the end of russia

Discussion in 'World Events' started by ASIMOV, Mar 16, 2001.

  1. ASIMOV Registered Senior Member

    I talked to a former soviet officer, he was at the black sea fleet, today he is working as at a construction site, he now is a nobody, seeing this i realized that america had win the cold war
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  3. spanklin Registered Member

    Problem is that Russia is now starving and the only resources they have of value is uranium and plutonium. There is actually a town is Siberia thats been making radioactive metals since the 50s. The entire town is powered and heated by the cores they make. If they stopped making them the town would freeze over and die, literally. So Russia is continuing to make nuclear missle material and just stockpiling it. By the way, they haven't paid the workers in that town for almost a year. How hard do you think it'll be to convince some of those starving people to smuggle out some of that yummy uranium for cold hard cash. We may have won the war, but we haven't seen it through.
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  5. Deadwood Registered Senior Member

    I guess the US won the cold war and left the Soviet Union in the cold.

    I was listening to the radio coming home a couple of days ago, and they were interviewing an author. I forget her name, but she was a Russian who grew up in the US.

    She commented that she had never written about Russia until this book that she had just released. The reason why she had never written about Russia was because she felt she could never convey the way Russia was back then to how it is now.

    When she went to visit her grandfather in Russia, she told him that she wanted to write this book. It is a story about a Russian family. So she told him that she wanted to write this book and asked him what was Russia like in 1941, when the story is set. Her grandfather told her "write, write, it is all the same".

    Going from the words of one Russian who lived through that era and this one, it sounds as if nothing has changed. There is still starvation, working for little or no pay, not even being able to have heating in your home.

    The cold war may be over, but for Russia, everything is the same.
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  7. tetra Hello Registered Senior Member

    I think the situation in Russia has changed from starving under a dictatorship, to starving under a democracy.
  8. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    if they cant eat they cant re-volt
    is that how it works?????????????
    can anyone compare the numbers of starving people in the usa vs the starving in russia????????
    that would be interesting to compare as a political beating stick. not that it would make any difference.
    but maybe day...
    people will grow a brain and a consience.
    we can live in hope..............
    if we are the lucky ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. ASIMOV Registered Senior Member

    Have you ever been in Russia?



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