The knowledge of sin.

Discussion in 'Religion' started by pljames, May 17, 2013.

  1. pljames Registered Member

    Did the angels in heaven know sin before Adam and Eve? Lucifer must have because he challenged God. Did Adam and Eve being perfect know sin before they sinned or didn't have a clue on what sin was? If that is the case then their curiosity made then sin along with Satan's lies? Paul

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  3. Buddha12 Valued Senior Member

    Can you provide us with proof that "angels" or "God" exist? If not then your question is moot.
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  5. pljames Registered Member

    Buddha 12,
    According to the bible, "God is a spirit and must be worshiped in knowledge and truth". Now tell me that there isn't invisible things we can't see? Can I see air a atom and the like? If you do not understand the question then the answer is moot to you. Paul
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  7. Buddha12 Valued Senior Member

    I understood the question but asked for proof that those things existed which as yet you have not done.

    By stating that things are "invisible" does not prove to anyone that the things you mention exist in reality but only to those who BELIEVE they do.

    There's a big difference between what a FACT is and a BELIEF, I do hope you understand that difference.
  8. rcscwc Registered Senior Member

    But there is a proof for all these.

    Where is proof of existence of God? None. Cannot be. Indian philosophies settled that question more than 2000 years ago.
  9. spidergoat pubic diorama Valued Senior Member

    We can see atoms and air. And even if we couldn't see them, there are instruments that can detect them, which is indirect seeing.
  10. LadyBlue Registered Member

    they did no settle it with scientific proof... but only made a new theory....
  11. wellwisher Banned Banned

    Knowledge of good and evil, which highlights sin, leads to more sin. The reason is, most people are not creative or clever enough to figure many things out for themselves. But once one person figures something out, and publishes this, say on the internet, the knowledge become wide scale and many others will copy. If there is a new cheat code on the net, all of a sudden millions do it. Before publication only one did it. The others were not aware it was even possible, until the law points it out.

    In the bible, St Paul said, I would not have known about coveting, if the law did not say, thou shall not covert. Sin taking opportunity through the commandment leads to sin of all kinds. Once it is published (common knowledge) and everyone is aware, including those who would never think of it on their own, more and more people start to test the new knowledge to collect data; learn from experience.

    Angels like Lucifer, were very creative and would come up with things that departed from the norm. This was OK in the very beginning, since Lucifer was called the bringer of light. Civilization would create many new needs that were unprecedented. But once Lucifer, now called Satan publishes, symbolic of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, sin appears; collective education. Sin is connected to law (group knowledge). Sin is not inputed when there was no law. It only appears when law is cast in stone.

    Published is used figurative, but essentially means become part of the group knowledge. When Christ came along, he nailed sin to the cross by saying the old law was obsolete. There was a book burning (symbolic) so there is no longer anything in publication.

    The righteous man shall live by faith apart from the law. St Paul also said; all things are lawful to me but not all thing edify. All things are lawful, but I will not be master by anything. I became all things to all men so he could save some. The old knowledge of sin was cleanse and sin departed as the stones of law crumbled. At that point, the earliest Christians were like the angels living in the moment of instinct/intuition (inner voice) and not by robotic knowledge/law. Christ was the end of law for all who believe. Sin is not imputed when there is no law, so if all law ends, there is no group knowledge of sin.

    It used to be sin to eat meat on fridays. Fridays was fish day, to help balance diets with long chain fish oils. That tradition was eliminated and once the law was repealed, there was no longer any sin to eat meat. Sin is not imputed when there is no law or when the law was repealed.

    Alcohol was a social sin during Prohibition. That law;published for the group, led to all types of spin-off sin like murder and corruption; sin taking opportunity through the commandment produces sin of all kinds. Once it was repealed the spin-off sin went away like magic. Sin is not imputed where there is no law. The righteous lives by faith in their inner voice; without sin since this is not based on published laws.
  12. Mr Hope Registered Member

    I believe everything concerning this matter (and other) is so encrypted, so esoteric that it falls beyond the ken of most.
  13. arauca Banned Banned

    Whit your scientific intuition do you believe that dark matter exist ? do you believe 13.8 billion years there was such a thing as big bang ?

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