To Atheists: How did you come to terms with having no purpose in the world?

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by CheskiChips, Jun 25, 2010.

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  1. CheskiChips Banned Banned

    That is to say; atheists, by their own decrees have no inherent value, nor do their religious counterparts. To the atheist the value of a person is self-ascribed...but if the person who's ascribing the value has no value, then there's no credence to that value! It becomes an exercise in masturbatory futility. Obviously, if you have no value and no have no purpose.

    So atheists, let me ask you...why do you keep on living at all?
    - Is it to simply enjoy the next physical sensation in a never ending quest for ambrosia?
    - Do you enjoy constructing emotions through intentionally placed ignorances?
    - Does the struggle of giving another shmo with no purpose an equal chance to share meaninglessness drive you through life?
    - Or are you just afraid to die?

    Those things aside, are you an animal? Or are you an animal uniquely different and elevated above other animals? If you bite me...can I put you to sleep? Why not?

    Just in general I'd like to hear from atheists about how they struggle to find a reason to not end their lives when they've already determined internally they have no purpose at all. Or, I would at least like to hear the delusions they use to convince themselves.
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  3. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    I've never decreed that I have no purpose, only you have stated that yourself. Why are you putting words in atheists mouths for if you aren't one then how could you ever know what they think? It seems that you might want to worry about your own life and what you do instead of medling into other peoples lives.
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  5. Sock puppet path GRRRRRRRRRRRR Valued Senior Member

    So your theist understanding of the human condition blinkers your view of humankind to the degree that you think people who don't see things as you do are without worth or purpose.... interesting.
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  7. CptBork Valued Senior Member

    Above all reasons, my instinct tells me to live. Curiosity and pursuit of pleasure, entertainment and novelty do the rest.

    I've taken my share of physical risks in life. I'm not afraid of dying, as long as it's not drawn out and excrutiatingly painful. I'm more afraid of torture than death, really.

    No, but you're not obliged to feed me either.

    Because I believe I'm intelligent enough to be able to choose my own time and means of death, and that putting me to sleep at this stage wouldn't be averting an unnecessary degree of suffering. I believe all human beings should be treated this way, and not just a select few.

    Ok, you got me. Sometimes it all breaks down, and I have no choice but to gulp down a big pint of stupid juice before I fall apart from lack of meaning. I recently found this super cool book passed down from many generations ago. Ever since then, I've been having repeated visions of this imaginary friend named "Gord". He tells me that if I grow goofy pigtails on the sides of my head, pray to him constantly and do everything exactly as he says for the rest of my life, he will reward me with an eternity in an afterlife where all my material wants will be provided for, and an invisible hand will constantly fondle my scrotum everywhere I go. Sometimes, the thought of that invisible hand is the only thing that gets me through the day without lynching myself.
  8. visceral_instinct Monkey see, monkey denigrate Valued Senior Member

    Wow, thanks for your ignorant and unnecessarily hostile post.

    My life has a purpose. Not because I believe in some invisible dude in the sky, but because I have real, concrete, worthwhile goals in life, such as finishing my natural sciences degree, getting a steady job, and hopefully moving to Norway. I don't need religion to have purpose.

    I have a value as a human being. Again, not because an invisible dude in the sky says so, but simply because I'm a human and a member of society.

    A reason not to end my life? Lemme see...

    I don't get to listen to music after I die.
    I don't get to eat or drink after I die.
    I don't get to go freerunning, mountain biking or anything else fun after I die.
    I don't get to go to any metal concerts after I die.
    I don't get to have sex after I die.
    I don't get to watch the MMA when I'm dead. Well, maybe they'll have live streaming in Hell, I don't know.

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    I don't get to learn anything, have any new experiences, or form any new relationships when I'm dead.
    I have people who need me. A single mom and an autistic brother.

    That enough for you?

    Oh wait..all these real world reasons are completely insignificant compared to having an invisible dude in the sky tell you you can go to heaven if you're a good little girl. Your attitude makes me sick.
  9. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    Some Theists would just sit believing in their god(s) and thinking that when they die their god(s) have provided for them with some better place. To me this suggests that such beliefs are in fact completely Gluttonous.

    You have to work for things to make those things a reality, that is something that even a god would appreciate. Sitting and believing and/or praying for something is not the same as actually putting method into action and generating the outcome through perseverance.

    You ask (albeit paraphrased) "Why do atheists continue to live without belief?", well the truth is we all have belief's, however we also have rationalisation. We live because our existence is about existing and therefore living, while we might celebrate loss when someone dies, we are really here to continue to celebrate life. Life is the metaphorical Ambrosia, quench your thirst with it's bitter-sweet taste sensation.

