"The personal is political"

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by Xev, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. Mephura Applesauce, bitch... Valued Senior Member

    A little light reading. That's about it.

    The comment wasn't aimed at you, so don't fret about it.
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  3. Xev Registered Senior Member

    I love feeling insulted, it's so degrading and yet you're so awfully proud about it.
    Couple pages ago, can't be bothered searching. Don't worry - if you hadn't implied, he'd have made all manner of snide implications about how your intellect is an overcompensation for not being a bubbly, bouncy piece of ass.

    Fuck off, fanboy. It does not say "a lot", "a little" or "anything at all". It is so incredibly annoying when people assume that an interpretation says anything at all.
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  5. 15ofthe19 35 year old virgin Registered Senior Member

    I can't believe it, but I'm with Xev on this one. This is nothing more than disgusting foreplay between a couple of lonely, sado-masochists

    Hed gives out awards for best posts.

    Can I start nominations for "Most Obviously Desperately Lonely Misanthropic Poster"?

    I've got two names in mind...

    **Laughs at Wanderer's feeble attempts at flirting with Gen**

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  7. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    *yawn and yawn*

    Of course- and if he had implied I would have done exactly as I did with Spooky and all the other suckflies when they did- let on that I really am a fat pig with three tits. All.The.Way.

    Now, exactly how many times have I told you to eat my shit again? Three or four? Lucky for you I'm ovulating and my bowels are dripping..........open up.

    Something tells me you haven't even read all my posts, little boy. Foreplay, my
  8. 15ofthe19 35 year old virgin Registered Senior Member

    What a sad life you must live.
  9. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Incredibly sad.

  10. 15ofthe19 35 year old virgin Registered Senior Member

    I'm sorry to hear that Gen. You've directed your anger toward me in a few cases. I've yet to understand why. But whatever the reason, your anger is mis-directed. I'm not your enemy.

    I have enjoyed your complete and utter deconstruction of W in this thread.

    Not that it takes much to accomplish what you have done, but it's still been fun to witness.
  11. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Excuse me? You've been drooling all over the woman. You follow her every-fucking-where and you howl like a little girl when someone suggests that she may have a second interest. Ergo, you are her fanboy. Be fucking subtle or accept the title.

    Now - of course an interpretation speaks of one's worldview.
    However, discrediting an interpretation because it does so is ad hominem and childish.

    Oh I'm hurt, she must spank you harder than I ever could.

    Excuse me? Your resentment seems to have clouded your vision - she hasn't deconstructed him at all. None of you could.

    You can believe it. How long have you been watching and observing and waiting to post? It was only until someone as cranky as I, and of calibur to actually take on W, posted that you followed suit. Pfft.

  12. 15ofthe19 35 year old virgin Registered Senior Member

    Whatever you need to believe Xev.

    Your post didn't prompt anything from me.

    I've been enjoying this childlike battle of wits from afar, and out of complete and sheer boredom, I decided to respond.

    You give yourself too much credit.
  13. WANDERER Banned Banned

    You, on the other hand, are a seething fountain of frankness and directness.


    Welcome to the human race. So?

    That must be true since it is you saying it.
    I attract weakness and you are much too powerful to fall into that gravitational spin.
    You are nothing but strong. Absolutely so.
    Like a rock in the ocean; wave after wave chipping away at her well crafted defences, year after year diminishing under the attrition.
    Until what’s left? A solitary rock in the middle of the water proud of its hardness.

    Have you ever let go?
    Have you opened yourself up to risk and possibility?
    Being a control junky myself I can tell you, all the analysis and attempt at prediction becomes tiresome.
    Then you just want to let go, let the universe take you where it may and just experience the trip.
    It’s called dancing, dear, we Greeks know all about dancing like Zorba. It’s the Dionysian spectacle, the surrender to instinct for a while.
    This is where time and space cease to matter and all that is are two bodies clinging to each other, craving each other to be completed, trying to fuse with the other in a union of trust and empathy we can call love, stopping thought and embracing the universe of the unconscious flux.
    You cannot appreciate the beauty of a tree of a forest of a sunset if you are there measuring and analyzing and deducing while you question what you see.
    You can only feel the ecstasy of living.
    A lesson I’ve learned only recently.
    The hardest thing to do? Letting go.

    Who is not lacking?
    Again the difference between one and another is a matter of degree.
    Your absolutism is disingenuous.

    And you know how much my self-evaluation and my self-worth is dependant on your opinions.
    But few things measure up to you, don’t they?
    It’s how you deny yourself vulnerability and explain your indifference that hides your deepest fears and insecurities.
    But I’m glad I’ve made things easier for you and the morons waiting for my “deconstruction” are gleefully awaiting your final verdict, your finishing blow, your dismissal of me so that they can take vengeance upon me for my past indiscretions and I cringe with anxious anticipation.

    And then biology is all there is.

    I'm sure the world will care.
    You still haven’t figured out how indifferent the world is. Only your own kind cares and they are always the few.

