Theory of Electronexplosion in (English) and (Spanish)

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience' started by victorespinoza, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. I never said that electron exploits. I am proposing a theory that says that the electron moves and vibrates because it exploits what surrounds it. And what surrounds it to the electron: (the universe) that still nobody has seen or known, but it must be as small as the electron and that electron touches the universe and exploits it so the electron to move and vibrate.
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  3. arauca Banned Banned

    What do you mean by universal, Yes there are electrons in the air molecule every matter have electron bu most I believe are localized at their corresponding atom , perhaps something my favor to your argument the electrostatic charges generated as things move . Take a plastic sheet when is rolled it generates a lot of static charges that have to be discharge. or as example truck who deliver gasoline they have a dischaging devise so that no spark will be generated as gasoline is poured into the tank.
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  5. We hear the humming noise of electrons which are exploiting to the composition of the universe.

    Demonstrating that the humming noise is an explosion:

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  7. I think my theory that electrons exploit the composition of the universe explains the noise of a thunderstorm and its explosion:

    Is there a fuel that explodes in a thunderstorm?

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    Very affectionately,
    Víctor Espinoza Guédez Elias
  8. AlexG Like nailing Jello to a tree Valued Senior Member

    Yes. Water vapor.
  9. arauca Banned Banned


    I think if you would not mention "electron exploit " it would be more acceptable. The discharge you showed is a product of electrostatic ionization due to cloud friction and you get a plasma discharge and the noise due to the speed of the discharge which is faster the the speed of sound in air. But again the electrostatic effect is due to motion of body like cloud in relation to the ground.
  10. And what It is made the wall of sound, because it breaks y exploit?
  11. billvon Valued Senior Member

    No, that's thousands of cats screaming.

    Do you see any explosions in that picture? No. Do you see any cat's eyes? Yes, at least two and a half. That's just a fraction of the total cats that are making that noise.

    If you want some final proof, see how many mice you can count in that picture. Zero. If there are no cats, how can you account for the complete lack of mice in this OUTDOOR picture?
  12. arauca Banned Banned

    I don't think it breaks It is the massive reaction between the positive ions and the electron which were stripped by the moving clouds. I believe if there would be no movement of clouds you would not strip electron
  13. A movement of air or cloud does not produce noise.Touch two bodies or an explosion produces the noise.
  14. arauca Banned Banned

    Let say I follow your argument ? in the case of lightening , I would say there is along the the lightening an implosion ( no explosion ) because of the discharge negative and positive charges and a product is formed , usually when a lot of lightning take place you can smell ozone , which is a product of water an oxygen
  15. Read-Only Valued Senior Member

    Really? Then you've lived a VERY sheltered life never to have experienced a windstorm, tornado or hurricane. Nor, apparently have you ever watched the news on TV.
  16. The lightening are photons of energy. I am not speaking of the energy.
  17. billvon Valued Senior Member

    The lightenings are forks full of cats. I have proven this several times. I have created this theory on my own, and have proven it through simple demonstrations and pictures. It is how the universe works.
  18. arauca Banned Banned

    Que es lo que estas preguntando , porque no te entiendo ? Si tu estas diciendo que hai electrones que estan flotando y estan haciendo un sonido . El sonido que nosotros oimos es base de una corriente de aire . Acuaedate que en un ambiente vacio wl sonido no se transmite , para oir sonido debe haben haber elementos presente, asi que para oir sonido debe haber un movimiento de aire. Asi en una descarga electrica deben haber moleculas con carga electonica y cuado las moleculas se combinan hay un movimient de aire , siendo rl movimient muy rapido ( mas rapido que el sonido reansmitido en el aire ) por eso se oye como una explocio,.
  19. Mi teoría no es sobre los rayos de las tormentas eléctricas, sino, yo humildemente digo que los electrones se mueven y vibran porque hacen explotar lo que está a su alrededor y de ese tamaño solo existe una cosa: el universo y su composición. (Esta es mi teoría) no la de los relámpagos.

    Entonces mientras debatía el tema vi en Youtube un relámpago y lo agregué en este tema para ver qué pasaba, diciendo que los relámpagos o rayos en las tormentas eléctricas es causado por el mismo fenómeno de los electrones que explotan lo que está en su alrededor y por eso los electrones se mueven y vibran.

    Yo sólo creo que el ruido de un relámpago o rayo en una tormenta eléctrica es producido por la explosión de la composición del universo que rodea a los electrones. Por eso la conversación, por algo que creo.

    Es cómo la explosión de una bala, yo creo que el ruido de una bala detonada es una onda producida por millones de explosiones de la composición del universo que hay dentro de la bala, porque la pólvora afuera de la bala no produce ese tremendo sonido de un disparo.

    Te explico: Dentro de una bala hay presión y pólvora solamente y cuando es encendida la pólvora algo dentro de la bala crece, pero de dónde proviene más presión si está sellada. Es cómo inflar un globo, un globo se infla con aire, pero de qué se infla la bala cuando es detonada. Yo creo que a la bala lo infla la composición del universo que atraviesa el metal de la bala. Ves yo creo que el ruido en la bala y en el relámpago es la explosión de la composición del universo que atravesó los átomos del metal de la bala. Y en el caso de los relámpagos creo que la explosión es creada por el rayo como si fuera la pólvora.

    Creo que el ruido es la onda expansiva de la explosión del universo.

    Muy afectuosamente,
    Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
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  20. leopold Valued Senior Member

    what i hear when i watch the video appears to be some kind of generator whine combine with the spark strikes combined with the hum of a transformer core.
  21. The noises are different for every thing. The electron to exploit the composition of the universe must have a noise only. Will that be?.

    I think that the high voltage cables is the sound of explosions from the composition of the universe for its high number of electrons.

    Many noises are heard in the video, but listening to one similar to the high-voltage wires.
  22. Arioch Valued Senior Member

    I thought that sound was vibrations which propagate through a medium(such as air or water). I thought that high-voltage wires produced sound because they're vibrating at a certain rate and the vibrations propagate through the air to our ears where they're converted into signals which our brains then translate into a form that we can understand. Damn, to have been so wrong.

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  23. There is a particle which moves the waves of a planet to another, than to am trying to prove that it exists, because this particle that is between the planets is cold and is heated in the Solar System. This means that this there is particle in space.

    But it is so small that we can not touch it because it is around atoms, and as it is around the atoms also surrounds the electrons. And I'm proposing this theory the electrons move because they exploit this cold particle that exists in the entire universe.

    I am sure that the noise in the high voltage cables, it is because the electrons exploit to the composition of the universe that you already mentioned at the beginning of these writings.
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