The Scientific Proof That God Exists!!

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by TruthSeeker, Feb 3, 2002.

  1. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member


    When we discovered atoms, we though that they were the last one. Then, for our surprise, we discovered electrons, protons and neutrons (and it took a while to discover that there are actually two types of particles in the center of the atom...) We though it was finished. Suddenly we discover many other subatomic particles and after a while there were more subatomic particles then atoms! Then, we couldn't understand the subatomic particles, so a very ingenious guy broke barions into three quarks and mesons into two quarks (and we have never seen quarks either). However, that implies that there are many different quarks and nowdays we know there are more then 6 kinds of quarks! (up, down, charm, etc...) We are still looking for the ultimate particle, which I believe is God. A particle that has an extreme amount of energy and it's like an unlimited wave through space-time. Or something close to that...
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  3. inspector Registered Senior Member

    We don't have any evidence for God?

    Wow, that is quite a statement, since it would require that you KNOW all evidences and have had SEEN all evidences that exist. Therefore, your statement is illogical.

    BTW, the Merriam-Webster definition of evidence is:

    Main Entry: 1ev·i·dence
    Pronunciation: 'e-v&-d&n(t)s, -v&-"den(t)s
    Function: noun
    Date: 14th century
    1 : indication

    I have evidence and eyewitness testimonies to support my claim that God exists.

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  5. Cris In search of Immortality Valued Senior Member


    From Webster – Evidence

    Taken within the appropriate context of a discussion on religion it is the clause something that furnishes proof that is of concern.

    No that isn’t correct. It means that one would need to know of any evidence that has been made known and has withstood close objective scrutiny. Claims for evidence of gods have been made for thousands of years and no such claims have been shown to withstand closer attention. I.e. they have all lacked credibility or other more reasonable alternatives could be offered.

    Claims of evidence is not evidence. If you are so sure of your claim why didn’t you state it? If it can withstand critical scrutiny then let us know what it is. Otherwise you have no case.

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  7. whatsupyall Banned Banned

    Truthseeeker, inspector, Jenyar, and others, you have proven God as the truth. And dont let the lies waver your faith.
    Honestly, it is extremely difficult to deal with atheist. They cannot observe one point and then reply concerning the topic, and if they do, they always end with the sentence "There is no evidence of God", meanwhile your giving him tons of evidence, from science, to philosphy, they are just blind to it.
    You cannot have a mature or a descent conversation with them, its almost impossible. When you talk of science, they bring about giant purple squid monkeys, or toothfairies with magic wand, and strange opinions and analogies, then apply that to God, I'm convinced the only way to really commmunicate with atheist is to scoop down to their level and be immature like them, I am doing that in other posts for a while now, because I have observed alot of atheist.

    Lets face it, you cannot make somebody believe if they dont want to believe. You can bring science, biology, philosophy, etc. they will lie, change topic, falsely accuse you, but NEVER will they admit of being wrong, ever..
  8. whatsupyall Banned Banned

    This are quoted by almost all atheist, always saying, theres possible that there is no God, but if you ask them proof of its possibility, they cannot provide one.
    Then they will lie and say "I never made a claim that God cannot exist", Almost all atheist I encountered are like this, 99.9999%, compulsively lying and self contradictory.
    For every sensless opinion they post, it always end with "There is no evidence of God" as a finishing touch, I guess to make them feel good about their pathetic claim. Even though tons of evidence are presented already...
    The argument is done long time ago, we as a christian already won, we conquered, victory belongs to God and any civilized person can see that.
    The conclusion is Yes there is no evidence of God, and yes there is no evidence of King Henry, there is no evidence of Gravity, there is no evidence of air, there is no evidence of Shakespeare, there is no evidence of Queen elizabeth, according to atheist. They are all myths and u cannot provide one shred of evidence concerning GRAVITY, or King Henry, would u like to provide me an evidence? Then please be my guest, because I will also provide you evidence of God. SIMPLE....
    Now its all about faith, DO YOU BELIEVE GRAVITY EXIST? or is it a myth? Do u believe King Henry exist? or is it a myth.
  9. Cris In search of Immortality Valued Senior Member


    You were doing fairly well until you made this fantastic quantum leap from describing particle physics to imaginative theology without explaining the connection.

