The Event: Nine Months after 12/21/12

Discussion in 'World Events' started by chung, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. chung Registered Member

    What if you wake up and begin to remember various previous personal existences?

    What if you incrementally begin to sense that you have lived more than one human lifetime and many other lives in various planets or constellation?

    Day by day, you begin to feel that veils are lifting.

    You may begin to suspect you are an avatar of a bigger being (same as the many others in this world). You may even sense that a twin-flame of yours is in higher dimensions (you are alternately incarnating here to tip the balance for the light).

    Couple that with ever increasing instances brought to your attention of beings/ships (that many allude to as of extra terrestrial origin) as well as phenomena in the sky and space.

    These are parts and parcels to the "Event". Disclosure both external and internal begins to manifest. At some point, messages and communication thru the media from other realms begin to be heard.

    Humanity is graduating from an era: the Kali Yuga and this year is year 0.

    "Kali Yuga..." - age of [the demon] Kali", or "age of vice") is the last of the four stages the world goes through as part of the cycle of yugas..."

    "foretold .. Kali Yuga will be full of extreme hardships for people with ideals and values..."

    As part of graduation: we, experiential beings got our masters degree: Master of limitation in the planet of sorrows.

    We are then to be brought back to our remembrance and oneness (of the parts of ourselves; our twin-flames, our guides, our soul family members, mankind).

    But this process is not done by one magic instance. It is planned to be swift but in increments because it has to be done with our own inner searching and forsaking of our grudges and baggage.

    The signal for the end of karma is given. Soul contracts are wiped clean - we are to return to innocence.


    Many people had soul contracts for various suffering, illness due to their soul decision to understand complications of their previous life and many other reasons. The cleaning of the slate makes it possible for people to claim health etc. by themselves accepting or declaring freedom. Many healing will manifest.

    The principalities and powers are removed from earth:

    * Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

    - these beings were rounded up and being mopped up, except their human minions (who are being given chance to turn around). Those who will not relent hoping to become the new leaders of the dark will eventually be separated into their own bin to continue their war drama among themselves till they wake up.

    ".. all financial contracts such as mortgages, car loans, student loans and other commitments which have been arranged through banking institutions of all kinds are hereby canceled. Personal commitments between friends will of course still be important to uphold, but corporations and banks will no longer be recognized as viable creditors because of the criminal and lawless system on which they are based."

    - to avoid disorder, the manifestation of this nullification will not be in an instance. Those who are at their financial ends better find ways to delay until the 3D announcement is made regarding the reset of money and the banking cartel adjudication.

    "It is time for all of you to reclaim your freedom, take command of your own lives, and find your voices, as you see others around the world doing by taking to the streets to proclaim their passionate desire for a better life - one of dignity and the self-expression which democracy allows.

    Your Planet has declared her desire to ascend, and it has been done. You are now all in the historic position of being invited to elevate your consciousness to take part in the most ambitious plan ever executed in the history of the galaxy. Now, in the span of one Earth lifetime, you can move from a 3-dimensional life to the coming Golden Age in the higher 5th dimension. This is the Paradise on Earth that was promised in your ancient texts.

    Every soul is given the opportunity to join in this magnificent adventure, because of course you have all known since before you came here that you would be taking part in this Ascension. It was a very prestigious opportunity, this lifetime journey. There are Masters and Angels, aspiring beginning souls and ancient Saints who have come to experience a last lifetime here on Earth, in the somewhat infamous heavy, dense and difficult atmosphere.

    Here, the challenges abound for learning charity, patience, compassion and empathy. A triumphant life is one in which the person can live through the temptations, pain, disappointments and dangers and still come out at the end of their lives with a connection to their hearts intact.

    This was the last opportunity for all souls to experience this 3rd dimensional, free will planet, because Mother Earth decided some time ago that it was her desire to leave this dimension, and she has accomplished it by fulfilling her long commitment to humankind. She has fulfilled her contract with Us, Mother/Father God, to care for our beloved children, and she was granted her wish to ascend into a higher dimension..."

    "It has been a long and difficult road, this transition from Darkness to Light. Many have suffered; many have had to repeat lifetime after lifetime to advance in their learning process, but lessons learned on Planet Earth are indelibly etched in consciousness. This is why it is a most popular place to incarnate, by virtue of its having been in the throes of a revolutionary battle between Light and Dark for eons.

    And now, Dear Children, you are within moments of completing your lifetime here. You have the choice this time to ascend with the body you occupy now. You will be taken off the planet to be renewed, restored to perfect health in a body in which you will be able to live forever. In the meantime, Mother Earth will do the same. When she does, she will be restored to the pristine loveliness and purity of her original beauty.

