The first experimental measurement of God; to a 2-decimal point accuracy

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience' started by George E Hammond, Jan 16, 2022.

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  1. George E Hammond Registered Senior Member

    The Psychometric Measurement of God

    George E Hammond, MS Physics

    ( From my website at: )

    Egyptians, Greeks. Romans had gods but few understood. Cicero confessed in 45 BC in De Natura
    Deorem; “
    I don’t know if the gods are invisible or real, or where they are or what they do.”. It is only today, at this hour, that we have discovered scientific proof that the “gods” were actually “personality types”! In fact, the immanent discovery of the Structural Model of Personality tells us there were exacty13 real gods. Psychology trails Theology. Hippocrates and Galen thought personality was controlled by 4 humors, the first sign of a “quadrature” structural theory. Yet, within a few centuries the Church decided there were 4 main personalities of Man and called them Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It was then another 2 millennia before Psychology emerged and Gerard Haymans proposed in 1920 that personality was a cube. It was 1947 before Louis Leon Thurstone used Factor Analysis to describe his “Thurstone’s Box Problem” which turns out to have 13 eigenvectors. By 2010 a physicist; yours truly George Hammond, studying Psychometry discovered that the cubic anatomical cleavage of the brain causes the true Structural Model of Personality to be none other than a Thurstone’s Box structure at the 2nd order in personality psychometry. This is confirmed by Eysenck’s-3, AVA-4, Big-5, Hexaco-6, Krug & Johns’-7 and Saucier’s-9 all of which are known to be cubically intercorrelated in 3D space.

    By then I had already published in 1994 a peer reviewed paper in a prominent journal pointing out that there was a decussation in the Papez Loop in Jeffrey Gray’s fornical septo-hippocampal system indicating that it regulated not only Anxiety as he said it did, but in a diagonal mode of operation also regulated his Impulsivity dimension. In the brain the septum is located dead center in the “X” formed by the fornix thus regulating information to and from all 8 cubic lobes of the brain via the fornical Papez Loop. Since then the septal area is also dead center in Thurstone’s Box in the brain I eventually realized that Gray’s septo-hippocampal system controls all 13 personality dimensions of the Structural Model of Personality! With that, I concluded that finally after 2500 years the Structural Model of Personality had been discovered!

    Thus modern science has finally identified and explained the gods of antiquity. The Greeks thought there were 12 Olympian gods, but it turns out they were off by 1, there are actually 13! But if you think discovering the gods is an astounding scientific turn of events, brace yourself, because that leads immediately to the world’s first scientific proof of the God of the Bible, and that is nothing less than awesome! This latter result arrives on this wise: Discovering exactly how many 2nd order factors there are allows us to determine for the first time exactly how many 3rd order factors there are since upon factoring a cube it collapses onto its 3 orthogonal axes, this means that only 3 personality factors arrive at the 3rd order namely Eysenck’s ENP. Add to this psychometric g (intelligence), and we have exactly 4 factors at the 3rd order in the whole of Psychology. Moreover, ENP are “space” dimensions (brain cleavage) while g is a “time” dimension (all intelligence tests are timed). Therefore we have a 4x4 “space-time” metric at the 3rd order and since it is not diagonal it is what Einstein calls a space-time “curvature”. We see immediately that this is a curvature of “subjective” space-time. Indeed, it is a measure of the subjective space-time curvature of the people who took the personality tests! Meanwhile, Factorization of this 4 x 4 matrix yields one, single, final top 4th order eigenvector of Psychology. What could this factor be?

    The cause of the final factor is not hard to discover. It is caused by the human growth curve, no one is fully grown. In the Third World you can see people walking around 30 and 40% growth stunted from simple starvation. A world average of 10 to 20% growth stunting is not unbelievable. The only person who has ever achieved 100% full bodily growth then, is in fact an invisible man who has never actually trod the earth, and he is commonly known as “God”. So the final top factor in psychology is in fact the God of the Bible. Since this is a scientific measurement, God can actually be measured to 2 decimal point accuracy. The world’s first scientific proof of God has been discovered. This is certainly news to anyone who doubts the existence of God!

