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Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by davewhite04, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    do you find its a generation thing with people telling you to "get outside more often and start a hitler youth group or something practical" ?
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  3. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    I started playing Skyrim for the first time just before Christmas, having previously played a couple of the earlier Elder Scrolls games (though I never finished them). Skyrim is a good game (duh!). Although, I keep forgetting where I'm at with the huge list of miscellaneous quests I have stacked up. I'm deliberately avoiding progressing through the main story line too fast, since I want to get decent play time out of the game and see what else it has to offer. My character is at about level 25 at the moment. There's quite good variety in all the locations and quests. As usual with these kinds of games, the carrying capacity limits can be annoying, although the restrictions on what you can equip simultaneously make for interesting choices. You have to trade off good protection (=heavy armour) against the capacity to gather loot (unless you want to make several trips back and forth between a dungeon and somewhere you can unload your stolen goods, something I never want to do). You're also pretty much forced to choose a fighting style: will it be two-handed conventional weapons, spells, or one handed weapon+spells (I usually go with this last option). Also a lot of decision making as to which magic items to equip/use in any given circumstance.

    There's all the business with the dragon shouts, which is kinda fun. It's a big deal when you stumble across a new one or an extra word to add to the arsenal.

    I don't really like all the fiddling and experimentation with alchemical ingredients. I end up carrying a whole stack of potions with me that almost never get used, but which take up valuable space in the inventory. I also don't want to use any cheats.

    I went with the werewolf/beast blood thing quite early on, but I think I'm over it. Does anybody know how to cure lycanthropy?
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  5. davewhite04 Valued Senior Member

    I completed the main story first and have tried to get back into it since. It's so beautiful(mods on PC) and the feeling of freedom is like no other. The cohesion of the world, the lore,weapons,armour it goes on. Very deep and brilliant, if you have got the hours to get fully immersed into the game you'd probably say "This is the best game ever, but Witcher 3 is good"

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    Last time about the weerwolf thing you couldn't cure it, or maybe someone asked that, if not there's probs a mod for it.
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  7. Stoniphi obscurely fossiliferous Valued Senior Member

    Eh -the werewolf thingie just interferes with your ability to get the 'well rested' bonus, but otherwise hasn't made any difference that I can tell. Level 49, about to tie things up as much as I will in Skyrim. 3rd run-through for me, we'll see if I go for a 4th. I am at 80%. However, some of the locked achievements I am set to go on, some are not very interesting, and some I have done but they are glitched as not being so. No biggie to me. The fun is in the gaming, not so much the winning.
    Its a Buddhist thing I guess...

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    I spend more time outside than most anyone, but would love to spend even more. I introduced my 26 year old son to computer games with Diablo and Myst when they first came out, so I guess I am actually 'part of the problem'.

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    Proudly so! I'm an artist, nobody expects me to be practical.

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