What is the most evil astrological sign ?

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What astrological sign are you ?

  1. Aries (March 21 — April 19)

  2. Taurus (April 20 — May 20)

  3. Gemini (May 21 — June 21)

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  4. Cancer (June 22 — July 22)

  5. Leo (July 23 — August 22)

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  7. Libra (September 23 — October 23)

  8. Scorpio (October 24 — November 21)

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  1. birch Valued Senior Member

    as for some positive aspects, i have this one but it is not altogether positive for me. it attracts weak men who either want to crush it or own it for themselves.
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  3. birch Valued Senior Member

    this is one of the aspects that makes one strange. my quoar in libra conjunct my mercury in libra.

    but sedna conjunct (especially) mercury, moon, venus, and ascendant has a similar affect. those with more than one placement will be giving off an otherwordly or ethereal vibe. they just do that unconsciously.

    but with Mercury-Chiron-Sedna conjunction, it seemed that it would be good for spiritual, holistic thinking. It could be good for intelligence

    sedna trines my ascendant and saturn but does not make direct hits to more deeply personal planets like moon, mercury and venus as it does for some but if you have such a chart, it will have the effect of the sensation below more strongly than even my chart:

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  5. birch Valued Senior Member

    as you move through this universe, you create a ripple effect. everyone is connected in an invisible grid system and they are all playing out on the astral level. that means every synastry and every composite in a cosmic web/mesh. that whole nth degrees from whomever is true. you don't just exchange thoughts but also energies as you come into contact with others, positive or negative. this is a continual process and flows like a pattern.

    people are not just designed or affected by genetics but also the planets so there is a multitude of variables and factors that are affecting you, astral energies as well as finite physical reality.

    i can't deny what i've noticed because i can now intuit and predict the synastry with people pretty much spot-on, which is pretty frigging amazing which proves that there is a pattern within all of us and that we are subject to on some level. that mathematical 'mesh' is real, though not visible to the naked eye.

    for instance, i have a dw valentine conjunct north node (south node with ascendant/descendant both ways indicating past life child or family member frequency/resonance) and that is agape unconditional love to the highest degree (at least what is possible for this reality) and moon/venus trine (very intimate, tender, compassionate love) dw and composite. but i already sensed that type of resonance between us before i even cast the chart. sun/venus (not square or opposition) is the most common and it's very friendly. moon/venus (trine and sextile usually) is a deeper octave of affection and common between parent/child (the ones that truly love eachother at least) and your most cherished family members, loves and friends. it is the known as the 'forgiveness' aspect.

    valentine is the love where you will take a bullet for the person with no hesitation and even self-sacrificial for that person (true love aspect). it's still statistically rare for it to align one way but both ways (mutual) is very rare. the moon/venus trine (which is the softest and still loving and mutual with a single aspect) going one way is not in every chart/synastry but for it to go both ways mutually and cement itself in the composite (three-way) and they are all positive (no contradictory aspects such as trine one way but a square/opposition the other) is very rare. this is a profoundly loving connection and just about everyone has this type of connection/synastry with someone (even if it's rare) out there that resonates with your 'unique' you.

    the valentine is one of those rare aspects that no matter what nasty aspects may be between the synastry and composite, it erases or neutralizes those effects and that unconditional love is always there. but no, i can't be with this person physically and that's not what that means just because you have a possible positive connection with someone (even a profound one) that you are meant to be physically with them in this lifetime or possibly any lifetime depending on different variables or factors but still that connection permeates throughout space/time. people have their own individual path and mission in this world, but that doesn't mean that love and connection is not real or existing. not to be totally pollyanna, that goes for the negative unfortunately as well. you can also have negative or non-mutual (deleterious, pathogenic/parasitic or predatorial) energetic links as well since this is a dualistic world.

    we have had many past lives and many connections that we have consciously forgotten as you reincarnate and live a different life, under different circumstances and with different people as it's reset each time.

    what this means is that since everyone is connected, even if you are seemingly 'physically' alone in this world, you are never really alone because we are all connected in some way, both the benevolent and harmful aspects. those who truly love you will neutralize the harmful aspects within themselves or will hold back harmful (or self-centered) actions and words towards you.

    people already know this because you can physically be around people and do not care for them or have much of a connection or a positive one and be connected to someone else even if they are physically far away from you. that is the 'illusion' as there are no absolute physical barriers in the sense that we assume.

    when they say love crosses all barriers and time/space, it is true. i think that's a healing message to consider. true and real love will always find a way and everyone is loved, by someone/somewhere/somehow or even better, a loving higher force that's boundless and unconditional, working through another.
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  7. birch Valued Senior Member

    my chart is hit with so many layers of angles and aspects of child and sexual abuse ( i did not name them all), it's unbelievable. it's also based on the time of birth. just a half hour before or later, would have moved these planets in other houses and would have made completely different angles and aspects and therefore destiny.