    Something strikes us as odd when it does not live up to our original expectations or diverges from our evaluations.
    You know less of me than you think. I’ve made sure of that.
    Do you think I take off my clothes in public areas? My nudity is reserved for private chambers for special individuals that will reciprocate my act of exposure and embrace me, imperfections and all.

    “Burning need?” Hardly; just need.
    Life is a game. I only take it seriously when I’m faced with seriousness first.
    I always wait for the other to make the first move.
    All my girlfriends made the first move, all my friends opened up first and I did not betray their trust or mock their vulnerability. I embraced them as imperfect human beings and showed them my imperfections in turn.

    “Sermons” and “rhetoric” is how I communicate my beauty and express my mental flexibility and artistic flare. Language is my art.
    "Bad blood"? That's your label not mine.

    Join the club of 'human watching'.
    Men are easier because they wear themselves on their sleeves and are simply proud to be themselves. Women play sexual Panda games and love using their pussies as trophies to be earned by the most worthy fighter.
    I don’t fight for pussy, dear, it cheapens it and it’s not that precious a thing in the grand scheme of things. Just another hole if you think of it.

    Yes and look at this blue-eyed imbecile with a 148 IQ '15ofthe19' who says:

    See why I remain ambiguous?
    This moron is there hiding behind you, hoping you’ll take revenge on me for being so openly hostile and so terribly accurate in my opinions of him.
    You’re his last hope for retribution. your his warrior princess who he hopes he gets to fuck after the battle is won.
    There are more ‘silent observers’ rooting for my destruction, did you know? All of them male, go figure. It’s because of my penis, whereas your vagina makes you immune to this sort of thing. They’d rather dominate and fuck you than castrate and/or kill you.
    How easy it is to be female in a world full of such idiotic males. They’ll bend over and kiss your plump ass if you wished it, because they hope they can then stick it to you.
    They’ll give up everything, even dignity, because their penises are too demanding.
    They know so little about women, about human nature.

    But you say you "revealed" things?
    Where in that cloud of euphemism and ambiguity did you do that?
    Or am I supposed to prove my mental fortitude by deciphering the code?
    You attack me for being ambiguous do you ever look at yourself?

    I need no audiences, only partners.

    Not sick, only lonely and vulnerable. A human being, a true one.
    It’s the part that bears the scars of past encounters. It’s the part I expose lastly and tentatively.
    But don’t take softness for weakness. I can bury you and all these human male ‘wanabees’ that fly around me looking for the soft part, that are now obsessed with my destruction and dream about hanging my balls up on the town square to prove their own manliness, because they have no other way to prove it and they feel ashamed because I rubbed their stinking faces in the mud.

    Too bad then.
    Maybe it’s time to move on.
    Some distances can't be bridged.

    Sorry I didn’t live up to your exacting expectations.
    Is that what you use to dismiss contact and to remain protected and secretive by not having to expose nothing to what you deem unworthy?
    Been there, done that.

    Eventually you start not caring and thinking of them as part of another sub-species.
    Do you blame a dung-beetle for eating shit?

    Wasting your time for what?
    Dismissing again, keeping others at a distance, justifying it through your high standards that only a few [I wonder if any] can ever live up to, pushing the world away, fearing contact because it entails risk and vulnerability, taking past experiences as benchmarks for future experiences.
    You must have been hurt badly in the past.
    Oh well.

    How do you do it?
    I’ve “Laid my cards on the table” as BigBlueHead would put it, I’ve posted opinions and exposed myself to criticism and ridicule and I’ve fought back. I may keep some cards closer to my chest, but they are only meant for private rooms and private conversations and not for open galleries full of prying eyes and wicked souls.

    You decide for me.

    No, I think you are calling me one.
    I can hear them giggling now even if they can’t completely follow what is going on here.
    You just can’t settle on if it’s a fact or not and you don’t want to make hasty conclusions prematurely.
    If you think I’m a poser or a fraud, as many of my ‘fans’ would have it, then let time decide. I am what I am.
    Fakery can only hide for so long before it is exposed and hypocrisy is self-destructive. It implodes under the pressure of its own bullshit.

    Imagine that, only two people on an entire planet noble enough to be respected by you.
    What an exclusive club that is.
    Now that’s elitism, baby.
    I’m sure club doors open up wherever you go, but are you sure it’s because of your “supposed” nobility and not your tits and ass?

    I thought I had been dismissed. I’m sure after this post I will be though and the crowd will cheer at your obvious victory over me.
    But what happened here? Not sure myself.
    The imbeciles will say I’ve been put in my place. Ah, how wonderful it will be smacking them around some more.
    Pussy-power, it can never win but it can never be defeated. It hovers there over all proceedings like a mist that clouds reason and awareness.
    Penises, on the other hand, stand up straight in the wind, like trees on a hill of grass. They either stand or fall.
    Their roots are all they depend upon and the sun and the air but they are also such easy targets for sharpshooters from the distance and fire and bugs boring holes in them.
    Holes just sit there waiting for unsuspecting victims to fall in and devour, trees must prove their prowess daily, they must pull life around them and claim their piece of hill.
    Sorry was that too ambiguous?

