Thiaoouba Prophecy?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by exsto_human, Nov 2, 2003.


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  1. liv4ever Registered Member

    Another repeated inanities.
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  3. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    And yet all you can do is make the same unsupported claims without posting anything of substance, or actually refuting my arguments.
    You're obviously a waste of time.
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  5. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member

    No, I did read some of the Carlos Castanedas books. Similar kind of thing.
    Probably better researched.
    Last edited: May 14, 2011
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  7. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member



    Why? And says who?

    An assumption plus see the previous answer.

    Still no actual substance with any bearing whatsoever on the topic I note.
  8. liv4ever Registered Member

    No problem :shrug:
  9. murdoch Simply Psychic! Registered Senior Member

    Your reply is like closing the door for anymore argument from being stretched anymore in a funny manner.

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  10. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Who are you asking?

    In fact I've quoted from it. Maybe you should read a thread before making claims.

    Oh right. A TV programme

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    How is that a viable, reliable source?

    Maybe if you'd read as much on the subject as me (and most of the other "naysayers") you could claim to have done some "research". As it is you'll just have remain an uneducated, gullible "bafoon".
    PS try reading a dictionary too. You may not end up better informed on this subject but at least you won't make ridiculous spelling mistakes.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2011
  11. aounow Registered Senior Member

    Hooray for Neo-Theosophy!
  12. catcess Registered Senior Member

    oh, I found this... Michel spoke about this on U.S TV many years before there was evidence. Make sure you watch the whole thing, it is headed by a scientist.

    According to Michel the E.Ts known as the Greys were watching Earth people to see how we cope with the loss of our immune system as they have lost theirs. He did not explain how they lost their immune system, however the evidence does not lie, these materials are not from Earth.

    Also a very long interview with the Doctor.

    Oh, he`s probably a CRANK!!!!

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    Last edited: Jun 18, 2011
  13. catcess Registered Senior Member

    Hell yeah,that`s it!!!Ets came down took someone up in a space ship stuck a long needle down someones willy and gave us Aids just to see what would happen.That is what I`m saying and that is what they are saying in the presentations.In fact if you watch it through to the end you will see how Aids was actually thought up by the U.S government, sent to ETs via ESP from some guy called Darrel then the ETs then came down and gave everyone Aids.
  14. catcess Registered Senior Member

    Watch these set of vids, this one particular takes the cake...
  15. krokor Registered Member

    Flaws in the Prophecy!

    Currently reading the book again and stopped at Chapter 9.

    Things that were not clearly explained that certainly needed explaining.

    Horses with the heads of beautiful women???? What the hell? The Thiaoubians (Spelling is wrong I'm sure) were female to look at, do you think they would have at least given some explanation to Michel as to why these creatures had heads similar to their own and bodies of horses. Sick experiment in Genetic Modification or what?

    Kangaroos were imported from Bakaratini (Spelling wrong I know), sure this is simplistic in it's explanation but what of all the other Marsupials. There were no mention of them being imported, just the Kangaroos and yet Marsupials (Including the Kangaroo) are all native to Australia. Should have been more detailed on the illegal importing of native/alien animals.

    The reason why I stopped reading was the reference to the Advanced Beings visiting Earth to stop the horror of Nazi Germany. This was deplorable. Simplistic propaganda in its purest form. If this Advanced Civilisation had any clue as to the history of World War II they would have stopped the Rothschild Family, Rockerfellar Family, Morgan Family and every sickening Royal Family on the Planet. But no, they just wanted to brand the Nazi as the bad guys. This is clearly a Hollywood Script. Simplicity on a serious subject about an advanced race that supposedly chose Michel to write a series of books detailing his adventure. Not one 183 page novella skimming over the real issues and just delivering a fantasy novel that could have simply been a Northern Queensland Mushroom Festival.

    I went out on limb on several occasions for this book, but as I have matured as a human being I realise this is just a fairytale trying to get across a moral message whilst pleasing the Zionist Machine that controls the planet.
  16. mutubatu Registered Member

    To begin, I am not posting this to criticize author's theory/true/reality. I have not read the book.

    I've been always pretty materialistic person who recently appeared to be woken up to a completely different world or reality. I am exploring it now. I'm finding lots of amazing stuff every day, but lots of deception and disinformation in the same time, so I've learned to always verify.

    Reason I came into Dr Tom Chalko is the Aura. I googled it and came into his website
    I found it very enlightening and I immediately believed everything he says there about Aura, Drug Free Society or Meditation.
    The one suspicious thing I found is the article regarding dangers of Global Warming.
    I already know that propaganda has infiltrated into almost everything these days, so I always make up my mind only after doing some more research.

