide
    You wanna wine and dine
    But don't wanna bump and grind
    There's plenty hoes that wanna bone
    So next time we don't get it on
    The next time you phone
    You gets a dial tone bitch

    [DJ Paul]
    The shit started off real well
    Real swell the bitch was talking lovely
    She got me scooping her from the crib say around 8:30
    It'll be my first time hitting this bitch I gotta work
    I call me nigga Big L for about two ounces to serve
    I jumped in some kinda fresh smelling like is it me?
    I'm thinking I know I'm anxious this bitch is beeping me
    This one right here is too wheezy I'm damn near scared of that
    But I'ma let you boys know when I take care of that
    I'm pulling up to the crib lights out
    I hit her Nextel celli tell her to come on out
    Stepping out of the crib sexy looking bad as hell
    I'm knowing goddamn well I'm bout to get in that tail
    So we pulled out first stop J&S liquor store
    Don't you play no games young boy you know that's where I gotta go
    She talking about going back to my crib but that ain't trying to happen
    I changed the subject poured another cup and I kept on yapping
    Jumped on the title of six hoping the hoe peeps game
    Hickeys all over her neck so I know she got a man
    I'm coming out can we fuck? I'm on my period
    Bitch the lies
    So I dropped the trick off at the first stop sign
    And I'ma holla hoe

    My conversates
    I'm trying to fuck on the first date
    Weaving all on that oil but still you hesitate
    I'm wasting time with this funk ass bitch
    Riding round with this drunk ass bitch
    Hoe let it bump

    [Juicy J]
    Chicken chicken
    Don't be tripping
    When I'm bout to spit this pimping
    Stacking cheese and counting up easy cause you know I'm into winning
    Heard your niggas like a pigeon
    Punk ass faggotts always switching
    See that Lexus that he ride in
    I got that strapped on my wrist'n
    Come on hoe and stop the fronting
    Keep my dick from jumping jumping
    Take a shot of fifths and liquor
    But I can't be buying nothing
    Where I'm from I can't be saying
    Cause I'm just to cheap for paying
    Can't be hanging drinking drinking
    With this guru what a behavior (moan)
    Bout to ball the troops to college
    Watching haters ow they be falling
    Looking for the freaky freakys
    That be chewing the dick and swallowing
    We can take a short'n riding
    Through the cut to reach your housing
    We can ride down to the river
    While you work on using your mouth'n
    Everybody know you going
    Bet you probably saying oh no'n
    Then I'm gonna teach you lessons
    Stranglin all to death and rowing
    And your sister know she with it
    Cause she let me nigga hit it
    Then she get the licking licking
    Then she have to pay to quit it


    [Koopsta Knicca]
    There's many bitches that's fine as fuck
    Tell me how many dicks that they done sucked? (say what?)
    Them pretty bitches that like to suck
    No telling, tell me how many niggas they done fucked? (say what?)
    One to the honey bitch over in the corner
    Two to the bitch on the porch
    Take 'em to the bathroom
    Dick them in the fucking moon
    Make 'em 'til their toes rub on this side fuck
    What the fuck you want though?
    Could it be my back room door wide open
    Naw you know that'd make me mad
    The cheese in my pocket please for the head on the dash
    Koopsta Knicca sleeping on the bitch on the weekend weekend


    [DJ Paul:]
    Hoe get up out my shit!
    Ugly bitch I aint wanna fuck your little stanking ass anyway bitch
    Only reason I man motherfucking
    Man took your motherfucking ass and babysitted you all night bitch
    'Cause my nigga was trying to fuck you
    Motherfucking dike ass greedy little ugly drunk
    Stanking breath ass bitch
    Cigarette smoking ass hoe
    Get the fuck up out my car bitch!
    (Tastes good, tastes good, tastes good...)
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  7. Julixa Registered Senior Member

    I forgot the name of the group but it is "All ways and forever" Great and perfect song. Pull their heart strings and make them cry with this.

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  8. Slacker47 Paint it Black Registered Senior Member

    Make a really sappy mix, but put an ICP song somewhere in there for huge kicks.
  9. druiaghtagh Registered Senior Member

    Love of my life by Queen.

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  10. druiaghtagh Registered Senior Member

    best love song

    Also, for the 'more mature' amongst us BARRY WHITE is the man!

