Time Travel

Discussion in 'Physics & Math' started by atomka, Nov 19, 2001.

  1. atomka Registered Member

    There are several different ways to time travel, hypothetically that is. If someone would like to discuss the different ways hypothosized, gimme a shout.
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  3. SeekerOfTruth Unemployed, but Looking Registered Senior Member

    One possible way I have read about is to establish a wormhole, if you can, to some distant part of the galaxy. You then fix one end of the wormhole in space and then move the other end. This will apparently, I am not familiar with the math, create a wormhole that is in effect a time travel device.
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  5. kmguru Staff Member

    Another way is to surround the object by two concentric broad band EMF of a very high magnitude. Then move the inner field out of phase to the outer field. To move to a specific space in time, you have to have a self propelled device that takes the object and moves in space while maintaining out of phase field. Once the required destination is reached, synchronize field to that space. It is a little complicated than that like where to put the sensors etc. - but you get the point.

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  7. suip Registered Member


    the main problem of problems, is the part where you travel to approaching the speed of light....My theory is that if you find a straightaway and ride your bike REALLY fast, you may speed up time around you enough to see a noticable change....of course, the straightaway would have to be the circumference of the earth (unless you had a space bike), and you'd have to go around it thousands of times....sure your legs would get tired, but it'd be worth it.
  8. Bigtraine Registered Member

    Yet another theory is that of 'infinite universes'. The theory goes that for every decision a new alternate universe is created giving us, in effect, an infinity of worlds. Now, these universes are interfering with each other a sub-atomic levels (interference patterns in quantum physics). So it is theorized that if they are interfering with each other then there must be some way to travel from one universe to another (at sub-atomic levels).

    It wouldn't really be 'time traveling', but you could go to an nearly identical universe at any point in history and feel like your time traveling. And it also gets rid of any paradoxes that seem to commonly occur with regards to time travel. This is because since it is a different universe, any changes made there would have no bearing on the universe you came from.

    Other than that I believe no time travel is possible because if it was then someone from the future would have come and told us about it.

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