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Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by DaveW, May 20, 1999.

  1. Flash Guest

    Sirius B,
    I cannot speak for the others..only myself.
    No, I am not mad because people happen to
    believe in God. That is their own bag to
    deal with. If it helps be it.
    I have no bad feelings or ill will toward
    anyone who chooses to believe in God.
    I just have a hard time with some who try
    to put God in the picture with aliens..
    Don't get me wrong..ok, if that is what some
    choose to believe..then ok
    God is not in my picture of it though..even
    if God was real, man... he has nothing to
    do with this part of it at all... nor do
    ok I am even getting bored with myself...
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  3. Lori Guest

    Boy, you guys are really pissed at God, aren't you? You keep mistaking the evil of men as the evil of our Creator????? What are you telling me, that God makes us f up? If God MADE us do anything, then wouldn't He be that unruly dictator that so many like to call Him? And Bottica, you are so right about Biblical prophecy, in that those who were seeing into the future did not know exactly what call what they were seeing. That is why the prophecy is "sealed up" until the time when it is relevant. But Bottica, the prophecy doesn't say that the whole Noah's ark scenario will be repeated. What it says is this...that in the end times there will be a falling away from Christ, and a belief in the "doctrines of demons", and that is not to say Satanism. No one pays any attention to those idiot Marilyn Manson kids on Jerry Springer, ok? But a belief in a spiritual heirarchy (new age religion), and a master deceiver who will come to this earth, and take credit for creation, and declare himself the Christ. Think about it...what better evidence to support that than a bunch of little green men with telepathic powers????? Does this sound a bit ironic to anyone else? And to clarify, I don't think that the purpose of hybridization is to create an anti-christ, but to support one in his rise to power. You know, I know that the concept of omnipotence, and all of the ideology that is in the Bible is hard to swallow, and difficult to understand, but it's not brain surgery, ok? If I can get it, I'm sure the rest of you can too. For me, when I was questioning (long, long, time and much research in other areas besides the Bible), it's been kind of like learing to ride a bike, or to drive a stick-shift car. At first it seems much too overwhelming and hard, but then it seems to "click", and it gets so simple to figure out that you start wondering what the hell took you so long, and why the hell doesn't everyone else get it?
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  5. Flash Guest

    I do not think anyone is mad at can
    you be mad at something you do not believe
    If believing was soooooooooo easy -then I
    would have been right there where you are
    today in your beliefs, don't you think.. know I even had a woman come up
    to me and told me that when she met me she
    had said to god, "if it be possible, let
    this cup (me) pass from me..never the less
    blah blah blah" so she then decided to
    take me on as one of her projects..prayed
    for me and shit..hahaha she even bought
    a Bible for me!! THEN told me one night
    that God gave her a vision of me speaking
    in front of many many youth..sharing with
    them the word of god.. LMAO!!!!!!!!!
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  7. I first have to say that this is a very good forum . lots of intelligent people, and i love Lori's devotion to her belief.

    As many of you know and have read i presume, we are about to find the " key" that has been hidden from us for so long.. Didnt prophecy tell us that that is going to happen this summer?

    Those of you that know alot about Edgar Cayce, Michel de Notredame( Nostradamus) and other prophets.. tell me about it.

    I bought a DVD movie about Religion, and Prophecy, though i have experienced that few really know what is going to happen "translating" prophecies and such, i noticed that almost all of those "experts" said that we are about to find the key under the paws of the great Sphinx in Giza, Egypt.

    Do anyone know something about that?

    " Hey,. I am just Norwegian..."
    PS Webadm.. Your Forum doesnt support Opera browser 3.60
  8. To Hkon,
    Was the sphinx before egyptians?

    To the religious,
    What happens when we die.
    I shall ask this question until I get an answer.
  9. Lori Guest

    Flash - I hate to tell you this, sweety, but I pray for you every night. No visions, though, sorry. LOL!

    H-kon - I'd have to agree with you. I think the shit is going to hit the proverbial fan very soon. In a way I'm very anxious to get this ball rolling because its really going to change all of our lives. Some for the better and some for the worse, but I think that our generation is a special group of people. On the other hand, I'd like a little more time to work on Flash! LMAO!