    Are we afraid of death? Every person prior to indoctrination of one form or another is born with death as a constant conflict. Our first breath in a new world is taken so as to win a battle and for our entire life time we attempt to win battle after battle until we can fight no more.

    It's not so much that people fear death, but they really don't want death to win. For instance if someone points a gun at me and tells me they are going to kill me, I'm not going to be scared of death, if anything I'm going to be pissed off at that person for trying to scare me or intending to kill me. I'm not going to want to let them win, which means I'd likely do something some would see as foolhardy to survive like attempting to disable them.

    Do atheists commit suicide? At the end of the day anyone no matter their religion can make that decision and it is usually theirs alone. We can state it's a stupid decision to make, but if someone is that depressed and feels that much pain, then there is nothing that can be done for them. (Well other than actually trying to get them to find something that makes them happy, but most of the time their depression is caused by an obsession with something that can't easily come about. For instance finding the perfect match, having someone understand you other than you etc)

    I'm pretty sure though the figures of suicide wouldn't have much difference between those that believe in a god(s) and those that don't believe.

    Do we class people as animals? Humans are animals, the only thing that differentiates them from all other animals though is the capacity to think, the capacity to learn, the capacity to communicate and share wisdom etc.

    It doesn't mean we shouldn't be empathetic to one another. Should a person kill another person because of a crime or because they hold a different belief.

    I would suggest no, but that's because there is no lesson to be learnt, no period for remorse and no time spent attempting to repair any damage done by just killing someone because they committed a crime or held a different belief.
  10. baftan ******* Valued Senior Member

    If we ignore the sarcastic tone, the OP sounds like an attempt to investigate how atheists deal with life and death, how they cope with what we call "important questions" of human mental universe.

    However, when we include the tone, it becomes clear that the OP has no such an intention at all, other than the intention to propagate how atheists are actually empty, aimless and non-human (which is presented as "animal like" in OP) delusional creatures.

    I am pretty convinced that religious people have no intention, neither capacity, to understand how atheist people really think about or answer such questions. It'a all about an ideological pissing contest for them: All the information, knowledge, sources and logic is out there; it is possible to reach them by anyone who has an access to internet. It is not something secret or encoded. Unless one thing: How does brain work? All these neurons and their connections create a weird combinations for different people. Each different type of brain is capable of making different outcomes out of given information. Some brains are just not available to think otherwise; because of hardly wired connections throughout childhood education and social habits, because of biological process ability of an individual brain, because of some other type of challenge. Although it is difficult to say "impossible to change", it is still a difficult task...

    If one sees a genuine problem with his/her own way of thinking, habits, beliefs etc., this person will -again "genuinely"- try the alternatives, will make comparisons instead of isolations. If one already constructed an idea of "my side vs. other side", this person doesn't see any problem with his/her own thinking, therefore there is no problem in his/her thinking in the first place.

    My understanding emerges as this: "Religious" people! Do you believe in God, Allah or Supermen? Therefore they do exist for you. Simple as that, just keep believing it. When it comes to understand non-believers, just forget it, you have literally "no chance". You will only use them to support your own belief system, one way or another. So OP can not be answerable by anyone: Each and every answer will automatically be branded as "this is not an answer". No point.
  11. Kernl Sandrs Registered Senior Member


    You need you understand something. Just because I don't believe in an invisible man that lives in the sky and watches over everything I do does NOT mean I don't want to live. Where the hell do you get off saying something like that? I don't believe what you do, therefore I must be a bad person, right? I don't mind religious folk, in fact most of them I know are very kind and loving, but there are also types like you...

    And simply because I don't wish for things to an imaginary being does not mean that I believe I don't have a purpose.

    Ignorance just spews out of you like a fountain. I went to a Catholic school up until 8th grade, so I can say with certainty that if there's one thing religious institutions DON'T teach you is how to be tolerant and understanding of others.
  12. Kernl Sandrs Registered Senior Member


    You mean a cognitive bias? I agree with you.
  13. Votorx Still egotistic... Valued Senior Member

    Its unfortunate that our purpose isn't conveniently written in book for you to read. We need to actually create our own purpose, something that I'm sure seems alien and unusual to you. I'm confident that my personal reasons for living is much more fulfilling than anything god has to offer.
  14. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    You might as well ask why my cat keeps on living. We are animals, and our lives have no inherent meaning. That is true for theists as much as atheists. It's not something I ever felt I needed to come to terms with. It's the situation at hand. Physical and emotional pleasure are worthy goals, as Epicurius taught. Love, understanding, wisdom, skill, creativity, appreciation for nature- none of these require a God to experience.