    but also to other people (comprehensive grid system) as if it had been in different houses, then my positive connections with some others would not have been possible so it's tethered to a lot of different people and relationships/destiny. this means that there was already a pattern in place that was inevitable, both good and bad; good connections with some and bad with others etc. if the soul link/resonance was already existing, then the chart would have to reflect those connections somehow, even if imperfect, to make it fit, overall. my most profoundly positive connection with someone would not have been possible with a change in the birth time as it would have altered all the placements, even if off by a few degrees. this is where the nodes and the ascendant connections would have been altered and that reflects the past life connections/resonance as well. still, i would have preferred a different time to have been born.

    not only do the nodes line up but the ascendant/descendant axis as well as the vertex/east point. the dual energies of the sun, moon, and ascendant of that particular point in time of birth makes perfect alignment with the chart in perfect synchronization to hit all aspects of mother/child from a past life including moon (mother)/neptune (spirituality). even all the asteroids line up and conjunct. it is amazingly precise. if past lives is true (which have to take into account present and past connections to other people), then this was destiny and there was nothing i or anyone could have done to change it (birthdate, time and location/coordinates). well, there would be no way for anyone to consciously to have that knowledge beforehand to change it anyways, including myself. i've only discovered this over time because i noticed a pattern in life and relationships and resonances that repeat with certain types of people and that further align/repeat with synastry.

    i kept asking myself what is it about this person that seems so familiar but not familiar at the same time and then i followed my hunch and casted the charts to see if that might be it and and it was mindblowing. again, i was noticing a pattern of resonance/frequency. that is how well honed my intuition has become but i had to develop it to survive and read others.

    it shows that this person was a child of mine (or similar resonance) in a past life according to the signatures and the synastry with my family members are similar to my son's synastry with myself as well as others in my family (again patterning). except in a past life i was probably forced to have a child from literal rape, but it indicates the 'soul' came from me so that is where the care and love resonance/aspects align but in this life there is a gradual improvement as i was not forced to have a child from rape in this life but some of his aspects mirror some of the stepfather's such as his saturn placements in relation to mine (this is where both the discomfort/warinesss as well as the beneficent familiarity was haunting me). my son in this life does not have those signatures, thank goodness as he has a different father. it does not show that i had any past life link with this particular person (stepfather) but that he had some signatures in his chart that magnetized it with my chart (predator/prey) at the points where i was wounded/vulnerable before carried over to this life. there was a different predator in a past life. it is also true that those who preyed on you before (because that also creates a resonance, even if negative) will be attracted to prey on you again in the next life or a similar type of person will. the only way i know to break this totally is to ascend out of reincarnation here and that is probably why i have signatures in my natal that indicate i did not want to be incarnate in this world again and why i have ascension issues in my natal chart to finally be free of it. last house in pisces 12th house (to be born completely into spirit form in north node/future) and even my so-called son from a former life is supportive of it by casting additional (ascension/neptune ) energy onto the north node as well as love. his chart also peculiarly casts pholus onto my north node which can either be chaos (it depends on what it's paired with) in it's very negative but also considered a 'turning point' as in to shake up an existing system to break free in the most positive manifestation along with the unconditional love and spiritual ascension energy/neptune.

    people who love you wouldn't want you to continue to suffer or be victimized. even the composites are exactly the same aspects indicating eventual separation of child/mother with that individual and my son in this life. very similar energies/vibes they exhibit and they also share mercury/south node which indicates "spiritual" siblings. they don't have those deep particular wounds (that constantly attracts predators) in their chart as mine does because that was their father and i am a good mother who tried to protect them. it is eerie how the stepfather in this life seemed to feel that my son (from a different father) is his son, even though biologically he knows it is not. very strange. now i need to save myself.

    there are certain aspects that would not change depending on time of birth and that is the major aspects such as sun/pluto, and especially mars square pluto. the mars square pluto as that is also a common signature of a rape victim for females who have that aspect.

    mars square pluto is the most intense and ferocious aspect in natal and synastry. it is likened to nitro + glycerine. it is not the most powerful aspect as the most powerful is mediumistic such as moon/mercury/neptune aspecting nemesis or nessus because these are even more destructive, just as pholus (chaos)/nemesis/nessus. this is because these types of placements give dark paranormal power where there is not physical 'evidence' as to the source, for obvious reasons. these are underground or hidden (sneaky) tantric but negative power placements. i don't have those in my chart but my parents do. aka black magic/forces. these aren't forces you are just bestowed with. this is lifetimes of honing these types of tactics that it has become second nature to them. this also flys in the face of the pollyanna version of karma (fairness/ethics) that conventional society tries to mask the brutal predatorial system.

    mars square pluto is the most powerful as in can be used either for good or ill, depending on the individual. it is more upfront. it's the god of war squared death/transformation. if they had this placement (which they didn't), they would have utilized this for evil too.

    i know most of you think this is unreal but i know i'm definitely onto something as there definitely is a pattern, not just in my own life but in nature at large.

    also, these patterns of exploitation and abuse can only stop if society changes as in people change, not just new people born that end up doing the same cycle of predation/prey. it's really sickening for the victim. it's horrible and a nightmare and to think you have to keep having to be a victim lifetime after lifetime.

    i would never create such a heinous system.
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  8. birch Valued Senior Member

    also, i kept getting images of the five of pentacles card from the tarot in my head as a symbolism with this individual and feeling we had a past life that was wretched, desperate and struggling. that and coupled with the ambivalence of having a child from rape but actually his soul was not from the rapist but from me (kindred spirit) and upon realization a guilt from the torture of doubt. he was a good and kind soul.