    Your statement – We are still looking for the ultimate particle, which I believe is God, is very nice but there is no science involved in that statement. I hope you understand that this is just your personal fantasy that has no evidential or factual support. And I assume you are not trying to convince others that this claim is in some way true, is that correct.
  10. whatsupyall Banned Banned

    There is a scientific evidence that gravity is a myth.

    There is no gravity, there is "Quantum force". In space, asteroids are in motions and bonds with other elements like it, just as magnets are in bond with other magnets, so are asteroids.
    They are moved by "Quantum force" some bonds with stars and other planets, some make it to earth, and other planets in our Galaxies. There is nothing underneath earth that pulls us down, there is only heat and lava underneath like sun, the effect of the big bang, but such heat doesnt cause elements and things to bond with earth.
    Gravity is a myth theorized for generations, thanks to telescope and modern technology, now the truth is unveiled! (This is to counteract, as u guys counteracted the proven "Higher intelligence" with quantum mechanics.)

  11. Cris In search of Immortality Valued Senior Member


    Can you provide a link or reference to an authoritative scientific body or article that shows the research and proofs for your conclusions please.
  12. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member


    This is, actually, the point in the conversation where I invite someone to fly out to Seattle so we can go to the top of the Space Neeedle, or, better yet, the Columbia Tower, and prove that gravity is a myth.

    Of course, they also need to leave a number where I can reach their next of kin, just in case I'm somehow right.

    Can you imagine that? Me? Being right for a change?

    (Edit: You're also invited if anyone wants to take up that challenge. You can be on the blue-ribbon panel to evaluate and interpret the results.)


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  13. whatsupyall Banned Banned

    There is nothing under the earth that demonstrates pulling us down, there is only lava, even in the core inside our planet like that of a sun but not as extreme.
    Meanwhile, there is proof of "Quantum force". Asteroids are always in motion even by millions of miles away, our gravity simply doesnt have any responsibility of causing their motion, otherwise we will be vacuumed all the way in considering our mass is nothing compared to giant asteroids some even bigger than our planet!
    Now what causes asteroids to clash on planets? Few even make it on earth. Its "quantum force" it gives it motion. Just as if you have a stong electricity, you can put a bronze in front of it and wherever u move the bronze, the elctricity follows it. The same with "quantum force", wheres tha planets are is where the force degenerates its energy. Thats why we stay in place here, not because we are being pulled down from underneath, but because we are pushed down from above, simple.
    Now the source of Quantum force originately came from the same root where stars are born. This discovery was made possible few years ago from a superb giant telescope.
    It gives out planets, and at the same time "force". In fact the galaxy is like creatures, it gives birth with planets, it poops out the blackhole, and that poop are recycled inside the blackhole (its a huge landscape inside there) it fertilizes inside their, and becomes fresh asteroids. Then that asteroid will be eaten by this giant thingy that looks like JLo's mouth, and then the circle of galxy life begins again over and over. By the way, all this happened by "super-duper luck".

    This is the new scientific launch I started. In fact there is much much more to come....
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2002
  14. whatsupyall Banned Banned

    You see guys, the space is a living creature. The asteroids you see floating around are actually like blood cells of the space body. In fact there are different elements that makes up asteroids, so some maybe like blood cells to ours, or nutrition..
    When you use a microscopic camera inside the woman's womb, the egg cell is so tiny that it seems like its floating inside her.
    Planet earth and our universe is alot like it, it is just inside the body of space, so tiny that it looks like its floating.
    The black hole is the butt of the space, it is where all the dead planets and particles go, like our feces, the waste of the universe.
    You know when they discovered the huge mountain like which gives birth to stars, it seemed like the stars popped out of nowhere, but the truth is those stars didnt appear from nowwhere, they are like food, the space is a life form and eats, like our food, stars are like food "cells".
    Again in short, the universe and galaxy is just like a bacteria in a human body. We are almost nothing.

