Weird sky phenomena caught on video!

Discussion in 'UFOs, Ghosts and Monsters' started by Magical Realist, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Magical Realist Valued Senior Member

    It's Friday ya'll! Let's get this show on the road. Here's a weird spinning vortex caught over Troy Michigan. See what you think it is. Is it a meteorological phenomenon or something else?

    Check out this weird formation over Moscow!

    Then there's the infamous spiral filmed over Norway. Missile or wormhole portal?

    How bout morphing incandescent plasma in the clouds over Mexico?

    Weird glowing nebula in sky!

    Glowing light over Belgium (NOT the moon!)
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  3. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

    When the B.F. Goodrich Radial Digible engages it's proprietary version of "The Infinite Improbability Drive", it sometimes (though, more often than not!) creates "Reality Nulls/Voids" in the Time/Realty/Universe/Omniverse that it is exiting/entering/staying away from.
    At some time in the Past/Future/Now/Never, the "Court of Omniverse Universal Ediction" mandated that a "Was/Will Be" shielding made of "Non-Existonium" be placed around all new versions of any "Infinite Improbability Drives" and retrofitted to any previously manufactured "Infinite Improbability Drives". However, due to the fact that the element "Non-Existonium" only came into existence after the "Big Crunch", most manufacturers simply moved their corporate offices/manufacturing plants/articles of incorporation to a Time/Realty/Universe/Omniverse where the "Court of Omniverse Universal Ediction" never had/did not/could not/would not ever come into existence.
    Oddly enough after the "Big Crunch", only anything and everything and and only any and every element was composed entirely of the element "Non-Existonium". The element was so plentiful and therefore completely free to use to manufacture any and everything. Any and all things manufactured with "Non-Existonium" was/were/will be/are perfect! They never could/would/did/had wore out, broke down, failed in use or ever needed replaced! Everything that is. except for one use of the element!
    "Non-Existonium" failed miserably in being used as "Was/Will Be" shielding - it could not/would not/had never actually completed manufacture let alone assembly - so "Was/Will Be" shielding only was only used in places that it could not/had not/did not/would not ever possibly exist.
    Hence, that is the one and only impossible/illogical/irrational/inexcusably inane/insane explanation, that I, for one, will ever be willing to accept for the phenomena caught in those videos!
    Later/Earlier/Now/Never, dmoe
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  5. spidergoat pubic diorama Valued Senior Member

    Pretty sure that was the Enterprise. I just hope they don't alter the timeline too much.
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  7. Promo Registered Senior Member

    I enjoy the posts from M.R. they always make me happy on the inside.
  8. Magical Realist Valued Senior Member


    Thank you Promo ! As I do yours. I strive to both inform AND entertain here. It's good to know I succeed now and then. More sky phenomena to come!
  9. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    Now, if only he puts a

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    somewhere in the post to make me more comfortable that he doesn't take these things seriously.

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  10. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    Nostalgia ....

    I admit, this one got me going on a random romp through YouTube stuff, like the guy who can't understand how a car is parked on the side of a building; it's not—there are parking stalls along the ramp to the next level.

    Or the guy who thinks it's strange that there would be circular perimeter roads or paths around a military facility in the desert.

    And the awesome Michael Jackson conspiracy theories.

    At any rate:

    (1) Troy, MI: Phenomenal nexus of condensation, airflow, and light.

    (2) Moscow, Russia: Massive atmospheric phenomenon can cause clouds to do that. Remember that not only is water a fluid, but also air. Add the right lighting conditions, and you get a nifty result from natural coincidence. Still, though, that's pretty damn cool.

    (3) Norway: While the news report focused on a missile test, what the hell was the fan of light coming up from the ground? Honestly, it looks like someone is projecting something into the sky.

    (4) Mexico: Actually, this appears to be an effect of the moonroof.

    (5) Nebula: I've seen similar phenomenon before; it's something that happens when conditions are just right. What you're looking at is a cloud and sunlight. I'm not certain, but I believe ice crystals are causing the flare effect.

    (6) Belgium: The infrared makes it look like something exploded. However, the IR is just a filter applied to the existing footage. Without knowing anything about the CCD that captured the footage, the IR is unreliable. And with only one perspective on record, I'm uncertain how one could demonstrate that there was ever anything there but light, air, and water. Additionally, this one is pushed by a website that thnks htere are ducks and lizards on Mars.​

    Still, though, much fun. Thanks, man.
  11. Magical Realist Valued Senior Member

    Good explanations Tiassa. Here's some more. Notice the first one looks alot like that phenomenon over Mexico which you said was probably moonroof glare. Compare this one. It has that strange jumping around movement. Some kind of plasma energy discharge?