    it's like straight out of a dickens novel but that's the type of start i had with my son in this life and we struggled so much, poor and desperate and i had to give him up too for his own good as i didn't want to drag him through the mud. my chart indicates that though that i would be willing to sacrifice/self-less for the greater good for my child, even if what's best for them or to give them better chances at life is to not be with me. but i think that's just my own soul regardless, and the chart just aligned that part as it was the most important to me as a saving grace for my child. i would not compromise on that ever. i would rather suffer and pay any other consequences than my innocent child as no child should have to.

    i also remember once when i lost a child in the first month in my very early twenties even though i didn't know that i was pregnant consciously, my subconscious knew and i had a dream of this child and a nurse came to me and said his eyes were 'jasmine' and i saw his eyes and they were hazel. we both looked at eachother with no recognition of eachother on a soul level, not a kindred soul and the father was not someone i wanted to have a child with either. in the dream i had that flash. i knew intuitively in the dream that this particular soul was not supposed to be my child and the feeling was mutual and that is why it spontaneously aborted (at least in this case) and there was some search going on in the neighborhood for this missing 'baby' and i told them to call it off because he will not be found.

    but when i was pregnant with my son, the way it progressed was on hindsight it was meant to be and destiny for him to incarnate at that time but i did not have a secure life for a child. i was constantly on the road and i kept repeating pregnancy tests and it did not show up until the third month (i knew i was pregnant but the tests kept showing negative so again, my intuition warring with the outward physical world and my intuition was right on again) and i was desperate to have an abortion but low and behold, an accident came upon me where i had no money spontaneously at that time and between jobs at the moment and there was no one to help me and no agency either because i was earning income the month before. i was distraught but i finally went in for an ultrasound at three months and it was as if i saw his soul through the ultrasound and i just melted and couldn't go through with it.

    when he was born, i looked into his eyes and i saw the most wonderful, precious sweetest being. i didn't know i could love someone so much, so deeply and totally. his innocence actually pained me as i wanted to protect him from all and any future sorrows and pain. i wanted to give him the world. i felt so terribly guilty for ever even having such a horrible thought and how terribly wrong i was to doubt. he was a dewdrop of pure heaven. i was honored and he deserved so much more than i could possibly give him so i felt very guilty.

    i still feel terribly guilty because i couldn't provide my child with the life and beginning a child deserves. but later i had that vision of my soulmate extend a helping hand down to me and that was a message that it was meant to be at that time, somehow.

    i take that vision to have meant that it was to show me a kindred soul who cares for me in this existence and that i am not alone.
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  9. birch Valued Senior Member

    even after, i had to be separated from him as i had to go away for different jobs and couldn't take him along as i had no security. the separation was so hurtful, especially harsh on him as he was at such a tender age and needed his mother. it's like that precious inner cord/bond you have with your child is being pulled so tight and away to almost snap and cause both of you pain. the circumstances were a nightmare. i can't forgive myself or this harsh world for that because it was also society that made it difficult and the coldness of it. there were a lot of ways society made it difficult and one was finding a secure job that could afford a living for both of us. then, on top of that, even being rejected for jobs that i was qualified for out of prejudice or spite, when back then i was a meek and kind-hearted and very well-mannered person!! quite a turn-around, huh?! just so much stress/hardship and then also being treated horribly/third class citizen for using any social services like i was dirt when i was working and sincerely trying. guess what? when i stopped trying is when i got help. stupid society but by then i lost my son. evil and cruel world. why the fuk should i try to compete for jobs with people who don't want to give you a job that you can do? they want it so bad, then they should work since they obviously don't want you to, right? lmfao!

    well, i guess my military service to god and country did pay off for something at the end. then there are people envious of that and they didn't even serve in the military or the reserves and national guard like i did. they really should stfu. that's what's wrong with people in this world is they have no idea what you've been through and think your life has been as normal or as easy as theirs so stupidly assume you have had a primrose path or something. i doubt they would want to trade places with me and endured what i did, for whatever they think i got in the end!!

    the only way i could make it up to him is if i give up my life for him if it i had to as i have nothing to offer him except my love as i have no money or power. it pains me that he may still to this day think i didn't really love him but i did and do.
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  10. birch Valued Senior Member

    his moon in leo conjunct my venus in leo. moon/venus is a common signature between mother/child. this goes both ways as my moon conjunct his venus also perfectly. that's the cord (heart/emotions). soul to soul flow. his sun/mercury goes both ways in perfect flow, meaning telepathy even when apart. can sense eachother if something is wrong..

    beautiful configuration, isn't it?

    this is coincidence? make no mistake, if you are a fool to think so...

    conjunct is strongest and positive for this configuration/aspect.

    trines and sextiles (with your soulmates prior lifetimes) may mean getting fainter but it's still there.

    his mars in leo square my saturn in sag/cap cusp means that we have differing missions in this life and must go our own separate paths and a mother must let their child go and try their wings and flourish on their own path and life purpose.

    but the love/connection will always remain, even if you are physically apart. beautiful, isn't it?