    This living space is a "super duper" luck. The blackhole was formed by luck, and the one that gives birth to stars are luck, then the light "luckily" is necessary for our survival, and the sun, and the elements, etc. all this are SUPER DUPER LUCK, in other words random chance. LOL, now this "super-duper luck" is just a theoretical joke, ONLY RETARDS BELIEVE IN THAT.

    Is it possible that we live inside the body of a living space? SO GREAT is this life form that it seems like the universe is floating inside its body. Just like the egg cell in a woman's body is so tiny that it seems like its floating, as caught on film.
    U might say that elements in asteroids are nothing like the cells inside the body, wrong! u have to realize that cells are just bunch of atoms compressed together, if u separate the atoms piece by piece, the body of cell will die and will not work, atoms are just electrons bound together, but can form cell life at CERTAIN DESIGNS. So indeed asteroid maybe dead in itself just as atom is dead in itself, however if asteroids are united with the stars, sun, black hole, galaxies, universe, etc. it is a life form, just as atoms when combined can form molecules into mitochondria and other cell parts to form a whole body of cell. Again atoms r dead initself, but at certain design gives cell life, just as asteroids are dead initself, but at a certain design can bring space life.

    Could the living space be just another life form? or could it be the God creature? What if the universe is just a cell inside another life forms body? and what if this life form space is also just a cell in another life form's body? its INFINITE!...

    Could the space life be God? We r so tiny that we r just like an atom floating inside His body? OR IS THE SPACE LIFE JUST ANOTHER CREATURE OF GOD?
    In fact, can every atom also contain another universe inside it? Because We can't detect anything beyond 299,792,458 m/s. NUMBERS IS INFINITE, THERE IS NO ENDING!! THERE IS NO ENDING TO SPLITTING AN ATOM ACCORDING TO SCIENCE, SO INDEED EVERY ATOM MAY HAVE ANOTHER GALAXY INSIDE IT, AND EVERY GALAXY INSIDE IT HAVE ANOTHER ATOM, THEN ANOTHER GALAXY, etc. there is no limit! U cant also say motions of elements cannot possible give life, because life can adapt to environment..
    Fact is there are incalculable motioned asteroids everywhere, many hits us but not big enough to hurt our planet, in fact earth spins. At some point fram far away, you might recognize that the moving motion of earth and galaxy has no possibility of life, but then again life adapts to environment. Take an atom for example, there may very well be life forms and another galaxy inside every atom, atoms of your chair, atoms of your cars, etc. moving atoms around doesn't destroy its design. Just because u move around it doesnt mean your blood cells die, at certain speed yes, but life adapts. Some blood cells die, some lives, some life forms inside you can survive if you get heat in the sun of about 102 degrees, and maybe some life forms dont survive (called skin cells).

    There are many atoms, thus many may survive, and many may die. Earth spins, and looking at universe from the distant, there are incalculable asteroids in motion that it seems almost impossible why big ones miss earth, but theres life on earth. So once again, atoms in chairs may always be in motion, but then again there is no telling how much sppace inside an atom, and how the galaxy inside the atom can have life which adapts to it.
    My brain notice something, the bigger life forms are, the slower it moves. BUT DOES IT REALLY MOVE SLOW OR IS IT JUST SLOW TO WHAT MY BRAIN CAN COMPREHEND or is used to? Some people are used to watching boxing with fighters throwing atleast 200 punches a round, and when i see boxers who punches only 115, I felt they are so slow, but then again this maybe real fast to guys used to watching people box only 5 punches per round. Another example is when u work on a wnery and have to count each bottle passing by, 60 bottles per minute seemed a long time, time is slow 60 seconds feel like its 3 minutes, it seems like its moving slow because u r thinking hard & counting it. But then relax yur brain, lay back and watch it from the distance without paying attention, 1 minute will go by like nothing and 100 bottles will pass by like nothing. Take sleep for example, u wake up 9 hrs later without recognizing its length.
    Gunshots may seem to travel fast, to our brain. But there could be someone who has a brain sharp enough to pinpoint exactly each and every .00000000003 seconds of its movement and sees it as if its only moving as slow as a turtle. Though to our brain its so fast. For a man to have a brain that sharp, 1 minute can be 1000 years, sharper his brain, 1 sec can be 1 million years, in fact the gun shot speed may very well be as slow as earth rotating. At the same time, our brain is also too sharp to recognize something is moving. For instance, your mind is always in motion and is sharp, it cannot possibly stay still and watch earth rotate 360 degrees without having to think of other things and wander its thoughts. In fact the whole universe maybe doing jumping jacks, which may seem exteremely slow to us because our mind is too sharp, it may seem like the whole universe to do one jump will take billions of years, for us its so slow because our brain is so sharp, meanwhile a man whos brain is FAR LESS sharper may consider billions of years as 1 seond.

