The existence of evil and the devil.

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by The Communist, Nov 5, 1999.

  1. 666 Registered Senior Member


    I'm probably going to drag this out further than you like, but fell the need to respond.

    from what you said it sounds an afull lot like if you belive it it will happen. Kinda like if I turned my back to the refrigerator I know it is still behind me, but I can never know that it hasn't vanished while I wasn't looking until I turn around and see it. What I am goin to say next may sound silly, but when you think about it it makes more sense. There seems to be a level of uncertainty in our abilty to understand, or mabye the better word is perceive. Pepole tend to only look at one side even when they belive that they are looking at all possible sides. There is usaly a side, or perspective they do not see. Our core belifes tend provide us with guidence and comfort in the misconception that we understand a given situation fully. When in fact we don't understand it fully. The time avlible in our day to lives is spent on other things needed for survival(such as going to work). Even if we had the time we still could not understand all the information that is entering our brains due to our limited senses. For example if you touch a piece of dry ice our brain will interpret it as being hot, it is to cold for our system to mesure. Ok now here comes the point to all this.
    Could your faith be simply self salvation? Can just the fact that one fells so strongly about a given belief make it ture for them and provide them with a level of comfort and justification in the direction one choses to pursue? Can an extermly strong conviction further limit the amount of or validity of information we receive?

    The Belief that there is only one truth and that oneself is in possession of it
    seems to me the depest root of all evil that is in the world
    -Max Born

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  3. trilli0n1 Registered Member

    Evil does exist. Evil is intentional concious action in a destructive manner. However recently I have begun to have a new theory of good and evil.

    I think there are three types of evil: hated evil, true evil, and loved evil. Hated evil is our normal concept of evil. When we say 'evil' we will most likely react in a negative manner to this because our experiences have tought us this.

    True evil is simply destructive and hateful action. When true evil is viewed, it is viewed on equal terms with good. All things are evil or good or even a little of both, but they are not judged on a persons background, they are judged on whether they really fit the concept of evil correctly, like two eggs. Niether is considered any less desirable. This is rather hard to explain, sorry.

    And finally loved evil only belongs to a few totally warped people in the world. Everything for them is morally reversed, they desire to cause as much death and destrction as possible just as most of us want to do as much good as possible. These are the kind of people that need the death penalty, they are so much of a danger. They want suffering, so, they would want to go to hell, if it exists. So really to send them to hell is no punishment, they want to go there. Call it insane, it certainly is.

    Which kind of evil you associate with depends simply on your choices and experiences. I try to see with the second type of evil. And any way you go you always get karma, like that dude said, i dunno who.
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