the ONLY window for Black Holes, anti-gravity.

Discussion in 'Linguistics' started by genep, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. genep Guest

    The Black Hole called Language.

    Language is just another word for gravity,
    that works on itself
    to be utterly undetectable and unconceivable
    to what only anti-gravity can witness/Realize:
    A Black Hole.

    Language works so much like gravity that it might as well be,
    or it must be, one and the same. ​

    There is no better example of the way language is gravity than the language of the scriptures, bible. The language called scriptures was the gravity that kept Europe in the Black Hole we now call the Dark Ages.

    The Dark Ages was a Black Hole because as long as its language, bible, APPEARED rock-solid and certain there were no words that could escape the forces of the bible to roam outside the confines of, the “reality-of” the Black Hole of the Dark Ages, the bible.

    And so in the bible the Universe (of today's language) was/is securely kept outside the Black Hole the language called bible was (created) for its Dark Ages.

    Only when the language called bible lost its rock-solid appearing vocabulary could language start to roam outside the Black Hole of the bible into a far bigger Black Hole that the same language today calls its (expanding) Universe.

    The language of today is no different from the language of the bible. The exact same forces that make the bible's language APPEAR rock-solid and certain make today's language APPEAR just as rock-solid and certain to work like gravity for its Black Hole which today is the expanding Universe.

    Again, since the language is the same, todays language has only replaced the Black Hole of the Dark Ages with a bigger Black-Hole called Universe. This might all appear surreal and stupid ... but no more surreal and stupid as was the planet Earth that the bible kept flat so the Sun could revolve around it ... no more surreal than was Einstein's formula E=MC.C before the Atomic Bomb woke everyone up with a HUGE BANG that convinced even the dumbest survivor that indeed E=MC.C was “real” regardless of what IT means, “real” and or “E=MC.C.”

    The notion that today's language is just a bigger Blackhole than was the bible for the Dark Ages will stay surreal, however, until Antilanguage goes far beyond the limits of language, this Blackhole. Only from outside the Blackhole called language can Antilanguage look back and see what has to be supremely obvious: that todays language is just a bigger Blackhole than was the Blackhole the language called bible was/created for its Dark Ages.

    Antilanguage has no rules or dictionaries to confine, let alone shackle, its words. That is why it is Antilanguage.
    Antilanguage's words thus have no importance. Thus they can comically and poetically prance around creating/being their Magical Wonderland ... far far beyond the gravity called language that has to work on itself into a Black Hole.

    These words are this Antilanguage that is so footloose and fancy-free of the Blackhole called language that it can Comically laugh as it fukks the shackled vocabulary of language, every which way imaginable, just to make the Black Hole, language, deeper and darker... until this Laughter makes the Blackhole vanish into the Magical Wonderland of Antilanguage.

    This Magical Wonderland of Antilanguage is so far far beyond anything the Blackhole gods and devils of language can imagine -- not even in their most wildest dreams -- that it has to be the Supreme Comedy.

    The Supreme Comedy
    is the Laughter of Antilanguage
    that makes Black Holes vanish,
    exactly like a thought.​
    The Antilanguage that is the“language” of “there-is-no-other”: Now
    -- Braindead
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  3. spidergoat pubic diorama Valued Senior Member

    genep is the most underrated poster on Sciforums. Thank you for your poetry genep!
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