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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by DaveW, May 18, 1999.

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  1. DaveW Guest

    Please post any feedback on the new message board system (or the site!) here.

    If you have a suggestion for a new topic forum or wish to become a moderator, please email me.

    Dave Watanabe
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  3. Dave Guest

    Great message board, Dave!
    Hopefully it won't get clagged up by the few foul mouthed idiots that hog the alt.ufo newsgroups at the moment.
    It put me off them completely with the garbage and non-related dribble that they kept posting time and again.
    The lay-out of this board is great ( What it cost ya??!! lolol )
    Best wishes, Dave
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  5. DaveW Guest

    One of the best features of this new board is the ability to easily ban the "foul mouthed idiots" who detract from intelligent discussion!

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  7. Rodvik Guest

    Hmm I just posted in the general Exo sci forum a post that should be here. Sorry.

    Anyways the drif was , anychance of splitting the exo sci board a tad? Us hard science types get plauged by God/Alien/Abuduction types which can be a bit frustrating. Its not THAT big a deal as nobody makes a pest of themselves but its sometimes tough to find a post about exo sci when you have to scan past 20 threads about Angels and Demons first!

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  8. This is, by far, the most interesting science site I have ever used. I am greatly appreciative of the effort you have put into this great site. Oh, and sorry for slipping up on the back button, I made four of the same topic in the aliens board.

    Send me your comments.
  9. April Guest

    I think that this new forum is great. If I want info or something for one specific topic, I can go right to it instead of looking through everything through all that ufo/alien sighting stuff.
  10. Sirius B Guest

    I am new to this place and I find myself reading the posts quite often. I would like to know if there is a FAQ page? I wonder what the difference is between the "junior member" and the "member?"

  11. DaveW Guest

    The FAQ is at:

    As for the difference between 'junior' member and 'senior' member, there is none. The classification really only lets you know who has posted more messages than others.
  12. Sirius B Guest

    Thanks Dave!

    You should win the award for "best message board administrator" You would definitely have my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Boris Guest

    There's something strange going on with this site. It tends to screw up Netscape Communicator (my browser of choice) after extended use. It's probably a problem with the browser. But whatever the cause, after I visit and scan through a few discussions, the browser stops responding to my clicks on links. On UNIX, I have to quit Netscape and restart it. On Windows 95, I actually have to restatr the entire system (probably due to some DLL of Netscape's that gets corrupted and stays in memory). Weird problem, considering it probably stems from all the cookies this site uses, and that the cookies have been around long enough for bugs to have been ironed out.

    Does anyone have a similar problem with Internet Explorer? Dave: is this a known problem?
  14. Flash Guest

    Yes...mine is doing the exact same thing!!
  15. DaveW Guest

    What version of Communicator are you guys using? I'd like to try and replicate the problem.

  16. Lori Guest

    Hi Dave,

    As resistant to change as I am, I must admit that I really like the new format. You do a good job. Have you thought of starting a links page for us? Maybe organized by associated topic of discussion? Just a thought. Have a good one!
  17. Boris Guest

    I'm using 4.5 on Windows 95, and 4.07 on Irix 6.5. I'm going to try it on Solaris too pretty soon; if the problem occurs there, I'll let you know.
  18. H-kon Guest

    Hi Dave

    I am pretty new here, but i have to say that this site is the best one of this kind that i have found so far.. Opera Mail is gonna miss me.
    About that. I didnt get Opera 3.60 to work here its problaby Opera, so i went and did Netscape which i have never tried before.. i actually like it. LOL
    Nice forum here
  19. The 2 thing needs are a Links page, and a CHAT ROOM. Then exosci will become really popular.................
  20. oh, and the message system is the Best there is on the net, even though there are very similar message board systems at places like <a href=""></a>

    -_[((GOOD JOB DAVEW))]_-

    -Double Overdrive
  21. Del Registered Member

    Dave, excellent message board. I'm one of the hated journalists (AME of a newspaper in Florida) but I have a fascination with all things astronomical -- the science part, not the speculative stuff -- and I've had some great dialogues with your correspondents.
  22. dumaurier Registered Senior Member

    I have a suggestion:

    When we are in the Secondary Exoscience Message Board, a list of topics appear. After i have clicked on a topic and finished whatever contribution (if any), i return to the main list of topics. I note this topic i have just finished now is highlighted in gray. If i have already entered into two topics and then return to the board to select another topic, i note that those two previously selected are highlighted in gray, also. May i suggest you change the gray to say, red, so that we may distinguish it better for, you see, the original colour of the script is blue, and gray and blue are not easy to make apart, especially on monitors of lower qualities.

    I would personally appreciate such a change to the board.

  23. Boris Senior Member Registered Senior Member

    One little gripe:

    When you delete a message from the board, the system actually <u>thanks</u> you for doing so! (It's probably not the kind of message an administrator would wont to convey to his board's users

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