    This is a weird cloud formation associated with a bright object in the sky. Notice the sky around. Conditions are not right for natural cloud formation.

    This one speaks for itself. Real or fake? A helluva catch if real..
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  12. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    I Admit, This Is Kind Of Fun

    Actually, I'm going to go with layers of clouds.

    The heavy cloud, at the edge of which the phenomenon occurs, has clouds moving above it. If you note the sunlit side of the cloud, it appears more than simply possible, but, rather, likely, that obscured clouds are interfering with the sunlight before it reaches the part that appears to be flaring. Multiple refractions and reflections can easily cause such a phenomenon. And if we're not seeing the earlier refractions and reflections, it looks really cool and really, really mysterious.

    Well, where do people think clouds come from? I mean, to the one, it's a bit of a daring statement to say, "Conditions are not right for natural cloud formation". To the other, while I cannot claim enough knowledge and comprehension to say that a cloud can or cannot condense so quickly under the right circumstances, I have also learned from experience to never underestimate nature.

    Imagine that you have two zones of differning pressure moving toward each other. There is definietly moisture up there, but as they draw near, the turbulence around them will merge. Reminding the earlier point that air, also, is a fluid, and bearing in mind that under normal circumstances fluids get colder when in motion compared to relative stasis (e.g., the water in the lake is always warmer than the water running in the rapids of the river below) it is well within the bounds of imagination that as two larger cells come together, the turbulence between could result in such a temperature drop as to invoke that manner of condesnation. I wouldn't expect to see it on a large scale, but this is well within my assessment as a natural outcome.

    Well, it's sort of a ufo, inasmuch as it is unidentified at first glance.

    However ...

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    ... that, sir, is a Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk with its throttle open. While the USAF retired the aircraft from official service five years ago, they are apparently still flying. I was able to find some photos alleged to document an F-117 flight near Groom lake in May, 2013.


    Piggymossum. "The F-117A Nighthawk flies on at Groom Lake!" Around the Range. May 18, 2013. August 9, 2013.
  13. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    Original post:
    1. I'd actually suggest this was CGI. Looks weird, for sure.
    2. That's a fallstreak - very interesting formations.
    3. I think the Norwegian media are fully aware that it's just a projection onto the clouds, and are joining in on the "joke"... given the obvious beam of light from the ground.
    4. Meteorological people suggest this is just realignment of ice-crystals along electric forces within clouds, and the sun's reflection of them. No reason not to accept that.
    5. Looks wonderful, but it's just a cloud, and the reflection of the sun. There's undoubtedly some composition of the cloud (e.g. ice crystals) that means light is reflected more brilliantly.
    6. A well constructed video, but seems just to be footage of the moon going behind some clouds, with a cut to a second video to try to persuade people that it was not the moon. The infrared doesn't really seem to be looking at the thermal property at all, but rather just brightness.

    The next post with clips:
    7. Same phenomenon as the one filmed in Mexico.
    8. Cloud formation - they have to form somewhere. And are you a meteorlogical expert such that you can definitively say that "Conditions are not right for natural cloud formation."? If you had seen the video a couple of minutes later you'd have just said "It's a cloud". And they just happen to have seen it form. Good capture, but nothing unnatural.
    9. The last, which Tiassa claims to be an F-117, looks more like faked footage. Supersonic travel through clouds (and I don't think anyone disputes that the object appears to be going supersonic) does tend to have a slightly more significant impact than just the small exit effect that we see in the video, including entrance disturbance to the cloud etc - none of which is seen in the video. In fact, the cloud looks impressively unaffected, which wouldn't be the case. Some longer-lasting evidence of disturbance would be visible. Furthermore there would have been quite a clear sonic boom audible near the airport - and there was no sound on the footage (or on the "original" footage that you can find on the web). Further, the guy was filming the plane, filming the cloud directly, and despite capturing the "UFO" continues to film the plane. And lastly there is no motion blur on the footage of the "UFO". Anything going that fast would simply not be captured as clearly on each individual frame.
    So a good effort - but I wouldn't suggest it is anything other than fake.
  14. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    And one other thing ....

    Good call. Might still be a Nighthawk ... model. I also can't figure out for the life of me why EBEs would buzz an airport. Usually they pick on cattle, or yahoos in remote areas with few witnesses and a predilection for seeing things. If they're going to make themselves public, a flyby at MCO seems an odd choice.
  15. Magical Realist Valued Senior Member

  16. Magical Realist Valued Senior Member

    Or why a decommissioned military jet would fly full throttle thru Orlando airport airspace for that matter. You'd think that'd be reported as an international incident at some point. Alas! Nary a peep!
  17. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    (Insert Title Here)

    One of the commenters at YouTube pointed to the Lockheed Martin Cormorant, as well as a DARPA project that, technically, the Cormorant isn't part of.