    the venus trine saturn (binding/unbreakable bond but not oppressive) create just love with no problems/harsh energy exchange. when it comes to saturn, even a conjunct is harsh but especially opposition and square signifies spiritual enemies or cut from a different cloth/incompatible.

    this indicates there is a higher cosmic power at work.

    the trine is just perfect, balanced/mutual and loving flow between these two planets as well as the sextile but the trine is the best in this particular configuration.

    heh, even if you don't believe in reincarnation or past lives, it still indicates similar frequency (soul) so you will identify or care for eachother.

    some people can even 'recognize' eachother and it's reflected in synastry.

    the amazing mysteries of the universe, both utterly beautiful/saving grace and utterly apalling.

    when this beauty happens, it's a blessing from a loving place that is a higher power unknown to us. recognize.
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  11. birch Valued Senior Member

    i was always put down that i was nothing, and worthless but a very loving higher power blessed me with a son that not only has a beautiful and very kind heart but also has a beautiful mind. he's not only talented but has a heart for philanthropy and a genius level iq (151 tested in high school). he's a very refined and sophisticated young man. a very finicky/observant/astute child too. very wise beyond his years. he is way above me in intelligence and maturity level. it's funny how he has a way of looking his nose down at me as if he is the mature one and he is absolutely right. lol
    i can't even come close to understanding what he can understand as far as hard science, but then again, my mind works more right brain since that is my area of interest/focus. he can do both easily.

    something up above showed me immense love/blessing through my son that no person could or would.

    amazingly loving miracles/blessings can happen but you can't decide them. people's blessings come through differently. some may be blessed with a wonderful loving spouse, great job, fame, power, money etc. i was blessed with my son. heaven only knows i needed some help or love which is an understatement.

    i always had the sense that i wasn't supposed to have more children even when i did have security and money because the blessings were pre-packaged/bundled in one person. just one present bestowed. lol.

    but he still refuses to talk to me but i know he reads my emails occasionally. when i had a spat with the family once and had to leave, he made a family tree of just us two on an ancestry site, just like how we used to be so close when he was little when it was just us two together.

    i don't mind it actually as i want him to focus on his life and goals. actually, i don't want him to derail his life or lose focus. parents shouldn't burden or drag their children down as they have a right to live their life to the fullest. that's the attitude i would have expected from my parents (though they didn't) so i want the same or better for him.

    i've just let everything go at this point and have no sense of decorum . he probably will never remember that i was a normal person with a sense of propriety and normal goals like everyone else before, until i had an eventual nervous breakdown. also, because i was dealing with ptsd and heavy emotional wounds at the time trying to keep it together but society just targeted those wounds even more. that's the 'vulnerability' or weakness they sense. it's an easy thing to kick someone when they are already down.

    i don't care how i appear to others anymore to be completely frank as i feel society betrayed me too many times. i just care now that he will be okay, even if he thinks i'm crazy or weird, it does not matter. well, i know i'm not really. i just let it all hang out as it doesn't matter at this point to me. i hardly ever use filters anymore or coherency that 'appeals' to others.
    i am officially out of the game. thank goddess.
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  12. birch Valued Senior Member

    i've been researching and testing out astrology for awhile now. it can even be random checks to test my holistic intuition/observation abilities against astrology. for instance, when i saw the film van helsing, the actress that played aleera stood out to me more than the others and i could sense that there was a venus trine saturn synastry between us. i checked it and i was right. the others i did not have that aspect.

    even sara mclachlan i could tell just by looking at her face and her expression in her eyes (same innocent look my son has) that we had a venus trine saturn. how i can intuit that i can't explain exactly because it's a comprehensive holistic 'sensing' that's done simultaneously as i'm taking in all information and processing it and ascertain/pinpoint the answer.

    one guy i met i sensed to stay away from him as my gut instincts told me dangerous chemistry between us and when i checked it was mars square pluto in synastry and composite. very possibly explosive, even physical violence. now that doesn't mean everyone is going to react the same or has the same level of maturity/and or ethics but i pinpointed what i was picking up.

    now this doesn't mean you feel the same way (venus trine saturn, for example) for each person just based on one aspect as each synastry will differ between each individual and other aspects with it as well other factors and variables about them. it just gives a basic understanding or mutual respect and giving the benefit of the doubt and makes friendship easy. but for those you love, it's going to have more importance.

    another example is, i could sense that i had a venus trine pluto with this one guy even before i cast the chart. venus trine pluto is kind of rare too and is considered one of, if not the very top aspect for a soul deep passionate affair. it's usually considered one of those once in a lifetime experiences. you will be spellbound and absolutely mesmerized with eachother (as long as the rest of the synastry aspects supports a relationship or connection). it is that pinnacle. and that's just one way and going both ways, that's crazy i can't imagine because pluto is so powerful in synastry. whatever happens, you will never forget eachother most likely because of that passionate connection, for example. venus trine pluto is heavenly perfecto simpatico. some even consider it the true love aspect. venus conjunct pluto is similar but has more negative side effects.

    i know now astrology definitively has legitimacy for natal and relationship patterns. my hunches were not leading me on a wild goose chase and the patterns noticed by others who have laid the groundwork and fine-tuning (who were genuises in their own right and far above my capabilties) i have only used to further test it's validity.