    I must say I've found this thread very interesting to read through. It is not because I would find the information in all arguments and statements so helpful, it is because of the statistics I retrieved from it:

    Simply, these users came to this thread to defend the book/TP:

    the light (1 posts) -> he sounds to me like an author of the book, but I might be wrong
    purpleprincessts (2 posts)
    Vinay (4 posts)
    cookie man (6 posts)
    rkpulley (11 posts)
    Robanan (63 posts)
    spirit (9 posts)
    TrappedInIce (4 posts)
    Ogga (1 posts)
    aounow (5 posts)
    catcess (17 posts)
    lucem aeternum (19 posts)
    gr8fldanielle (1 posts)
    xxsjxx (4 posts)
    orangelady (2 posts)
    20Bond05 (1 posts)
    Charlie4 (3 posts)
    moomoocoow (1 posts)
    bob_z4 (1 posts)
    dragon41 (6 posts)
    cynicaleye (1 posts)
    liv4ever (67 posts)
    EcleticOne68 (1 posts)

    Majority of these users created their accounts just to come to advocate the book/philosophy and haven't been involved in any other threads. It also appears to me that some of these users use the same way how they phrase and express their thoughts so it gives me an impression that we have one person with multiple nicks here likely.
    It would be interesting to see the IP address report for these nicks.

    What conclusion or speculation can be done from this? For me it's these possible scenarios:

    1. Author has many followers that found this thread and came to defend him.

    This theory is possible, however I have also my very favorite authors and I would never go to any forum just to defend them. I see no reason for that, because all authors must have some critics and you would spend a life time to go around discussions to defend them.

    2. Author came here and used multiple nicks to advocate himself.

    If that's the case, then he discredited himself just by doing it. Why would you use multiple nicks? Are you I afraid that people will stop listening to you? Are you a split personalities and find it natural to appear in multiple identities? Do you want to make impression that you have many followers? Possibly

    3. It is a conspiracy and someone used multiple nicknames to discredit him -> hmmm

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    4. Author employs a group of people that do the propaganda for him. -> This theory supports the fact his page comes in front of the list when you google "aura". So money must be involved in it unless this page get lots of hits naturally.

    I am not saying it's definitely one of these four. However I am a bit worried of the option two. It could be actually dangerous to practice the spirituality the author's way as you can become a mind controlled split personality victim

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    But seriously, I am definitely going to do more research regarding spirituality, although I've already seen some false Messiahs, like the Transcendental Mediation vs. D. Lynch, The Secret or the guy called Richard C. Hoagland who's knowledge is used for Evil purpose.

    So my main point is - never trust to any "whistle-blower" until you verify the information yourself. You have been warned!

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  17. DoesAnyoneReallyKnow Registered Member


    im a kid... and uh... have not read this book... im thinking of reading this book... but if it talks about how someone made this universe, then i will prolly toss the thing. i am a teen, and i dont know what i believe in, i know of god and all, but, i dont like to hear, (the universe/world was made like [however stated])

    i think it is BS when it talks like that, i think. im not sure, i think there is a higher existence, i believe somewhat it certain parts of evolution, i believe if we go back enough generation we could answer so many questions, but i dont think man would be monkey. i cant astral project, im trying to learn. i cant meditate , i dont know.

    the 7 chakras, uh, crown brow etc.. they seem valid to me, sorta.

    but.. i dont see how anything could make the universe, but i am young, but i am willing to learn, i just hate people who, are too stuck in society to believe anything spiritually, the reason science does not prove these things is because people who experience these thing or at least say they do, dont join together to prove it, not even chrisianity, all they do is say have faith, when someone has a miricle happen to them or they "see an angel" they do nothing to try and prove or disprove it, its stupid, no, it is ignorant,

    also, my personal motto, why not believe there is something else out there.

    idk what my point for postin this is, just, if you trust in only science dont judge this if you cant disprove it with science 100%, the same goes for any other way to judge this.

    imagine, please note this is just from my head, i have no idea if this is possible, it is just an example, what if we found a planet, by this time we have leaned how to.... beam me up scotty... uhm anyway and we know if we try to land they might catch us and since we lived our lives this way,,, we believe they would disect us,,, so instead we pick out someone we belive will not be heard if he told anyone, and we examine him find out his beliefs, if we see them as wrong we tell him, no, belive in this.... and tell him our beliefs,,,

    would that sorta be like this book....

    idk yet....

    why is it always people involved with farming, do they get our t.v. stations and think that our farmers are the smartest >.>
  18. Search & Destroy Take one bite at a time Moderator

    Mod Comment:

    Reason yourselves. Rubbish belongs in the bin. Toleration is maximized, and anymore stuff without reason will go to the bin.

    We are a Science Forum.

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