    This discovery also scientifically describes the power of God. When we say that space-time is “curved” we do not mean anything is physically curved, what it means is that space is physically “magnified” and time is “dilated”. The term “curvature” is purely mathematical and arises from the fact that if you draw a picture on a balloon and blow it up the picture will get larger as the radius of “curvature” of the balloon increases. Mathematically this is similar to Einstein’s relativity equations, as space and time get magnified and dilated in relativity the equations are similar to an inflating balloon. From this perspective we see that childhood growth up to adulthood is what Einstein would call a “conformal expansion of reality”. In other words as we grow up we get larger and our brain gets faster, consequently the world appears to gets smaller and appears to slow down. But this is not the only relativistic effect upon reality as we will see in the next paragraph.

    Since pent up and repressed human brain growth can undergo noticeable increases with a sudden lifting of repression, it turns out that the size and speed of the world can suddenly and dramatically change! If the world suddenly gets smaller and slower, the “Sound and the Fury” of the world dramatically decreases. In some cases this change is so dramatic it is referred to as a “miracle”. So this is the power of God in everyday life and everyone is influenced by it to a more or less degree. And this is the reason why there are world religions, churches on every street corner and billions of religious people.

    But that is not all. The New Testament of the Bible claims that there is such a thing as “life after death”, meaning that upon death our consciousness transcends into a 100% real hallucinatory world with a 100% fully grown (“glorified”) body. What is the scientific probability that this is factually correct?

    As a scientist I look at it this way. The brain has to exist to produce a hallucinatory state, therefore if the brain is going to send you to Heaven in the case of impending death it would have to be fantastically fast! Faster than a lightning bolt for instance which could vaporize your brain in a split second. Is there any system in the brain that is that fast? Believe it or not, the answer is yes! In the past 50 years biology has discovered the neurons of the brain are filled with microscopic hollow tubes called microtubules. Filled with water ultraviolet light travels through them using “superradiance” losslessly at the speed of light. This subconscious system can move information 10 trillion times as fast as ordinary neuronal firing. So my idea was that Evolutionary Biology discovered the “airbag” theory millions of years before General Motors did. A car airbag inflates in 50 ms preventing you from hitting the dashboard thus saving your life. Is it possible that this microtubule system, 10,000 times faster than an airbag, goes off just before you die and downloads a 3-year afterlife dream (seen in proper time since the microtubule system itself is the observer) and thus saves your life – in Heaven? And my personal scientific opinion as a graduate physicist, I think the possibility given the current state of scientific knowledge, is better than 1 chance in 3 that it does!

    So to sum it all up, we have discovered that the gods are personality types and there are 13 of them. We have discovered that the top final eigenvector in all of psychology is a “curvature of subjective reality” and is known historically as the God of the Bible. And finally, modern quantum biology indicates that there is at least a 33% chance that the description of life after death in the Bible is scientifically true.
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  3. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member



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  5. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    Write4U strikes again

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  7. George E Hammond Registered Senior Member

    Fabulous video Dave, there are going to be a lot of people reacting like that after they read my 713 word paper on SciForums (in Alternative Theories). Entitled "The first experimental measurement of God; to 2-decimal point accuracy"
  8. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    Yes. Your #1 fan Write4U will be along in a moment.
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  9. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Splendid, splendid! Vintage crankery, the best I've sen here for many months. I see you were a PhD candidate at Northeastern, many years ago. Did you complete it and get your doctorate?

    I'm not surprised Frank Tipler never replied to you:

    Anyway, I look forward to reading an extensive (and bonkers) dialogue between you and Write4U, once he realises you have mentioned microtubules!!!

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  10. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    I am really trying to analyze the thesis but I just don't know where to start. The thought process is fragmented and non sequitur.

    Let's start by cutting it in half. George, in which camp do you want this to be analyzed: psychology - in which there are models and theories - or rational empiricism, where you can talk about scientific "proof"?

    The reason I cleave it along these lines is because you keep talking about proof, as if there is such a thing when it comes to any of the disparate topics you touch on: God, gods, model of the brain, personality types, curved space and the afterlife - to name just a few.

    If you wish to discuss this as psychology then there can be no "proof" of anything you assert. You are limited to models.
    If you wish to discuss this as hard science with "proofs" then you'd better get busy showing us some maths.

    A meaningful discussion can't even be attempted with separating the wheat from the chaff.

    So which is it?

    For example: in the thread title and the body you suggest God can be "scientifically measured". As far as I can tell, your idea of this measurement is a supposition out of whole cloth that God has grown 20% to 30% more than humans because he is well-nourished - and that to you constitutes a "scientific measurement" to 2 decimal places.

    In fact, you go so far as to call it an "experimental measurement". Really? You did an experiment? Let's see your data.