    i can take credit for the fact at least i am one of those who did notice patterns of this sort which started my quest and i did suspect that everything worked/interrelated on a grid/web/mesh system like geometry and mathematics (with some other factors and variables , of course).

    consider the precision of the observation and conclusion/prediction. it was not the sextile, conjunct, opposition, square, sesiquadrate, quintile etc but exactly the 'trine' i honed in on. i honed it on it just by evaluating the balance and texture of the energy. i've got expert empathic and intuitive skills when i focus.

    but this is not the only reason according to my own theory and that is part of the reason i was able to hone in as to the 'balance/scale' of the energy was the 'exchange' or comparing frequencies meaning what i had mentioned earlier is that we/everything is interconnected on a subconscious level and every synastry and composite is active on a subconscious energy level simultaneously on the astral plane. the natals/progressions, synastry and composite is literally "alive" always on a micro as people are always giving off their own various energy signatures/frequencies. if you vibrate at exactly the same frequency with someone physically distant with an aspect, that is a connection on a quantum level on the astral plane, even with people you have never met or never will meet or aware of consciously. this is actually quite common.

    people are geniuses in their own way. what you notice about reality, another may not and vice-versa. this is why there are different types of brains to detect different facets of life and the universe.

    cool, huh?
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  13. birch Valued Senior Member

    here is the additional kicker, it's qualitative 'flavor' is how you identify it as well. it's not just a mathematical number frequency. it's qualitative/harmonic.

    someone else's frequency and qualitative harmonic with their venus/saturn person/s will differ as each person/soul is unique and so is every kindred soul family have it's own unique flavor.

    there is some discrepancies and different schools of thought on some issues. i know that there is a difference between a chart and the soul itself that incarnates with the chart. and the chart will play out in it's effects as well as be modified to some extent depending on the nature and other character traits of the person. transits you can not change or affect at all, only how you respond as well as the destiny aspects of your chart cannot be changed. the only modifications is how you use your energies in your natal.

    for instance, there was a lady who also had a son within minutes of the birth of my child but they are not the same person (soul) at all. the chart does not 'create' you or your soul. you are born into it. your soul is whole even before you incarnate just as you are still you when you are in your birthday suit.
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  14. birch Valued Senior Member

    when i was overseas, i stepped into a restaurant and the owner immediately took a liking to me. it was the weekend and extremely busy and he decided to actually cook my food at the table (built in bbq) and when i just mentioned a dish, he would call over one of the waitresses to bring it to the table and i couldn't possibly eat all this food. he also refused payment. this was not some dynamic where he was trying to impress me or make a move on me, it was a nurturing type of vibe. i was watching him when he was cooking and he was so careful and making sure that all the pieces were perfectly cooked and feeding me like i was a family member or his child. he was such a sweet man and i could see an innocence in him that was really touching. of course, i didn't ask him his birthday to check my astrology research (you don't freak people out like that) but i knew that it was a 'kindred soul'.

    same thing happened here in the states, just as anywhere, when i was in a vet center once where this guy (different race) was a total pushover when it came to me but he used to be a major druglord in the florida keys and used to own a ranch etc. he admitted to me that he was wrong and he always listened to what i had to say with respect. when someone would make a rude remark or unkind to me, he would always speak up and defend me as he didn't even want my feelings to be hurt at all. he never spoke to me in a disrespectful way. it was very comfortable in a brotherly way. i could even kid around and poke fun in a friendly/facetious way. he was another 'kindred' soul, very nurturing, family-type and almost innocent vibe toward me.

    when i first became homeless and i was at this shelter, the woman running it told everyone except me (lol) to get up because we are not supposed to be sleeping but she immediately took a liking to me and knew that i was exhausted and so was extra kind and sensitive. but i remember getting up and as soon as our eyes met, we both knew. she had that sensitivity and was so sweet to me. our personalities meshed like buddies. we would joke around all the time and it felt like high school all over again. she eventually even invited me to her home for bbq's and wanted to be friends but i had to move on. she was an african-american woman.

    your kindred soul family is spread out all over the world. that's why it's foolish to be racist or some people haven't become enlightened. look at the heart and soul of an individual.

    sometimes, you are born in a family that is not really your soul family. but you have soul family out there all over the world and you will run into them occasionally in life. this doesn't mean you drop your life and path for them but that there are others on this planet you resonate with positively out there, even if the connection is for a moment or a short period of time.
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  15. birch Valued Senior Member

    my pallas conjuncts my mars! some of these interpretations are so darn cute!!!!

    this is the other aspect that applies to me.

    my son's placement. awesome!!!

    these are the rest:

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  16. birch Valued Senior Member

    Interesting: this even aligns with the vedic astrology but they use spiritual class/caste and mine is primarily warrior/defender: kshatriya. there are some others interspersed but what is the predominant markers. i supposedly serve the brahmin class while they sit in their ivory towers all comfy while my back is against the wall. not forever i'm not. nope...