    General - do a search on near death experiences, or go to Seems that each story is their own little "slice of the pie". Not everyone ends up in the same place either, but it's enough information to get the general idea, or at least a good start. Tell me what you think.
  10. Flash Guest

    ohhhhhhhhh yeah... uh-huh... give it up
    my friend!!!!!!!
    Lets face are JUST AS BULL-
    HEADED AS I AM!!!!!!!! Meaning, I can't
    change you anymore than you can change me,
    huh???? Too bad though, cause we would make
    a kick ass team LMAO...
    see the TRUE light.. LMAO...
  11. Wow, congratulations Flash, you've realised something most leaders of our fair world start wars over because they can't grasp the concept that you so easily did! (You and Lori not changing each others beliefs for the other) good for you

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    If you are ever voted to power, i hope they stay the same

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    Ja Ne, Ghost ITM

    Ps: i didn't mean this message with any sarcasm, i'm dead serious.
  12. Flash Guest

    awwwww thanks Ghost

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    actually, I can't take credit for that
    revelation...I know it sounds like I view her as an enemy..BUT.. I happen to like the little shit *S* whyyyyyyyyy???? well I don't know but I do. LMAO
  13. Lori,
    I know what happens when we die, it is in the bible, but no one seems to be prepared to actually point this out to me. I came to the understanding that you had read the bible therefore you knew what happens after we pass away, obviously you do not and that is my point about people who spout religion and know nothing of what they are talking about. How can you or anyone else believe so much in the bible and god and know so little.
    Why must we believe in god and have faith in him, answer, in order to gain everlasting life, that is the reward for devotion.
  14. Flash Guest

    Hey, are you wanting to know what happens
    to you after death according to the Bible??
    Or what really happens?
  15. Flash,
    I know what happens in the bible, but what really happens?
  16. Hey General, you write this: Why must we believe in god and have faith in him, answer, in order to gain everlasting life, that is the reward for devotion.

    I suppose, more importantly, why must we eternally burn in hell for lying to our parents when we want to go to a party or on the larger scale, having a god that expects us to believe in him when he offers little, if any proof to us.

    Ja Ne, Ghost
  17. Boris Guest

    All of you guys:

    Read what Plato wrote in the Evolution vs. Creation thread. (It's not really evolution-related, but it's a really nice overview of the origins of christianity). I think a lot of your questions are resolved by that one post.

    I am; therefore I think.
  18. H-kon Guest


    Yes. the Sphinx was buildt at the same time as Cheron pyramid was conctructed, The image of the Sphinx is of the pharao that ordered the construction to watch for him.
  19. Richilin Guest

    Nephilim were the children of the fallen angels, they all died. The fallen angels didnt die, the flew up to heaven again.
    BUT they can impossibly do this thing again, because the canĀ“t take bodies like ours any more. So, dont worry, no one ever again gonna have a baby with a demon. Oki?
  20. Mike Registered Senior Member

    Does there have to be a God?

    I am not a religious expert, but I feel in a persons search for a definitive truth an analysis of human society must take place.

    The concept of a God or Gods is an ingrained mind set of human culture, every known tribe of early man has had it`s own God or Gods. In the beginning these gods were simple, the Moon God, Sun God, the God of Fire and Earth. As the human race evolved religion evolved with it. Becoming more complex, the one common factor which remains is control, "God loves you, now prove you love him by doing as your told"

    The reason I ask, "Does there have to be a God" is simply because I see things like this.

    Religion is a translation of hierarchical human society. In a human society there is a Boss, one person above all who is in charge. The United States has a President, the United Kingdom has a Queen, an African village has a Chief. This is needed for the survival of a structured society, without a Boss, without control you have anarchy, as seen in Africa on a regular basis. 2, 3, 4000 years how were people to be controlled? Simple, the Chief the person closest to God says" Do as I say or God will be angry". The paradox is concluded when the devout followers of God blame all the evil actions of men on men themselves and not the will of God, simply because God loves you and wants you to live forever, and there in is the key.

    Humans have thus far until the twentieth century led very hard, quite miserable lives. But now people especially in the west have never had it so good, and now we have more and more time on our hands to contemplate where, when and most importantly why? Before it was simple, no matter how hard and horrible your life was, if you do as your told you`ll go to heaven. What now? What has heaven got that Bill Gates can`t have already, or will he go to hell for being successful?

    There`s a great deal of talk about aliens and the end of the world, it may interest some you to know that people were saying the same thing about the end of the world (not aliens)1000 years ago. Crops weren`t even planted, just because people thought that was it, the world was going to end.

    To me, the inclusion of aliens into religious theory is just the next step in our evolution as a society. The breaking away from 2000 years of doctrine in search of a more plausible answer. This the first step in what will ultimately be what happens to be what I believe in. The first step towards realising that...

    We are here, we are home grown natural earth inhabitants, and we are alone. The Earth was here 600 million years before we came along, it will be here 600 million years after we`re gone.

    Yes there is life out there somewhere, but as for it visiting us, I just don`t think it`s true.

    Yes there are unanswered mysteries, we only have knowledge of 5% of species history of evolution........So who really knows?

    [This message has been edited by Mike (edited July 26, 1999).]

    [This message has been edited by Mike (edited July 26, 1999).]

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