    The “HA” gives you away.
    Are you always that pessimistic and cynical or are you expressing a secret hope here?
    Maybe your self-condemnation to solitude makes you wish it upon everyone.
    My disappointments have been left behind, I expect so little these days and demand even less. I can't speak for the other, that's why I'm sceptical and careful not to become overconfident.
    That’s why I’m willing to take risks nowadays. But you’re not on that stage yet, you’re still embracing solitude and introspection, still learning about who and what you are and coming to terms with your imperfections and weaknesses, still building walls around earth to call it yours.
    Then what? Then you'll want to give it away and become light again, become a wanderer and not a squanderer.

    My carefulness insults you? My honesty bothers you?
    Sorry I never jump into frothing lakes head first and without first looking for any hidden rocks that may break my legs or worst.

    No matter how much it pains me to say this: My penis isn’t THAT long.

    gendanken said:
    She can see so much, except herself. Or maybe she's just covering her tracks and regretting having ever made them. Two steps forward, three steps back. Make sure you don't leave new tracks going back.

    You know me so well. I’m flattered.

    See how males prostrate themselves in front of females?
    If this attack was directed at me you wouldn’t be so….pleading.

    You have yet to see my structure idiot. Your 148 IQ can’t see well through those blue eyes of yours, brown ones are more accurate.
    But if it’s so “easy” then why don’t you give it a try.
    I’ll love destroying you, you pathetic little twit. I can better you both physically and mentally, you’re nothing but a little fly, without his fly master now, buzzing around trying to get noticed, trying to establish a myth.
    Do I scare you little one, does my penis offend you?
    Are you dismayed at the attention I get?
    Do you envy it?
    Little secret: When you need something you are less deserving of it. You become desperate and it shows.
    Post something, a single thing, anything of interest or worth responding to.
    Post a single instance of specificity, for instance, that’ll get my attention. You non-generalizer you.

    I don’t even think you fully understand the proceedings here. Your linguistic artistry is not capable of comprehending the full spectrum of meaning.
    So caught up in your nationalistic proud American idealism, you can’t even see your own stupidity.
    Haven’t you still figured out that for an aware mind and an acute eye you are nothing more than a bug? An imbecile trying to prove he isn’t one and the more he tries the more he proves the opposite.

    But how can the witless enter a battle of wits?
    They re condemned to spectator status with a few jeers and heckles to make sure everyone knows they are there, when nobody cares.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2004
  14. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    * raises eyebrow *

    Oh? In that case, Xev goes:

    Your........ 'angst' is betraying every last hair on your body.

    You asked for my theory and I gave it. Could have been bullshit, could have not been, could have been gendanken talking out of her ass but they're her own observations.

    Look up there. All that you just said there.......bingo.

    I'm no rock.
    I'm no beacon.
    I'm gendanken, and gendanken can be just as vulnerable as you can. I'd like to think that between the both of us here I've been the honest one.

    I don't know any of that- it was a theory......dear. Who said this:

    "It is better to have an incomplete or even an erroneous opinion that is ones own than to have one primarily based on other people’s observations and efforts.
    The first demands a spherical and in depth comprehension of the subject and a keen awareness of detail, the second only requires an average intellect and a good memory.

    That's exactly what I thought of you- your absolutism was what turned my stomach in your first or second entry into this thread.
    Blowing on someone else's hot water after scalding yourself on your own milk.

    We could both be wrong about each other but I know myself more than anyone: I'm far more flexible than philosophical laws would allow. I used to think this was sloppy.


    I only know the tap and why it taps and what will become of that tap when she taps that way.

    Very much so.

    Which is why this 15of19 is a fucking moron for calling whatever the fuck we've done here 'deconstruction'.

    Never mind that we're being civil here.
    Never mind that I've let on more than I should have but did anyway.
    Never mind that we're not sitting here wanting to gouge each other's eyes out like two Tiassas.
    Long story.

    Never mind that this if anything has been far from a fucking flamewar but this blue eyed mook wants to sit there crying wolf.

    If you want to sit there thinking I've been some kind of warrior princess then do so- you're a moron. If not, let his kind sit there thinking as much and benchwarming with their fingers crossed for your so called 'destruction'. That's not what this is about.

    You bury me- don't think so, impossible. No one can. Me bury you, no need.

    What's happened here is simple: midgames have swallowed you whole.
    Nobody is 'dismissing' you.
  15. 15ofthe19 35 year old virgin Registered Senior Member

    So by using Wanderer's brilliant deductive methods, we know that everyone with blue eye's must be an idiot. Is he a creation scientist? He would fit right in with those wingnuts.

    I never knew it could be so easy to get under somebody's skin. It's like manipulating a child.

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    Happy Valentine's Day everybody!
  16. boombox scumbucket Registered Senior Member


    That's because thinking is not your forte, fag.

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