Was God (in the Bible) a man ?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by Ted Grant II, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Ted Grant II Registered Member

    Saved from what?
    Eternal punishment perhaps?
    You can't have experience with an invisible man that lives outside of space and time.
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  3. Ted Grant II Registered Member

    The Bible is a collection of writings by the ancestors of the Jews and were greatly influenced by the local religions (ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Canaanites etc.)
    Early Christians were Jews who wanted to convert Gentiles, but had to get rid of some of the old Jewish customs in order to make their ideas more acceptable.
    They also expected that their hero, Jesus, would return in their lifetimes with his army of angels to free them from Roman tyranny.
    Ironically, they managed within a few hundred years, to convert the Romans and form the Catholic Church.
    Morals do not originate with Religion. People invent religions and decide which morals to include, then claim they came from God or gods.
    The morals evolve by the needs of individuals and groups of individuals.
    I don't want you to steal my stuff or harm my children. Such common sense "morals" are universal.
    So if you agree to be nice to me, I will (reluctantly) be nice to you.
    Some "morals", such as found in Deuteronomy for example, were invented by leaders in order to control the masses.
    Very few of the 613 commandments are obeyed.
    Unfortunately, we live in a society that has developed morals that clash with "traditional" morals.
    The churches, as everyone knows, are slow to respond to rapid changes in society.
    If the don't change, they will not survive.
    Just look at the church attendance statistics.
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