    They're not Cormorants specifically, but the idea of a DARPA project to release UAVs from submarines, "falling upward" to the surface, and then launching, doesn't stretch my imagination at all. In fact, I think it's really, really cool.

    And one need not run with the falling upward notion; there are so many UAV variations right now, the most likely thing is that they're drones we haven't seen, or don't often see.

    While the project page is gone from the DARPA website, the archived version still exists.

    I'll go with terrestrial-developed aircraft not widely known.

    Drone LTA vehicle.

    (1) Colorado Springs, CO: Flares. This reminds me of a more spectacular display in ... Arizona, I think ... when similar lights were seen in a horizontal line. Additionally, I would remind that it is Colorado Springs.

    (2) Apple Valley, CA: Flares again.

    (3) Lubbock, TX: Not sure what it is, but this looks like reflected light.

    (4) Ciudad Juarex, Mexico: LTA drone.

    (5) United Kingdom: Honestly, my guess is that it's a piece of a military rocket. While most people pay attention to big project launches (even I caught the news of ISRO's awesome boost of a dozen satellites in one shot in February), few are aware of various launch tests. I have no idea how to find the British military launch schedule, especially if they don't want people knowing what they're launching, but I do know that NASA routinely launches rockets that are never intended to make orbit. Rather than a flare, as this object looks too big, it looks like a piece of a rocket tumbling to the ground. I would even suggest a piece of orbital debris having decayed to re-entry. I just don't know enough about what was going on in the Terran sky on June 8, 2012, to point to a specific event. It is also worth mentioning that despite the description in the video, that's not an "orange sphere".

    (6) Colorado: They're describing an "arched cloud"; very well, it's a natural phenomenon. However, the closeup did recall the idea of military LTA vessels, a set of contracts that aren't quite working out, but still have a lot of potential. (I like the idea; consider trying to land a big cargo jet in the middle of a disaster zone, and then consider setting a LTA capable of carrying a huge payload onto the ground, or even hovering low over flooding land in order to deploy. I don't recall if it was the sequester itself, or typical budget and testing problems, but I heard about this recently only because a contract was facing cancellation. Unfortunately, LTAS, one of the promising startups for this idea, is now in the hands of WSGI, or, World Surveillance Group Inc. To the other, LTAS was apparently fairly small, as the buyout price was a massive stock transfer plus $250k cash.)

    (7) Melbourne, Australia: Hoax. I couldn't tell you what you're looking at, but that's the point. What I can't figure out is what that camera is supposed to be looking at. It's not a wildlife camera, as there is no evidence of ground or foliage. It appears to be a camera with a night-vision capability pointed somewhat toward the sky (straight up, or what angle?) and, according to the note, left unattended. Why the hell would anyone do this? What were they looking for? The light exaggeration destroys any chance of determining what that object is. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they're just flying R/C hobby aircraft over the camera. But whatever it is, it's planned, if not outright staged.

    (8) Edge of Space: "Edge of Space"? What does that even mean? Again, this is the sort of footage that is intended to create a ufo question; without knowing anything about what part of the sky over what part of the planet we're looking at, there is no way to begin diagnosing this oddball footage. For all I know, I could be looking at video taken through a microscope, with small particles or organisms moving across a petri dish.

    (9) Fort Myers, FL: Aircraft. I can't cite it for you, but I've seen the phenomenon before, back in the late '90s, where zoom creates that diamond effect. Meanwhile, Fort Myers is on the west coast of Florida, with MacDill AFB in Tampa, and Air Station Clearwater (USCG) a hundred miles to the north.

    (10) Lake Okeechobee, FL: Can't really tell anything about the motion of the object, which is clearly an aircraft of some sort.

    (11) Sävedalen, Sweden: The only thing I question is what they mean by "ufo". See my note after the enumerated analyses.

    (12) Bounces off the Sun: Oh, for .... Okay, first of all, what telescope is taking this footage? Secondly, what, exactly, is the threshold for "ufo"? I mean, first of all, that "ufo", if it "bounces off the sun" is the planet-sized. Additionally, the stillframes don't even suggest a solid object. And even if we want to ignore those points, we have no data telling us about the telescope. I have no idea where this image is taken; it's almost like they're deliberately screwing with ufo/EBE believers, tyring to see just how outlandish they can get before the faithful finally call bullshit.

    (13) Australia: This one is actually pretty cool, but no analysis can be performed without more information. I could not tell you whether that is "real" or a hoax. As in, perhaps there is an aircraft or "spaceship" there, or maybe it's just a model. I do know that governments have been trying for a while to build flying saucers, and Pine Gap, Australia, which is claimed to have "a natural dimensional doorway", whatever that means, is a hotbed of ufo/EBE speculation down under. Some even consider it an American military base intended to hide our evidence of ufos and EBEs. As a matter off fact, the close-up still image looks kind of like a ceiling light fixture.