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  17. birch Valued Senior Member

    i have a guy's juno on my south node. i guess he was my wife in a past life. lmao

    can you imagine the arguments you could have with this?

    listen, woman! i wear the pants in this relationship and i was your husband before, remember?!

    i share this with him mutually. it is considered the epitome of true unconditional love. sounds more like a family (soul) connection; it's lovely though.

    they are quite mistaken though as i am not going to throw myself in front of a bus for anybody, except for my son. but then again, maybe i would love that person immensely enough to do such a thing if i really knew them etc. there is no one i've met or known in this life so far that i would actually want to sacrifice myself for such as stepping in front of a bus or take a bullet for them, except for my child. whaat?? lol.
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  18. birch Valued Senior Member

    aww, so cute.

    that is true and neptune is in 7th and 12th house.

    my valentine is in scorpio and so is amor in scorpio. valentine conjunct amor: deep love. but so are other signatures such as venus/pluto (my son has this aspect) or venus/neptune (very idealistic/ethereal). i have venus/neptune and can be problematic. it's the rose colored glasses syndrome.

    so sweet.

    my valentine conjunct his uranus. my uranus sextiles his sun and venus which is also a 'love at first sight' aspect and is electric. the deer in the headlights and your heart stops. we also share a dw of mars sextile pluto exact (this one is rare as venus/uranus is most common) and that's also infatuation/love at first sight. often, the people you have the best synastry with, you can't be with. it's as if the universe will not allow you to be that happy. there are couples like that but it's still rare where two people are together for the long haul just because they adore and love each-other to pieces, along with a higher mission/purpose in the world they both understand about eachother on a soul level. just like i was so happy and fulfilled with my son, the composite wouldn't let that happiness last forever. this wasn't just a love between two people but a love based on higher ideals and ethics we want to bring into the world. a higher spiritual bond. i was ecstatically, profoundly and deeply happy. that was definitely a blessing/connection from a very loving higher power, even if it was for a short time. but i deserved it since there was no one in my corner!!! even my sister and her parents didn't love each-other like that. actually, i don't see that type of connection between any of my family members and their children as far as that level of tenderness and deep love. i've also noticed that when people feel this type of energy and love between two people, they can be envious (terrible) and actually want to separate them because they want that type of connection too which goes to show it's rare.

    but it's nice to know that these types of connections can exist and heaven does exist in some way. maybe in heaven (if it exists somewhere), people can be happy forever.

    he has this in his natal which is pretty hot. and his lust is on my north node also. because they are conjunct in the same sign, they are both on the north node.

    my valentine conjunct amor is a higher octave but it's also on his north node. the synchronicity is amazing. to those who are not familiar with astrology, this is not an everyday type of synastry. if you run into someone where you have this type of synastry, you will hear angel harps as if the heavens have opened up and divine light has shined down and you just met a twin-flame soul.

    my north node is in pisces and his lust/valentine conjunct are in pisces. my valentine/amor conjunct is in scorpio on his scorpio north node.

    his moon in aries conjunct my ascendant in aries/taurus cusp which is very significant. this has a way of making two people feel as if they've met one of their long lost best friends/bosom buddies from ages ago.

    there are a ton of other dw connections. dw's create that mutuality. it's considered a soulmate when you have many 'balanced' double whammies between your chart and another. it's the most amazing synastry i've seen with anyone aspecting my chart so far.

    people who don't know how to read charts or are amateurs will take just one or a few aspects (usually just planetary) and think there is a good connection and it doesn't work that way because you will have that with just about everyone. you have to consider orbit, degree, and how mutual the chart is as well as their natals compared to yours. for instance, if they are not plutonian or uranian or venus heavy etc and you are, then there is a mismatch which doesn't matter what the synastry says at that point so you are getting ahead of yourself etc. you have to consider the whole pattern of the chart as well the hidden aspects /angles/nodes of the synastry as well as what houses they fall into for each natal, synastry and composite. if the synastry hits person a's relationship or personal houses but not the other, then it will not be mutual etc. if one has different values or tastes than another, it will not be mutual. if one has opposing or square mc's, you will not be able to make it together because you have diverging paths/purposes etc. in this case, that doesn't mean there isn't love or mutual feelings, it's just not practical on the physical realm.

    my pluto conjunct his valentine by degree, not sign.

    too bad we can't be with eachother. of course not. this is the kind of synastry that changes the whole fabric of society. some pieces you can't move on a chess board the way you want. literally, you are not allowed to reach eachother. but people you can't stand or do not have such good synastry with are all around you. ugh.

    no one is allowed to be this happy - yet.
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  19. birch Valued Senior Member

    in my seventh house of marriage/partnership

    his pholus in my north node.

    mercury/pluto dw. psychic telepathic connection. his mercury and venus is in my 12th house of spirituality. he can read me like a book. he knows me better than i know myself. we can also communicate just with our eyes and body language without saying a word. the thing is because my 12th house inhabits pisces, taurus and aries. his moon also lands there so he can feel what i feel. this could be uncomfortable if you don't trust the person. if the person has your best interest at heart, it's a beautifully deep and profound connection.

    i read this all over him which is compatible with my valentine conjunct neptune (in my seventh house) in scorpio as in love must have a spiritual component or else it's empty to me. it's reinforced with venus/neptune (also indicative of angelic spirituality; makes one naive). spirituality is a huge theme/issue/angst in my chart and so is ascension to leave this physical existence.

