What is the 6th Dimension?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Xeno, Jul 23, 1999.

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  1. alpert555 Registered Member

    Modern American Fascist Genocide

    How can you use the sixth dimension to escape an atrocious situation if you are obsessly exasperated by it? Think about it, and you're back.

    The CIA's MK Ultra was using microwave surveillance over forty years ago. With it THEY could see and hear everything through walls. But that wasn't enough.

    THEY couldn't resist but to use it for punishment. THEY turned up the microwave so high that we found the water in the toilet tank boiling. My wife and I got pancreatitis from the microwave burning swelling up the glands' ducts closed.

    Today, satellites with nuclear reactors use radio waves modulated with microwave frequencies for the same thing. And, these frequencies are modulated for various purposes, like, using chips for location and/or punishment.

    It has long been known that everything has an emission absorption frequency that may be tuned into to vibrate it apart, if it's rigid; or, heat it up, like a microwave oven does.

    THEY can overload a chip by using the usual chip length wave length that is standardly used to triangle in upon a person with such a chip in their sinuses; and, the emission absorption spectra of the nose's squamous tissues is tuned into to plug up the nose, so that temporary corticosteroids can be used to blind the person.

    There is a moderate eugenic project to exterminate the weak and the sickly. Corticosteroids to cause blindness and cancer, and against mental patients, dopamine blockers to cause misery and diabetes.

    And then, there are no diabetic sweeteners without "dextrose", common table sugar added, to make insulin adjustment too complicated for the mentally impaired. And, of course blindness occurs here too.

    It is amazing how Fascism always blames genetics for everything, and then proceeds to exterminate those with undesirable genetics. But, these murders are long and miserable. "Hypocracy" still outlaws direct euthanasia and "voluntary euthanasia".

    There is no easy way out. Long slow miserable deaths by homelessness, blind and cancerous, are dealt out by this Fascist government. The best defense against this tyranny is to educate the public by spreading all these and other suppressed secrets.
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  3. funkstar ratsknuf Valued Senior Member


    *backs away slowly*
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  5. Gretle Registered Member

    How much wood could a wood chuck chuck?

    OK I didn't read all the posts because there are quite a few but I browsed thorough them and read pretty many. Point being, forgive me if I missed it but I didn't see mention of the dimension where spirits are. Is this not a dimension that they exist in? Ghosts? Angels? Demons? GOD? Or is this what they were referring to when they said higher dimensions?
    You have the 3D space, time, and unseen entities. I guess this falls under coexisting worlds and alternate universes. And I guess I just answered my own question...

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  7. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    The only posters that would mention anything about "which dimension the spirits are in" would be the crackpots.
    There is no evidence that spirits exist (unless you're talking about the alcohol version) and even less of where they live IF they did exist.

    Likewise for those.

    What "unseen entities"?

    No you didn't. As has been pointed out in this thread (probably my posts) any theory of physics that even mentions "coexisting worlds and the like" also happens to mention that IF they exist there is absolutely no way of getting from here to there, or vice versa: in other words what's there is there, and stays there.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2010
  8. Gretle Registered Member

    and I suppose if it's there and stays there, you don't have to look at it and it doesn't exist.
    Makes sense to me. Close your eyes and it all goes away.
    Sheesh with thoughts like that your lucky you have air to breath or love in your heart.
    You cold blooded fiend you.

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    just kidding.
    To each his own. I don't suppose you believe in quantum physics either do you?
    Quantum entanglement? or those, what do they call them? God particles? Only taking form when called into being? when measured? But then it's there and we're here in different?? perspectives? I guess it's all how you look at things.
  9. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    If it stays there (and can't contact us) then it doesn't matter whether it exists or not - we can never find out anyway. In other words, for all practical purposes it might as well not exist.

    Since what I said above actually references quantum physics take a guess.
    (Hint: the answer is - of course I do. I've studied it at university).

    They are only called "God Particles" because the publisher of Lederman's book thought it would be a catchy title. He's regretted letting them talk him into it ever since.

    And you're looking at it incorrectly.
    Since, obviously, we can observe the particles you're talking about then they aren't, equally obviously, from one of these "other dimensions".
    And none of the above lends any credence whatsoever to spirits, demons, ghosts or god.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2010
  10. alpert555 Registered Member

    The "spirits" are found in the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension is that direction through variously bent timespace.

    What the public hasn't been told is that the further you depart from flat timespace the more tenuous and subtle the matter is, due to the loss of orthogonality. It is indistinguishable from "spirit".