    You will not have to worry about Armageddon; there will be no terrifying pole shift or world war. All nuclear weapons have been neutralized; those Dark Ones who have secretly controlled the resources of the planet have been removed from power. Many will be tried for crimes against humanity and will be prevented from ever returning to positions of influence.

    You have been seeing the UFOs in your skies for generations now. Crop circles containing messages to humankind have been created so frequently as to have become a common occurrence. Your scientists and governments around the world have long been aware that your extraterrestrial brothers and Sisters are trying to make contact with you in a peaceful way, but the wall of secrecy and lies has grown with every encounter. Those who control the wealth on the planet did not want to give up their power by allowing the people to have free energy, new ways of communicating, and the other great advantages which these visitors possess.

    Now, the final chapter of this saga of Planet Earth has begun. Everything is changing at a very rapid pace. You will finally begin to see evidence in your mainstream media of the profound shift which will allow those who have lived lives of service to others to be revealed as your Ascended Masters, and they will be standing by to help with the dramatic changes you will be feeling. There will be announcements to inform you of the true history and progress of the evolution toward Light. Nothing will remain the same, so there will be no possibility that you can remain detached from what is going on. Every being on the planet will be required to choose their path - to ascend to a higher level of consciousness or to end this life in the usual way - through death and the return to God in the usual way.

    Those who choose to ascend now to higher levels of consciousness will be freed of the process of reincarnation in life after life, and will be given the ability to live eternally in the higher expression of life in a lighter, more highly evolved body in higher dimensions. Those who choose not to join the Ascension will continue their lessons at lower levels in other places.

    Earth will no longer be available as the 3-dimensional proving ground. She has been recognized for her millions of years of service, and has at last been granted Ascension. She has selflessly slowed her process to allow as many as possible to awaken and join her in this glorious graduation to higher dimensions."

    The masters of various generations will eventually be known by us.

    "Yes, Jesus will return, very soon. He is waiting now, in his role as Admiral of his ship, The New Jerusalem. With him are the Twin Flames - the mirror souls - of many who are incarnated here now. You will all meet as soon as the Disclosure of their presence has been made official in every corner of the Earth. The announcements will be simultaneous and undeniable. Every radio, television, cell phone and iPad will carry the message that Planet Earth and her people are at last free, by their own efforts, with help from their galactic Brothers and Sisters."

    "All children, animals and other spirit beings will ascend effortlessly. It is the adults we are concerned with. Time is short. Raise your consciousness and your vibrational level by taking complete command of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Open your hearts to love without judgment. Practice forgiveness in all your relationships, and do not permit yourself to fall into condemnation or judgment of anyone, even those who have hurt you or those who practice a different religion or ideology than your own. All will melt away in the elevation to Oneness which comes with Ascension into higher dimensions.

    Your bodies, your present identities and all you thought of as reality will be revealed as the brief moment in eternity it really is. You will soon learn to feel and use your God powers, for you are indeed created in our image. You are Gods, each and every one. You only need accept the close connection to Us which flows through you. We are your Creators and your biggest fans. Unlike human parents, we never lose patience or hope or trust in your ultimate triumph as individual souls and as precious members of the great legion of intelligent, conscious beings. It is time for you to take your place among the Galactic Federation of Light as full member representatives of your Planet Earth.

    You will soon see the thousands of ships and the millions of Star Brothers and Sisters who are here to embrace you and bring you gifts. Welcome them with open hearts and minds. Leave behind the old concepts about warlike conquerers. These are beings - human and otherwise, whose civilizations have evolved far beyond yours, emotionally, philosophically and technologically. Their technology is far advanced of yours, created with Love and used only for the Greater Good."

    - for your own inner guidance call forth to meet your own "I Am" presence in your dreams or in your waking hours of contemplation.

    Dark minions and those who managed to have human suits may still ramp up fear porn in order to shift us to a more catastrophic time-line. But the battle for the light was already won in other realms and in the astral worlds.

    Fear not because this world was not created for fear: it was intended to be a paradise. And humanity have manifested paradise in all the supporting realms.

    Disclosure may not be too far behind:

    If the seed of humanity's jubilee was fertilized on 12/21/12, then nine months within the womb will be up to about mid of September, 2013. However, much can happen in the month of August.

    Watch out starting next week for some announcements about NESARA, prosperity funds and such matters.

    "The NESARA global prosperity programmes are on the cusp of being announced and activated. One of the protected funds involved is called The Saint Germain World Trust. This fund contains deliverable precious metals and currencies worth upwards of one quattrodecillion US dollars."


    One researcher has this to say:

    The value of people and life will not be based on money anymore when this prosperity and abundance manifest for all.
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  3. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Excellent! Quick, run up your credit cards, the aliens are coming to cancel your debts!

    Dang, I have an Android based pad.
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  5. p-brane Registered Senior Member

    Note to self: Don`t post while stoned.
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