    but it's not about these particular aspects, it's that i 'picked' up that there was something profound and the synastry correlated which i find myself scratching my head (south node in virgo. yep, in a past life i was the type or at least the physical earthly self to only consider hard facts/harsh life which is just as blinding and which excluded an immense amount of reality. it's also soul crushing. surprise, surprise. time to learn some other facet of reality, eh? my humbled self must expand my awareness of what we call reality) as to how the general patterning is spot-on. it's also because i kept running into a type of person who had these types of energies and even similar looks. i sensed the universe was trying to tell me something as in giving a message as to my third eye (all-seeing/complete picture). it's not that these people are the 'one' or that you are supposed to be with anyone in this life physically anyways (even my spiritual numerology lifepath is a 1). it's that they exhibit some character traits or have some of the character or personality traits that resonate with some of your own and are like a puzzle piece to give you a clue, along your path. it's to show you that you are connected, not alone and to further open up your spiritual awareness and i finally am realizing it further.

    this is not a person what i would ever have considered my 'type' or that i would imagine to have such synastry with me, which goes to show that there are many lessons in life to learn as far as truly being able to expand and 'see'. just as i would never have believed that my son is my son had i not given birth to him. my self-esteem was so low, i would never have believed i could give birth to such a beautifully loving soul and intelligent person such as him etc. how many other lies has society foisted upon people to where there self-esteem and self-identity has been distorted by this physical existence of class divides and fake identities/worth? telling you what you are or are not, what you can or cannot do, what you are inherently worth? how do they know what you are worth or who you really are? only you and a higher power knows who you are truly. i've known people with immense wealth and power who were crap and just as well those who were wonderful amazing souls. the same can be said with those who are obscure or poor in this life. angels and demons can be anywhere. that is the profound mystery of life.

    for instance, my vertex is in libra and the vertex is a critical point in your chart of significant people in your life or that will have a positive growth impact (not all libras, of course!). it just means that the one that will be most significant will be a libra or "libra-like." libra is about balance and i was out of balance severely which was extremely damaging and weakening. people who abuse and exploit you do so often to unbalance you, besides feeding off your internal power for themselves to empower themselves (parastic rapists) and cut you off from your own internal power that is for your utilization to fulfill your life, not theirs. your internal power is being funneled/sucked away toward them and thier use, so you are distorted/mixed up inside like a sabotaged engine; impotent or constantly hurting and in internal pain/hell. yes, there are people that evil and depraved that get their jollies off that way. rapists and pedophiles are actually spiritual/soul thieves. though there are women who can do this also, it's tantric black magic/dark forces. my mother had that ability too. well, that's why her and her husband were alike. when i looked up her chart in vedic astrology, it stated literally to the effect ' she knows there is more to reality than what science says is reality' and it just angered and horrified me to no end because that evil monster did not deserve to have such an ability because she had no ethics or morals!!!!

    i have not seen that signature in any chart of any person i know except her and her husband with the nemesis/nessus/neptune!! that is how she was. both had spiritual dark tantric knowledge and ability. the only reason i got into this search of occult and away from conventional reality was because of the weird experiences i had with them! i don't even have these signatures in my chart and i wouldn't be aware of this if it wasn't for them which started my search for answers to the deeper aspects of reality people pretend don't exist and the nasty hidden spiritual crimes they commit that can ruin peoples lives just as much, not just physical ones that you can go to prison for!!!!!

    my son is a libra and i know that he came into my life to show me the meaning of true love, to have self-esteem and to love myself. his spirituality alone made me realize aspects of life that i didn't notice before as well as help heal some of my deepest wounds. this was not a coincidence. i know my son was sent from above (from wherever that loving place is) to remind me that i'm truly loved and to remind me of my true identity (soul).
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  20. birch Valued Senior Member

    this is the monster's chart. notice the bolded part. that is what made this bitch dangerous. just as there are good forces that give power to good people, there are evil forces that give power and knowledge to those who are evil.

    what made me angry was because i've not seen that signature with anyone's chart that i've cast except hers. i don't even have that in my chart. i'm only investigating it because of how she as able to manipulate and pervert nature using black magic/ dark forces she used through her own method of metaphysical manipulation and that was through her perversion of religion. she used prayer to curse people. that is why i saw the dark apparition in the same spot she had been praying. i wrote here before on another thread that i literally physically winced when i saw her because she was giving off such dark energy while praying. i was wondering how she seemed to know all this stuff instinctively so i had a tarot reading done on her and it showed that she, like her husband have been doing this for lifetimes!! this makes me angry because that is exactly what i suspected is that pollyanna version of karma is absolute bullshit in this predatorial universe. just like it shows in past life readings, those who suffered or victims usually carry that suffering over into the next life as it's not just going to magically go away just as those who were predators will be inclined to be predatorial in the next life etc unless they are stopped somehow!!

    the rest sounds good and respectable but she wasn't. all the rest was only 'outward' persona in public. she respected no one's feelings or boundaries. she just knew what society expected or how to act in public, even better than me.

