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Discussion in 'Religion' started by Xelasnave.1947, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    sorry , missunderstanding. i was making a bit of a joke suggesting that part of your arguement was allowing the opposing debaters to win.
    dry humour.
    indeed i might be, as equaly as we are emotional creatures.

    personally i have expereinced too many things to not beleive in mysteries happenings.
    science may one day discover how some things work
    like quantum particle duality, 2 partlces in to different places expereincing the same thing.
    it is said in some news items to be all the rage for next-gen communication devices allowing things like rovers on other planets to have almost real time remote control etc.

    do i discount a god concept ?
    i do not have enough evidence to disprove a god entity, however i am more inclined to beleive in higher beings/life forms than a single god entity.
    it is not really am area i get into.
    it just seems to be more logical.

    remember that just because 1 person decides to declare a god concept atributable to some star does not mean the potential underlying premise is suddenly void.
    only more distorted from an original concept.

    modern secular LGBTQ & Womens equality religions im all for.
    they make people happy. i see no need to try and pull their world apart.
    much like a persons happines, just because they beleive in fairies or anything else it is against my moral code to damage their mind & psychye and happines to smply serve my own ego and try to damage another person who is not attempting to damage me.
    i love the ignore feature it allows me to keep myself in check and not respond in kind to those soo mentally damaged that they seek to damage other peoples sense of hapines or Ego.
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  3. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    If you read Frazer's Golden bough as(an intro to) folklore, it ain't 1/2 bad. (I read the third edition---long ago)
    It seems most likely that the assumed veracity of his sources was problematic.
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  5. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    Well I say sorry that I missed it.
    Often my humour is misinterpreted and I have to explain.
    Now that could make an interesting thread.
    I am not sure if you are offering support for God or astrology.
    I am unaware of such religions.
    Leaving aside the belief in a mythical unevidenced character my objection to religions (those we discuss here generally) is their hatred of gay folk and their low regard for women generally.
    Imagine how domestic violence is supported by this crazy belief men are superior and that women are not more than possessions...these misserable men who are so insecure constructed religion because they want to control another humans behaviour make me sick.
    Heck if someone wants to leave let them ... and so often a woman only wants out bevause the guy is a dominating fool.
    Yet teligion comes down on the side of invented.
    One god??? Heck why not a man and a woman...cause the inventors of god were just miserable insecure males...they give decent men a bad name.

    I suspect you see that negative quality in me and when I think about it there is no need for me to be even in the slightest the way you observe but maybe I am guilty..In fact in the real world that is how I interact I respect others and dont jump in with the views I present in this place...But I do get upset and behave badly here because I dont like to see folk conned and I do think that religion is conning folk with an unsupported promise of an after life and a horrible threat of eternal torture.

    And looking at those who use religion for control and profit has me seemingly attacking the poor victims of the con when indeed it is the con artists I should focus upon.

    They manipulate by deceipt and threat...not decent in my view.
    And that is a wonderful quality.
    I can understand you may think I am ego driven but I say the impression may come from the vigour of my attack rather than some self belief gone wild...although when others make such an observation I do try and see what they see not see what I want to see.
    The view we have of ourselves is often very different to those around you.
    I was near heart broken once when told I was seen as violent..My self image is that of an extremely peaceful person.
    Folk judged me on the rare times I made a stand not the years and years I sat quietly in the corner.

    But when I go off you do notice...but that is all they notice and judge you by.

    You seem like a nice gentle person trying to tactfully point out a problem without being critical.

    I do like your gentleness.

    It seems that there is something in my op that upsets you and I suspect it may be that you think I am running down astrology.

    I am not as anti astrology as you may think.

    I have a friend who educates me in astrology and what I take from it is that it is an effort to relate activity to times of the year.

    And I conceed if you are born at a certain time of the year it may influence your character...may...but me giving that concession is a big deal..I do not have that type of concession for religion.

    It has been very nice hearing your views and nice to be talking with a gentle person.

    Have a wonderful day.

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  7. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    100 % agree
    the fact that soo many self acclaimed "conservatives" rally together to oppose gay marriage, equal rights & gender equality laws and then call it "family values" is such a fase on moral equity.
    neither per-say
    i am alluding to the concept of divergent religions,
    beleifs coming off other beleifes etc...
    then because of some modern trend concept, scientific factualness being assigned as some type of modern absolute of the Ego asserting its own judgement over all things, purely because it needs to affirm its self actualisation from being indictrinated as a missding link to purity as intellectual being.
  8. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    It is not the has no ego...scientists should not but do...but I expect you may resent science as it seems to trample ideas it does not support...perhaps your ideas.

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