    Indeed ants or flies or termites seemed to run fast for their size, to my comprehension yes, but to the vision of the same species comprehension, maybe another termite just moves as slow as turtles. YOUR BRAIN doesnt comprehend the same way as others, or other species. U may move the atom around fast, as fast as a gun shot even, but then shouldnt the galaxy inside the atom move just as fast as well? ELECTRONS IS WHAT KEEPS IT INTACT. Thats why There indeed maybe a "quantum force" that keeps the universe intact. So in short there is a life form and another universe inside every atom and every atom in that universe have another universe, etc. and so forth...INFINITE...because motion of atoms in chair means nothing...if u shake the baby fast, it may die, if u shake a baby termite fast, it will not die, because its adapted to that motion...

    I never heard in the bible God stating that we are the only intelligent creation, in fact I know there are angels, living before we exist. Angels can be any intelligent life forms. So there is no doubt in my mind about intelligent creatures living everywhere, even within an atom, AND IM SERIOUS.

    God is so great that he is immeasurable...
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2002
  15. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member


    I explained the connection... I clearly said that we don't know what we have after quarks...

    And you should read my statement in context...

  16. Cris In search of Immortality Valued Senior Member


    I recommend whatsupyall join you and I'll gladly pay any fares involved, umm, one way I think would be adequate.

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  17. Cris In search of Immortality Valued Senior Member


    That wasn’t a connection, but just unsubstantiated assertions.

    All particles so far are physical; they can be measured and detected. Gods are not physical and cannot be detected.

    There is no apparent connection between subatomic particles and a supernatural being.

    Asserting that a subatomic particle is a god is not a connection.

    And I did quote your full context.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2002
  18. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member


    Interesting difference of perspective... I never though about that before...

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    Asteroid!?!? How the asteroid get out of the black hole? That's impossible! You can say that blackholes become whole new universes, but you can't say they are the source of asteroids (at least that is what I understood...).

    "Where is the limit?"

    God IS Life. and He is everywhere. He is a conscient "energy" that fills all space-time. He is the vacuum...
    "Energy from the Vacuum..."
    "Life is Conscient Energy"
  19. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member


    So far they are... But even the vacuum is filled with energy. Besides that, do you consider Dark Energy "physical"? Or quarks? Maybe quarks are physical but we have never seen any...

    There is some possibility. Mainly concerning to the fact that everything in the universe is ruled by some kind of unchangeable law. "What" makes those laws? "What" creates those laws?

    I didn't asserted that, I said that beyond that, beyond everything that we know there "might" be a God...
  20. whatsupyall Banned Banned


  21. Cris In search of Immortality Valued Senior Member

  22. whatsupyall Banned Banned

    We can't detect anything beyond 299,792,458 m/s. therefore beyond that is non-physical? SO ATOM IS NON PHYSICAL? after all, there is no end to splitting an atom....SO ATOM IS A MYTH?
  23. Cris In search of Immortality Valued Senior Member


    I said detectable.

    You are talking about observation.

    I can detect the presence of otherwise unobservable subatomic particles by examining bubble chamber photographs of particle collisions. At least that was the method I used as a physics undergraduate some 30 years ago, I suspect the techniques are more advanced now.

    I believe the planet Pluto was detected first via mathematics before it was directly observed.

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