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  11. ben nevis Registered Senior Member

    Best love song........ Ae fond kiss - Robert Burns - 18th century. Listen to it and you'll see what I mean.
  12. wesmorrisbabe Ethusiastic bistander Registered Senior Member

    Oldie but Goodie

    I liked Stephen Bishop's "It Might Be You," best known from the '80s movie Tootsie starring Dustin Hoffman.
  13. R.A. Pharrell Registered Senior Member

    Hey lover, am I the only one
    Or are you selling your baby a dream
    (Am I who you thinkin' of, who you thinkin' of)
    Hey lover boy, am I the only one
    Or are you selling your baby a dream
    (Am I a sucker for love, a sucker for love)

    (fast rap)
    Damn, I'm trippin' 'cause I never really felt like this
    To me women used to be only fuck foxes
    But it's like with you I cherish every kiss
    I know it's a risk but you make me wanna come clean
    I wanna make you my queen
    Put you in a crib and give you plenty green
    To help you fulfill all your childhood dreams
    Only for your love I fiend
    'Cause the way you put it on me make me wanna scream
    And fuck you in places you ain't never seen
    In a private boat as we float down stream
    Yeah I already know you done heard this before
    But the way you make me feel is real
    Playas don't love no hoes but stayin' true like you do
    Got me head over heals, so tell me what's the deal, baby
    'Cause you lookin' too fine to not be mine
    And I ain't gon' never be satisfied
    Unless you're on my side to the end of time
    I can tell you think I'm lying
    But I swear to you girl this ain't no scheme
    You stay on my mind, even in my sleep
    You keep a nigga havin' wet dreams, on the real

    [Chorus 2x]

    [Liffy Stokes]
    From the first time I met ya, you was on my mind all night
    A Maybelene queen with a body too tight
    Wearin' black and white and some brand new Mike's
    Draped in ice, attitude nice
    You the type of woman that I need in my life
    To add a little spice, cookin' nigga steak and rice
    I can see us one day man and wife
    Walkin' down the aisle, havin' our first child
    Plus our marriage worth while
    With a brand new lifestyle, I could walk that mile
    But baby I need you right now
    In my arms caressin' me
    I can see your eyes undressing me
    Girl it's destiny and love is the recipe
    But this way's got the best of me
    On everything, I can guarantee you better things
    If you just get rid of "what's his name"
    And let me in your world
    So I can show you, baby, that my love is real and not a game
    So can a brother come through
    So I can show you, boo, just exactly what I mean
    It don't matter if you fuck me tonight or next month
    Babe, only time can reveal a dream

    [Chorus 2x]

    Baby I'll drink your bath water about a pint
    Think I'm ever gon' give your love away, uh-uh
    I ain't sayin' you never lovin' another nice stud but shit
    I'm cravin' you every night and we just met on a night
    But it seems like I've been knowin' you all my life
    Ain't it funny how you be thinkin' you never be true enough, but you the one
    A helpless seeks succumb, lovin' you more than everything
    But my dollars, my fam and smokin' sticky up through the lungs
    I can see you havin' my sons, screamin' your name on my next tape deck
    In the city, no hear my pretty go
    Quick to break a 54, put you on my video
    Young and witty hoe, the only thing I'm feelin' pity for
    I don't know what I was frontin' on
    But I don't see nothin' wrong, sprung or gone
    My every heartbeat's weaker, follow the leader
    I promise I won't hurt you baby
    Don't feel the heatseaker 'cause we gon' be smokin' on sweet cheeba
    Take my boo to the mall and go shopping until we fall
    Get you the finest things like diamond rings
    Even though my mind is strain, I'm tryin' to change
    How we fuck and kiss and the hugging make me bind the pain
    No lying, no game, you gon' give me some, hey now, we freakin' up in the cut
    'Cause I just sold you a dream hoe, like a girl did to my homie
    Your house was spittin' and we fuckin' the uh
    A sucker for love, a sucker for love

    [Chorus 2x]

    [Conversation Between 2 Girls]
  14. R.A. Pharrell Registered Senior Member

    WAAD UP!

    feat. Jagged Edge, Twista
    It's two a.m. in the morning and it uhh..
    light showers and you're probably hookin up with that girl
    that's been, two-wayin you all week. Her baby daddy's out
    of town so uhh, you can fuck around. It's okay to check in
    that Motel 6. $59.95, not a cent more, for that dirty-ass ho.
    Yeah. Stop by that convenience store and pick up them rubbers -
    magnum I hope. This is Phazon Love and uhh, I love hoes.
    I just don't pay 'em!