    You offer no support as to why any of this might be so - either that God exists or how tall he is or that is has anything to do with anything. Do you understand why your thesis is viewed with extreme skepticism?
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2022
  11. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    From the link I included in post 6, he's been on this for at least 16 years now. Here's a list of his activities:

    It includes open letters to the Dean of Theology at the Pope's Academy of Social Sciences (!) and to R L Kuhn, produce of a TV series called "Closer to Truth". It does not look as if any of these people has taken him up on any of this. Hmm.

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  12. George E Hammond Registered Senior Member

    From George E Hammond SciForums January 17, 2022
    To: DaveC426913
    [DaveC 426913]
    "... you suggest God can be "scientifically measured". As far as I can tell, your idea of this measurement is a supposition out of whole cloth that God has grown 20% to 30% more than humans because he is well-nourished - and that to you constitutes a "scientific measurement" to 2 decimal places.
    In fact, you go so far as to call it an "experimental measurement". Really? You did an experiment? Let's see your data."
    [George E Hammond]
    Congratulations Dave, for simply being capable of understanding the theory, nevermind believing it ! In 25 years since I discovered it, I've never even been able to find anyone that could do that much !!
    Okay, about the "data". Needless to say it would take an amount of data equal to a "force majeure" to convince anyone that this theory is "experimentally proven".
    Well DaveC, that is exactly the case! For 50 years, a 1000 man army of academic psychometry researchers, using desktop computers worldwide in 20 countries and 15 languages, and in a peer-reviewed published literature large enough to fill a major library, has discovered something called the "GFP". This being the top eigenvector in all of psychometry! If you type ( "GFP" Psychology ) into a Google search, you will get over 1-Million hits.
    Turns out, that the psychologists do not know what the meaning of this "widely known but unknown" top eigenvector actually is! It is entirely my discovery, that the GFP is the "God of the Bible".
    To tell the full story of all this takes 10 minutes, and I'm not gonna sit here typing for 10 minutes !!
    Instead, I have made a 12 minute YouTube video in which I personally explain the whole thing with diagrams and pictures. It can be seen on YouTube here:

    (YouTube 12-min)

    The song in the background being sung by Casey Benneto of the Interrobang Cartel (out of Australia) is entitled "The George Hammond Conspiracy". Who the Interrobang Cartel are, how they found out about me, or why they recorded and published the song, I have no idea. But for chrissakes please get back to me after you see the video and think all is over again.
    And by the way, in case you're wondering how a physicist like me came to know so much about psychology, here's a picture of me with Hans Eysenck who was at the time the world's most famous living psychologist

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    Hans Eysenck George Hammond
    Montréal 1996

  13. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    Definition of eigenvector
    : a nonzero vector that is mapped by a given linear transformation of a vector space onto a vector that is the product of a scalar multiplied by the original vector
    — called also characteristic vector

    For some reason cannot copy / paste text from Google live translation - here is screenshot

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    Have got spare time and download or streaming data (on tablet). Will give up some (of both) to check tonight. Make a change from Two and half Men clips and this lady beating her drums having someone else with a drum to beat

    I'm guessing your drum won't be as entertaining

    Don't believe in him or his sake but I will, in the words of Charles Harper Soon real soon

    Which one is you in photo? Are you in Whiki?

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  14. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    Well here I am back real soon. Not like Charle Harper who never meant to return

    Entertaining video maker you are NOT

    I DID NOT WATCH PASSED THE 2 / 3 minutes part

    Lady drummer was nearby - I watched her

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    I expected, from you really, a scientific explanation at bare minimum a blackboard and animated chàlk scribbling on the board SHOWING how the scientific proof was arrived at

    I GOT in the moments I watched (I did fast forward to the end and saw you and background had not changed so concluded I was going to see only you droning on) no point in watching as I would have fallen asleep

    Report (based on my short viewing) whole video does not show (not even a pretence showing) of any scientific evidence

    Video should be given to those research people who study insomnia as possible treatment of such

    My 1 cent (sic) review

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  15. Kristoffer Giant Hyrax Valued Senior Member

  16. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    I see you dodged the question.

    So, in the time it took you to write this, you could have told the full story.
    Heck, I spent longer than that composing my own response to you.