    The various tenuousities of our being, ethreal body, astral body, mind body, soul body, spirit body, etc. are along the fifth dimension.

    There is no sharp distinction between them except at the tiny difference of Planck's distance. I have personally projected many different densities of astral body.

    The sixth dimension is the direction sideways in time to different timelines. But, if you are exasperated by human rights atrocities in a county that is supposed to be honest, your obsession will keep you on timelines containing the hated condition unil you cure the political disease.

    Misery loves company, so, here is an example.

    Saved e-mail message

    From: alpert555@webtv.net(Michael*Alpert) Date: Thu, Apr 29, 2010, 10:28am To: alchemy61@yahoogroups.com, alpert555@webtv.net Subject: The Cost of Criminalized Intelligence
    Dear Sirs:
    ************The expose of 1977 was a public exposure of the CIA's MK-Ultra, MK-Delta, Artichoke, and Bluebird. THEY were exposed by NBC-TV, the United Press International, and the Boston Globe staff: Ed Larkin, Glenn Krawczyk, and the lady most famous for exposing these human rights abuses, Mary Mc Grory. I still have their articles.
    These torturous experiments on American citizens were a violation of their own charter: not to mess with private American citizens. It was said that sexual nonconformists were used, but most of them never got arrested in their lives.
    Is it a coincidence that every one of these victims had violated the secrecy of the freemasons, and had never been members of any masonic lodge? The Church of Light did define freemasonry to be sex magic.
    It was said that 800 agents were fired; but, soon they were all quietly hired back. And these atrocities continue to this day! Many of these victims are disabled veterans. Are you going to be a party to these human rights abuses by continuing to omit this information?
    ************Michael Alpert
  11. CptBork Valued Senior Member

    Entanglement isn't what most laymen seem to think it is (hint: What the Bleep should not be mistaken for a science textbook, nor is it even accurate at the layman level). As for the "God particles", they're normally called Higgs particles, without including them the mathematics of the Standard Model can't be made to work properly, and they're called "God particles" because it's actually short for "Goddamn particles", as scientists have found them difficult to detect.

    More like having many forms at the start, and selecting one of those forms at random upon interactions with large collections of particles in a detector. (The randomness isn't arbitrary though- it has a well understood statistical description just like a coin toss or a lottery).
  12. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    As usual you're talking unsupportable nonsense.

    Depart from flat timespace? Right. I assume you mean space-time. Find me some that is flat.
  13. phlogistician Banned Banned

    What is it about WooWoos and WebTV?

    Duendy was also into LSD related conspiracy theories, and used WebTV.
  14. Gretle Registered Member

    I think it's called a God particle because it reminds one of creation in that you are looking at something that has not yet been called into existence. And you get to play God when you force it to take form; even though you do not know anything about What it will become or how. Simply that you are forcing it to take form.
  15. Gretle Registered Member

    And I for one do believe that this state of Outside of existence can be oblivious to time and in fact is a dimension. But like Dywyddyr has most clearly stated, It can't be accessed, so whats the point? Of course people will never go to the moon either.

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    It is like a rainbow in effect. God is the gold at the end of the rainbow.
  16. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    No. As previously stated by me (and specifically by Leon Lederman in the book with that title) it was a marketing ploy by his publisher.

    Not the same thing at all. Getting to the moon was always a matter of technology, these "other universes" are a matter of fundamental difference (if they exist at all).
  17. alpert555 Registered Member

    This fifth dimension was officially defined for science by the Harvard Unversity professor of quantum physics, Dr. Lisa Randall. See Lisa's book. "Warped Passages", on page 424.

    "Nonsense"? Some of you sound like my parents, who were atheists. I discovered most of the basis for the theories I present with the American Institute of Archaeology in Romania, in the private writings of Gheorghe Rakoczy, who was also known as St. Germain.

    Do you believe in God? Do you believe in light? In 1John1:5 it says, "God is light". We know light is energy. We got consciousness in finite time. Certainly probability, Murphy's real law, demands that energy has consciousness.

    The First Law of Thermodynamics says, "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed", therefore, energy is eternal.

    Dr. James Miller wrote in his "Living Systems", "There are two things in the universe, energy and information, and, information is the conformation of energy.

    If we were energy we would never sleep. We are only information. I am about 99.999% sure that we can become nonexistent, just as the wrinkles, representing information, in a cloth, representing energy, vanish when the cloth is pulled out straight.

    You could do me a big favor by giving me the absolute poof that we can become nonexistent.
  18. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    It has already been pointed out (many times) that this is incorrect.