    How do you come to terms with fooling yourself into thinking this entire indifferent universe was all put here for you?
    How do you come to terms with the horror of eternity? At least atheists can look forward to death as a final rest, the end of this experiencing entity.
  15. Billy T Use Sugar Cane Alcohol car Fuel Valued Senior Member

    I'm more of an agnostic than an atheist, but your question is presumptive and not in accord with human genetic programing. Those with death wish were selected against during evolution compared to those who wanted to live.

    Thus there is no need to find a reason for wanting to live nor for wanting to have five fingers on a hand. (Both are genetic mandates.) - I.e. you could kill yourself or cut a finger off but both would be acts against human nature and painful. I have never found my self struggling to resist either of these contra human urges (killing myself or cutting off a finger).

    That one lives to serve or worship God seems to be the delusion. Wanting not to die is part of genetic makeup.

    Most people do have a reason to live / a purpose - perhaps to gain status or money, or to "save the whales", or give their children an advantage, etc. Many just find the process interesting. I like to learn - get a lot of pleasure when I do.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 27, 2010
  16. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    If things get really crappy, I would kill myself. It's kind of nice to have that option.
  17. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    There is nothing wrong with egocentricism, as long as I am at the centre of it.

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    (I couldn't resist)
  18. Blindman Valued Senior Member

    You dumb ass fool.. Morality is not a theist construct..
    To stop the mutant monsters (theists) from taking over and destroying civilization.
    Theists are the ones that depend on intentionally placed ignorances.
    My right to live was given me by my parents. Theists views of atheists (OR opposing theists) borders on sociopathic. Every life has meaning and a right to live.
    Yes I am afraid to die. What type of dumb ass question is that. How about you just remove your self so us (atheist, top of humanity) dont have to have you threaten our lives..
    Im an animal. I eat, sleep, shit, and fart. What are you to think your not part of life, that your something special. Afraid of the ordinary.

    You theist (your case Jew) like to elevate your self via a belief system above others. Untill you (theist) can accept we all have equal rights we will have war, violence, and intolerance.

    Atheists are the most peaceful people on earth, we are the meek that will inherent the earth.. Without violence you can not stop us... Ha ha ha.,.....
  19. Anti-Flag Pun intended Registered Senior Member

    Why do you guys feed the troll? Just ignore the ignorant shit.
  20. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    I usually rely on a never-ending round of illicit drugs and alcohol. Interspersed with mindless sex and the occasional bouts of murder, rape and arson.
    Oh, and responding to ridiculous questions on the internet.
  21. Emil Valued Senior Member


    Because life is beautiful, interesting, exciting, etc.
    Since I am happy here and I am not unhappy and wait for death to be happy in Heaven.
    You can understand that?
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2010
  22. CheskiChips Banned Banned

    I gather from most of the angry responses with few exceptions (Stryder for example), it's not nice to single out a group of people and ask them of their beliefs.

    Am I really putting words in their mouths? I made a logical deduction and assumptions from them, I by chance am...human too. You're right...cosmic, if I shouldn't meddle in atheist affairs, maybe you shouldn't meddle in... Israeli, Indian, Iranian, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or any ones but your own affairs. Right?

    Oh dear.

    Thanks kernl sanders, I'll learn to be more tolerant like you. I'll try to tolerate people who have different opinions than myself, and not say hateful things about their organizational structures. I'll also try not to make assumptions about things I am not actively involved with.

    Is it trolling to ask atheists why they want to continue living? If they do, they should be able to explain it succinctly.

    Well there you answer to the question.
  23. CheskiChips Banned Banned

    In general it seems people think I am incapable of understanding their perspective as an atheist. I don't make the assumption of an atheist, it's often just given by evidence. The point I am making is...there's never been a truely atheist society, that is unless you believe the biblical accounts of Amalek.

    I'll give you a little lesson on them; they had no idols, gods or beliefs in anything other than what was their contemporary secular thought. When they went into battle they fought like "bees" (which die after they sting). That is to say their self-sacrifice was for the betterment of the whole, they may die in battle but their sacrifice meant nothing because of their 'selflessness'. Star Trek fans could contrast them to a very moderate borg.

    A modern incarnation of them is akin to the secularist German or Russian societies during WWII. Russian military philosophy saw no inherent value in life and proceeded to allow millions to die...while German saw no inherent value in the flawed human and instituted extermination of the mentally ill or physically unable.

    What separates the modern atheist from this philosophical mindset?

    If there was an entire nation of atheists...would they live in total anarchy...or would they live in a world where the weak did not survive? Murder is wrong...but how long does it take for an atheist society to accept new tolerances for murder under "Special circumstances"? In Germany and even the US for a period...killing the mentally ill was accepted. Well...why not expand the "mentally ill" to "the religious" the "those who impose rule of law""It's acceptable",

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