    I will follow your lead on this, and devote no more than ten minutes to your thesis. Since my two posts have already greatly exceeded that, I guess that's it for me?
  17. sculptor Valued Senior Member

  18. George E Hammond Registered Senior Member

    [DaveC426913 commented briefly:]
    "I expected, .. a blackboard and animated chàlk scribbling on the board .. .. "

    [George Hammond replied:]
    Yeah Dave
    , sorry this isn't Jr-high school like you expected. It's more like Einstein's theory, you actually need a college education to understand it.... Unless you really want to, and obviously you could care less !

  19. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    You have misattributed a quote to me. I never said anything about scribbling on a blackboard; that was someone else. Please review.

    I am comfortable discussing Einsteinian relativity. But you'll have to do more than toss in some buzzwords. As it is, your various ideas are disparate and not logically related. If you are unable to communicate them, that is not my failing as the reader, that is yours as the writer.

    I asked some pretty clear, pointed questions, which you have so far ignored. Frankly, I am taking your thesis more seriously than you are. Are you able to answer follow-up questions? Or is the opening post all you have?
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2022
  20. George E Hammond Registered Senior Member

    [George Hammond]
    ... Hey sorry DaveC426913, but apparently it was a post from Michael 345 that mentioned "scribbling on the blackboard". I'm a newbie here and still not used to the posting system entirely! You say you asked some pretty clear pointed questions, but I get the impression that you really don't understand the theory sufficiently to even ask such questions!
    ... I made a 12 minute YouTube video which I posted in a message to you above. You really have to watch that 12 minute video which answers all of your questions, and explains what this is all about and in particular explains the massive "force majeure" fifty-year library sized peer published literature that has established this data.
    ... So what the theory really comes down to is that the psychologists have discovered the "GFP" (the so-called general eigenvector of psychology), but they can't figure out what it is, so this is all about yours truly physicist George Hammond trying to tell psychology community that the GFP is "provably" the God of the Bible! Mainly because, the 13 2nd order eigenvectors; I've discovered, are cubically intercorrelated from cubic brain structure, and are clearly the "12 Olympian gods of antiquity" thus it is obvious that the top (4th order) eigenvector must be the God of the Bible!
    ... And then to top it all off, it is easy for a physicist to show, but impossible for psychologists to show, that the 4th order eigenvector is in fact "an Einsteinian curvature of human, subjective space-time, which makes the entire discovery overwhelmingly obvious to even a casual observer,
    ... Okay Dave, I don't need to tell you that this is a "historic scientific miracle of discovery" being the world's first true, rigorous, scientific proof of God and it's going to be front page news when someone finally recognizes it !!!

    ... The discovery was entirely ACCIDENTAL ! I was looking for a proof of God, I was looking for the long-lost and much vaunted "structural model of personality", that the psychologist couldn't find. And I and here I am found it, and immediately realized that it will lead immediately to the world's first scientific proof of God !
    And here I am THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD MASTER OF BOTH PHYSICS AND PSYCHOMETRY, so there isn't an academic in the world qualified to talk to me !!!
    ,,, The discovery is WIDE OPEN, just waiting for ssome one to realize what has happened !

  21. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    If your idea is not sufficiently formed that someone can't ask basic category questions about it, then your theory is not ready for public consumption.

    My question is about your categorization of the discipline this belongs in. You freely shift from gods to "experimental scientific measurement to two decimal places". If you have experimental data proving god - or even merely god's growth rate - then let's see it. Show us the data so we can analyze it ourselves. If you won't - or can't - show data then you have done no "experiments", " scientifically measured" nothing and "proven" nothing.

    So which is it?

    "I don't know" is a perfectly acceptable answer. In that case, you can withdraw your claims here until such time as you can produce something better than string-together buzzwords about gods, nutrition, space-time and eigenvectors.
  22. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    Let me make this as easy as possible for you. No need to dumb down, theorize or summarize; simply describe what actually occurred for the following event:

    The title of this thread - the title you crafted - mentions "experimental measurement of God; to a 2-decimal point accuracy".

    1. What was the setup of this experiment you performed?
    2. What was the (physical) target, and what instrument(s) did you employ to seek the measurement?
    3. What specific property did you measure?
    4. What value (two 2 decimal places) did you get?
    5. In what units is that value measured?
    6. How many measurements did you take? More than one?
    7. What are your error/uncertainty margins on that (or those) reading(s)?
    8. How can you prove you are getting a valid reading on the thing you think you are reading?
    9. How would you know if you were wrong?
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  23. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Don't hold your breath.......

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