    I see. You base your "theories" on the writings of a crank, charlatan and liar. Interesting...

    Huh? Beside the point.

    No it doesn't.

    That's not what the first law states. And even if it did your "conclusion" doesn't follow. The law (whichever version you go with) only applies to the universe as it is now.

    I think you should re-read the book:

    Wrong. And wrong.

    You could do yourself a favour by getting an education. Actually reading (and taking account of) other peoples' posts would be a good start. That way you wouldn't keep repeating crap that has already been pointed out to be crap.
  19. thinking Banned Banned

    what defines dimension though

    is dimension defined as something physical or mathematical or a combination of both
  20. BigFairy Hi Im Big Fairy! Registered Senior Member

    To me, that is the way science works. Our theories must be supported by both conventional wisdom and experiment. Fail anywhere, anytime and only once and the theory goes into the garbage.

    Does Gravity theory in higher dimensions, by contrast, have problems with anomalies once we have chiral fermions????
  21. alpert555 Registered Member

    Gheorghe Rakoczy did his private scientific writings in the 1670's, the principles of which he derived from more ancient books that he had. He was a prince, and there were no "cranks" of his rank in those days. In fact, it was very dangerous to be a crank in those days.

    Perhaps Edward Kelly or even Dr. John Dee might be considered to be cranks; but, they were the royal court science advisers of Queen Elizabeth, and later King James.

    Those old books that Gheorghe Rakoczy had were written in precuniform Sumerian hieroglyphics on skin pages that had been preserved by copper acetate. They were carbon dated to be 10,000 years old.

    They explained everything in the universe and answered the mysteries of the Nephalim. In Genesis it says that, "The Sons of God married the daughters of men". The Book of Enoch was all about these "Sons of God", the fallen ones, the Nephalim.

    In these books of skin, called Necronomicons, it is claimed that the "Old Ones" came from a place called Davanna, in the "outer darkness", beyond our galazy, which was probably the galaxy in Andromeda.

    Faster than light travel was facilitated by probability transduction travel which was done with what was like a "Star Gate". In the caverns under Mt. Negoi, titanium disks were found. I have one.

    It was written that the Old Ones genetically engieered Neanderthal Man into Cro Magnon Man. Not to "evolve" the human race, but to provide bodies to body switch into, just for fun.

    A federation of fifty races in our Milky Way galaxy, who arrogantly called themselves the "elder gods", rebelled against the Old Ones and genetically engineered Homo Sapiens from Cro Magnons, with the intent to thwart the pleasures of the Old Ones, and then proceeded to exterminate Cro Magnon Man.

    But, this genocide remains incomplete to this day, but which their regency in the Crown Temple in London is still attempting to complete. All Cro Magnon males were Double Y's. They were called the Anakim in the Bible.
  22. alpert555 Registered Member

    Here I have cut & pasted an article about the Old Ones, which will give you more information. The author is also a member of Alchemy61 and gave permission for this publication. You can compare this from what I just wrote from memory.

    "There was a legend in Romania that when Satan and his angels were cast out of heaven they first landed in the Carpathians. It is written in Genesis that the Nephalim, "The Sons of God married the daughters of men."

    At the base of Mt. Negoi there is a monestery like a fortress built inside out. Behind this baracade there a caverns in which titanium disk were found to be electron spin dated to be 70,000 years old.

    The "Old Ones" who left them are said to have (translated into the modern vernacular) genetically engineered Neandrathal Man, an animal, into Cro Magnon man, made so they could "possess" their bodies to have fun.

    The Old Ones supposedly came from the "outer darkness". Beyond our galaxy it is dark except for the light of other galaxies. The Old Ones came from the galaxy "in Andromeda", which they call Davanna, by probability transduction travel.

    In hostile response the confederation of 50 societies in our galaxy, arrogantly calling themselves "the elder gods", "condemned" the Old Ones, cf. "The Book of Enoch" and the "Necronomicon", and genetically transformed some Cro Magnons into XY Homosapiens.

    The XX's, women, stayed XX's but in the new genetic soup they also lost the neurological regeneration abilities, as did all Homosapiens, of Cro Magnon Man. The remaining Cro Magnon "subspecies" came to be called the Anakim.

    Whatever you choose to call them, Anakim, Cro Magnon or Double Y Chromos, they are a human minority who deserve the human rights guaranteed to all Human Beings. These rights have been denied. We need a special interest group and this is the Double Y Liberation Manifesto."
  23. AlphaNumeric Fully ionized Registered Senior Member

    He's a nut.
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