    (14) Shenzhou 9: This is another one where they're just dicking people around in order to see what the true believers will swallow. Shenzou 9 was an historic mission, the first manned flight to dock with Tiangong 1, and also the inclusion of the nation's first female astronaut. Now, of course, it is necessary to secure airspace around the launch site from press and other interlopers who could accidentally (or, I suppose, deliberately) screw up the launch, but it would also be an extraordinary assertion that the Chinese government wasn't flying aircraft around the launch zone for both security and spotting purposes.

    (15) Highland, UT: Only a ufo insofar as it is impossible to tell what kind of terrestrial aircraft is dropping the flares.

    (16) Universal City, CA: I like that one. It's nostalgic. I haven't seen one of those things in ... thirty-five years? But, yes, the opening frames remind me of something I saw flying over a rodeo with adverts on it when I was a kid, ca. 1977-78. The rest of the footage is too poorly shot to actually get a good look at the object. To the other, just judging by its color and fluidity, I'm going to go with some sort of balloon that has lost its tether. (I once tracked a "ufo" from my living room in the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle for over a half-hour, until I was able to confirm with my own eyes that it was just a dying weather balloon.)

    (17) London, UK: They're either screwing with people, or else incredibly stupid. That's an LTA something or other.

    (18) Palatine, IL: LTA.

    General Notes: The website pushing that video is also still pushing the Gulf Breeze sightings from 1987. Of course, they're also linking out to sites like Jalopnik, which in this case was mocking a crazy ufo sighting. Indeed, I'm going to go with the provocateur idea on that entire reel. These guys are just baiting true believers.

    A commenter to the YouTube video noted, "The only fact we know is that everyone has crappy cameras!!!" Another wondered, "why can no one ever hold their camera still in these?" And those are fair questions.

    In the days before digital cameras, ufo footage was actually a little bit better. For instance, the one thing I didn't see in there is the classic bright dot moving oddly in the sky and then zooming off as if the pilot engaged the warp drive. We used to get a lot of those from Groom Lake spotters.

    The strange thing, though, is that the proliferation of digital cameras and distribution through the internet has not produced better sighting records. Indeed, they've gotten worse.

    Allow me, please, to make my ufo/EBE position clear: I am as confident as intuition allows that there is life elsewhere in the Universe. Indeed, I can point you within a couple thousand miles where to look. In the question of intelligent life, that we might communicate, trade, or even fight with, I am fairly confident that it exists somewhere in the vast Universe. However, the clear preponderance of evidence has utterly failed over the last sixty-six years of the modern ufo notion to produce anything remotely convincing.

    Back when I joined Sciforums (Exosci, 1999), I was still a fairly anxious want-to-believe sort. The internet age has eliminated any hopeful proposition that "They are here". As fortean phenomena have become ever more popular a media product, the quality of the record has crashed into what seems a bottomless abyss.



    Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. "Cormorant Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV)". April 13, 2006. August 10, 2013.

    WSGI. "World Surveillance Group Acquires Defense Contractor Lighter Than Air Systems". April 1, 2013. Press Release. August 10, 2013.
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  18. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    I'll go with geese or pelicans riding thermals over Mexico. Hence there would be no need to flap wings, and if on migration they could be up there for a while so would be conserving energy and not flapping.
    The guy speaking is doing so in Spanish / Mexican (not sure which), so not sure what UAVs would be doing over Mexico.
    They do look like vehicles, though.

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  19. Magical Realist Valued Senior Member

    Pelicans wearing bright headlamps and that can glide upside down?
  20. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    Don't see any gliding upside down. When in the video are they supposedly upside down? I may have missed it.
    I do see them banking and changing direction, though, which can give the appearance of temporarily being upside down.

    White Pelican

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Their migratory path takes them over Mexico.
    Note the similarity of dark wing markings to those in the video, and the almost forward-swept nature of the wings, again similar to those in the video.

    The "headlamps" I'd suggest is just glare off patches of the white feathers - perhaps where there is a different type of feather / arrangement.

    Might also be the snow goose, or other goose variety that has those markings.
  21. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member

    I liked the Moscow cloud formation.
    With a bit of orange colouration, it could be the eye of Sauron.

    Дерьмо! Это конец дней

    Very very spooky.
    Time to get out the Vodka and inject the last dose of Krokodil.

    Here's another, with a cloud formation at its centre, which becomes like a white bird:
    More like the background to a Jesus Baptismal scene.
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