    [Hook: Jagged Edge]
    Cut up! Know we like that, get that cut up
    Freaky thangs, we be bout 'em
    Get that cut up! Oh-whooooooo, cut up
    Freaky thangs, we be bout 'em

    [Ludacris](fast rap)
    I'm kinda hopin that maybe you wanna kick it in the L.A.C.
    So later on we'll be rollin
    Drop-tops I'm hittin yo' hot spots I'm top notch
    My niggaz never listen but I told 'em
    When I catch you at the game runnin game at the A.U.C.
    that later on we'd be bonin
    Fat cats I'm ready to tap that so back that
    No wonder why you wakin up up swollen

    I'm feelin you Luda', smokin my buddha, coochie recruiter
    Comin at the fatty in a platinum Caddy so back it up fast
    Hit it a hour and a half, watch the spectacular splash
    on the back and leave it drippin down the crack of her ass
    Call me Mr. Magillicuddy, chasin booty sucker silly puddy
    Killin for money, still a thug get bump; from some pokin
    and locomotion hittin bunnies, for threesome getcha buddy
    When I'm feelin scummy I love to cut

    Tan skin so, butter soft I'm rippin the buttons off yo' - BLOUSE
    Smell the aroma of a dingaling king Ludacris when I'm in yo' - HOUSE
    Check the ratio of men to women and women to men when down - SOUTH
    Hot fellatio, hot jalapenos holla while they in yo' - MOUTH
    So we love that k-k-k-k


    Now I got the feelin we can cut the hell out each other
    And I hope we be the same thang - freaks
    We can get the mattress goin eh-err, eh-err
    Handlin business while I bang bang - skeet
    Wash the dick off and kick off another session again
    I can break 'em off in the shower, kitchen flo' or the outdoors
    The pieces from the East is the shit
    and the flesh in the West is the best
    but Twista love them Chicago and South hoes

    Come up out yo', negligee, freak 'em on a regular day
    Cum six times - but it's seven today
    Ludacris in the back of your Chev-e-rolet
    Ahh, ahh! What's my name?
    So magical I come and touch the game
    You motherfuckers really lust to gain
    Nothin but hatin and a look of disgust
    So it's must, stay "Adrenaline Rush"
    Wonderin why they don't be bustin the same

    I'm clutchin my thang;
    stuffin in it, strokin it down, beat the stuff up
    Uh-uh shorty, don't run from it
    She give me the booty I'm breakin it off
    I can tell a stab by the way that she walk
    Fatty flickin like it was dubs on it
    Peep how this player got skills, get 'em out the gator high heels
    Pullin rubbers and swishers up out your Prada bag
    Wanna smoke 'dro I got a bag, take a proper drag befo' I tap it
    I love the chicks that got a lotta ass, so we love that k-k-k-k


    Bubble, bubble bubbles is in the bathtub
    Makin you stutter from the b-body butters and backrubs
    It's killin me thinkin about the bottles that pop
    The models that swallow willin, up under my pillow stayin strapped up
    If it tickles in the middle from Mr. Pickles you try to escape
    So give me the rope you gettin wrapped up
    Rooty tooty so fruity and fresh, I'm fresh and fruity
    Ya duty's to figure the booty's gettin slapped up

    I love them chicks that be thick as a loaf of bread
    Long as I can still grab her legs, and push 'em up by her head
    How I dip up in it we can make a video
    but I got the radio bumpin Jagged Edge by the bed
    When you wanna get up witcha cutty buddy
    come on and dip up through the hideout with Twist'
    But after we do what we gon' do getcha purse and get together
    because now you gots to ride out - bitch!

    Oh 'Cris, can you - do it again, that's what they askin me
    Hit skins, causin catastrophes
    Get pinned, by me and my family
    Sip gin, fulfillin yo' fantasies
    In yo condition I'm wishin you'll take a lickin
    and keep on tickin from thicker thighs
    Finger lickin never get sick and tired, just take a look in her eyes
    and you can tell she's a figure five, so we love that k-k-k-k


    [Jagged Edge - repeat 2X]
    Cut up, gettin brains, in the Range
    We love to cut up cause we like them freaky thangs
    I like it when you let me try, anythang
    Cause girl I ain't got nothin but time
    Let a nigga get a little cut up girl

    -- I come from the eighth planet in the 19th galaxy,
    where the royal penis is clean, yo' majesty. Can it be,
    Sheila E, Appalonia, Vanity, all mad at me? I'm the
    Prince dick of insanity. I'm good lovin, body-rockin,
    knockin boots all night long, we not stoppin.
    I don't care if the kids watchin, I stir it like motherfuckin
    coffee and brown sugar. Girls dem sugar. World class lover.
    Kama sutra, porno music producer. Tallywhacker is a rock hard
    storm trooper with a purple helmet, made for crushin
    pink cookies. Goonie goo-goo, we cut bigfoots and wookies;
    and fat women, because they need love too.
    So go on big girl, whatchu gon' do?
  15. %BlueSoulRobot% Copyright! Copyright!! Registered Senior Member

    "I Miss You"
    "I Wish You Were Here"
    "Aqueous Transmission" Incubus
    (I can play both of them on the guitar, woohoo!)

