What happened to the Body of Christ

Discussion in 'Religion' started by Ted Grant II, May 17, 2017.

  1. Ted Grant II Registered Senior Member

    We are told that Jesus was in Heaven first and actually created the world (in one religion) then his father, who was very close to Jesus, sent him down to Earth to fix a problem with the system.

    Jesus became a little baby (for some inexplicable reason), grew up, just like a human in the Jewish faith (for another inexplicable reason), got very popular with everybody except a few Jewish leaders who decided to persuade the Romans to arrest him. Suddenly, after a short trial that was inconclusive, everybody (apart from a few mates) wanted him to be executed and the Romans reluctantly agreed.

    So he died and went back up to Heaven, but 36 hours later (according to one story), he had to come back down again to re-animate his body, which was waiting in a cave. He then met up with his mates and eat some fish (according to one story), then died again (for no particular reason) and went back up to Heaven (again).

    He had famously said to his mates, "I'll be back". But I guess that by this time, after all the down/up traveling between the two world systems, that he got fed up and decided to stay in Heaven, which is probably a good decision, given the way he was treated in this sin-ridden dump.

    The puzzle, that hasn't been solved, is what happened to his body?

    We know it must have stayed in the material world, not the spooky spirit world.

    It is very odd that his mates neglected to tell us what happened to it.
    Was it put back in the cave? Was it buried?
    Why didn't they set up a memorial at the burial site?
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  3. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    Who cares.
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  5. timojin Valued Senior Member


    I told you your wisdom is to late in time Unfortunately you are born at the present century
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  7. Michael 345 Valued Senior Member

    He took it with him and it is stored in the basement of heaven

    It comes out once a year at Christmas when it is the host of the Birthday Party

    It's a riot and always good for a laugh

    Last supper my arse

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  8. sideshowbob Sorry, wrong number. Valued Senior Member

    You really should try reading the Bible before posting such nonsense.

    After the resurrection, Jesus didn't "die again". He ascended bodily into Heaven, so there's no mystery about what happened to the body.
  9. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    How do we know that heaven is where he went?
  10. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    There is some confusion as to where heaven is however. Is it in the sky, outer space or is it a spiritual places. If it's a spiritual place then a physical body couldn't be co located there.

    I think there was a smoke and mirrors light show for the people of Earth and then the body was cremated with the ashes sprinkled into the sea.
  11. Ted Grant II Registered Senior Member

    Isn't Heaven a spirit realm ? Nobody allowed !

    Actually, I believe the simple solution is that his body stayed on the cross until it rotted and picked clean by wild animals and during this process, the bones fell off and ended up mixed with all the rubbish or thrown in a pit and buried along with general detritus.

    The resurrection stories were tagged on, so that the prophecy of Jesus it might be fulfilled, just like lots of other fulfillments.
    We know Christians edited the gospel of Mark and that some of Paul's letters are forgeries.
  12. sideshowbob Sorry, wrong number. Valued Senior Member

    After the resurrection, He walked around bodily, was seen by many people, had Thomas test his wounds, etc. There is no question that the body was there. When he ascended to heaven, a cloud hid His body from sight. That doesn't sound like a spiritual ascension.

    The whole story is fiction, even if it may have some basis in history. You have to take the story as it is, not try to reconcile it with reality.

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