    "How Deep is your Love" BeeGees (love BeeGees, just about all their songs are like that)

    "Abuse Me" Silverchair

    "Beautiful" and "Coke" Flickerstick

    "At Your Funeral" Saves The Day

    "Et Si Tu N'existais Pas" Joe Dassin

    Random Beatles songs

    "Yellow" Coldplay

    "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" Elton John

    a Vangelis song that I can't remember the title to, perhaps Rachael's song

    random Weezer songs, and Templar and Jamiroquai and Train and A Perfect Circle and Fuel



    Our Lady Peace and Jump, Little Children


    and the Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet, Henry Mancini's version
  16. sargentlard Save the whales motherfucker Valued Senior Member


    Blue you rock kiddo...i love those songs...and the fact you can play them on guitar is ass whopping awesome.

    Coldplay is a godsend i tell ya..godsend...thanks blue

    *Kicks blue and gives her a flaming noogie*

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  17. verybadppl Registered Member

    Yes, also Led Zeppelin is one of my all time favorites. Stairway to Heaven.....oh, they never go out of style.
  18. sargentlard Save the whales motherfucker Valued Senior Member


    Ikarus - History has taught us nothing

    An unlikely contender but a good love song.

    Pulp fiction theme

    Yeah i know it sounds weird but a perfect song for those spontaneous moments.
  19. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Hmm .....

    "Big Dumb Sex", by Soundgarden.

    Um ... seriously, though ... I don't have songs for special ones anymore. Lost is the bizarre "You're So Strange" by Kik Tracee. Ruined is the appeal of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer". E'er more genius seems Mummy Calls ("Beauty Has Her Way"). Hollowed and harrowed lies Tesla's "Love Song". Invested to no end is Savatage's "Believe". True as the pain of such silly loves is Tommy Shaw's "All In How You Say It", while "Reach For the Bottle" is a song someone I know needs to hear, and "Bad Times" seems futile and pathetically hopeful. I wish for the time when my heart sang, "Kiss Me Hello".

    After a while, you stop putting such value in songs. People shouldn't torture themselves with such memories.
  20. plasticwingsmelting Banned Banned

    I, Robot

    I, Robot has some nice stuff, but try writing something of your own

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    I, Robot

    4) What If?

    Eight and a half years of confusion turns into a lifetime of torment.
    Of replacing the unreplaceable. Of questioning the unquestionable.
    My life without you will exhausted by the burden of this question and this question alone.

    And i lay tortured by regret . Naked without your security. I reach out and grab hold of nothing but the delusion that maybe, one day, youll give me the awnsers that i search for. Naked without your touch, Smile, voice, and love.

    6) Frida Rider

    This is what i wait for. My whole life ive waited for.
    This is what we wait for. Our whole lives weve waited for.
    Purple Veins through transparent skin. A circle now complete.
    The end starts at the beginning. A memory never forgotten.

    Mayhem "Deathcrush"

    Demonic laughter your cremation
    Your lungs gasp for air but are filled with blood
    A sudden crack as I crushed your skull
    The remind of your life flashes by
    A life that soon won't be
    Smiling with axe in my hand
    Evil's rotten hand you'll see
    I come forward
    I'll send you to your maker
    I'll send you to your death
    Death nicely crucified
    Death, heads on stakes
    The barbeque has just begun
    Deathcrush - Deathcrush - Deathcrush
    Crush - Crush
  21. Halo Full Time Nerd-Bomber Registered Senior Member

    Perhaps something John Mayor. If that fails, anything by Sandra. I promise...
  22. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    Unchained Melody

    Lyrics by Hy Zaret

    Sung by The Righteous Brothers in the movie "Ghost'.

    Oh, my love, my darling,
    I've hungered for your touch
    A long, lonely time.
    Time, goes by, so slowly,
    And time can do so much,
    Are you still mine?
    I need your love,
    I need your love,
    God speed your love to me!

    Lonely rivers flow
    To the sea,
    To the sea,
    To the open arms of the sea.
    Lonely rivers sigh
    "Wait for me, wait for me!"
    I'll be coming home, wait for me!

    Oh, my love, my darling
    I've hungered for your touch
    A long, lonely time.
    Time goes by so slowly,
    And time can do so much,
    Are you still mine?
    I need your love,
    I need your love,
    God speed your love to me!

    Lonely mountains gaze
    At the stars,
    At the stars,
    Waiting for the dawn of the day.
    All alone, I gaze
    At the stars,
    At the stars,
    Dreaming of my love far away.

    Oh my love, my darling
    I've hungered for your touch
    A long, lonely time.
    Time goes by so slowly,
    And time can do so much,
    Are you still mine?
    I need your love,
    I need your love,
    God speed your love to me!
  23. Rowen Registered Senior Member

    The sarah mgclauchlan version is even more haunting.

    she also has a new album out.

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