    the chart also reveals her spiritual class/window was mainly/primarily rakshasa (demon class), just like the stepfather, human and angelic last. literally, the guna is ordered in the chart by percentage and hers is mainly of demon class origin. she was a cold-hearted, conniving, absolutely hoighty-toighty, holier than thou religious, power monger of a woman. very perverted too and very insensitive to other women's plight but she was a preacher's wife. she didn't give a rat's ass that i was sexually abused or abused at all by her husband. that's not human, that's not animalistic, that's fuking demonic and lower than low.

    interestingly though, her caste was primarily brahmin which is considered the top, which is probably why she believed she had a right to have control over everyone but her spirituality (demon) was unevolved. this is why you can't just judge people based on outward physical status. that goes both ways, just because someone is on the bottom doesn't mean they aren't a rakshasa either. your kindred souls exist in all strata of society just as the angelic and human class.

    and no, this is not "someone" to feel sorry for etc because that's what a goddamn "window" means/indicates; that is the demon soul was incarnated into the physical vessel because it fuking fit!!

    the stuff i've discovered and how it correlates metaphysically is mindblowing. omg...
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  21. birch Valued Senior Member

    there is a gradual improvement though. my chart is ordered mainly as manushya (human), angelic and rakshasa last. my son is ordered deva (angelic), human and rakshasa.

    the order of divinity is deva (angelic), manushya and rakshasa last.

    there is a problem though as manushya is known to be a mixture of deva and rakshasa as in the die has been cast. it also indicates that they originally incarnated as a deva long ago and the pure deva part left in me is next in line to be targeted. actually, it's already been targeted. the repeated rapes and abuse which absorbs the dark is evident in this correlation.

    manushyas are also the buffer between the deva and rakshasa class which means we bear the brunt of the rakshasa pulling us down or abusing and taking advantage of us. now, i'm all for defending the deva class but i can't do it forever as i'm losing this battle and if i lose all my good, then what good am i for this fight for light, if i lose myself?

    this is why i must ascend and someone else must step in to continue this fight as i am spiritually weary. i had a reading once and it said that this chart exists nonetheless and someone else will take my place (bless them because it's going to be harrowing).

    in some way, i feel that angelic part of me chose this particular chart/human to fight for because i felt so badly for their suffering (in the context of life system here) but i couldn't protect or save them. that's the part that really bothers me the most.

    heheh. but do you see how this game works? manuyshas are the ones that are really used, not the deva and rakshasa class. they both can feed or benefit from the manushya. we provide the buffer between the truly dangerous rakshasa but they want to take all our light to use it to rise to the top but it's only going to be a wolf in sheep's clothing because 'how' you get there will determine your true spiritual origins. that's the their m.o. they are imposters of light. they steal the light from others, instead of seeing light as an 'example' to change their ethics to produce their own.

    now, if the rakshasa take all our light, then we become the rakshasa too, so what protection or buffer is the deva going to use? so perpetually in the middle giving out some crumbs to keep us afloat while the rakshasa also benefit taking advantage of our portion of light to rise above us.

    guess who is mostly at the top in society and it's correlated in charts? yep, deva (angelic) and rakshasa (demon) soul class mostly, not manushya.

    so, what good does it do to play this zero-sum game?

    should i say fuck them both? does this seem right? lmao.
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  22. birch Valued Senior Member

    astrology is much more indepth than what i so far have stated, which is mostly skimming the surface except for the nodes and angles. for instance, two people can have the same aspect but there is both applying and separating. most of my aspects are separating and that means i'm ready to go, according to metaphysical astrology.

    for instance, my son has the exact placement of mercury trine uranus in a tight 2 degree orb. that is the mark of a genius and is also the only aspect that denotes an 'advanced soul' because the trine is so well-balanced. it fuses intellect with spiritual awareness. it's also applying which is strong. if it's a 0-1 degree orb, that denotes your first incarnation (with this aspect or this universal consciousness tethering to your chart). two degrees means this is the second incarnation. so he is one of those fresh recruits or replacements. mine is at a a 9 degree orb and is separating and that denotes nine incarnations, which according to astrology, at one time in previous incarnations it was much stronger. well, he is much smarter than me, especially regarding hard science. with my past node in virgo and this aspect which is like an echo at this point, it also implies that in a past lives especially, that i was interested in hard science much more than in this incarnation. but each incarnation your nodes change as you progress in your awareness or learn different aspects of existence. north node neptune indicates being born into the next incarnation in totally spirit form (cycle complete), not a physical existence, which means not a physical incarnation.

    i also have mercury conjunct jupiter (also separating) which denotes an expansive mind. this is the type of aspect (there are other aspects that denote similar) that can easily understand concepts such as timelessness and infinity, not just as a mental concept but actually can imagine it.

    it's really interesting how much of what you experience or you intuit is aligned with astrology, even before you learn it. there are so many different types of genuises out there who have different insights into how the universe operates and astrology is one of those insights as well. those who have studied and fine-tuned astrology to give insight to the masses are also metaphysical geniuses themselves and deserve due credit for their own brand of spiritual insight into reality.
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  23. birch Valued Senior Member

    if your intuition is really honed, you can see connections or patterns everywhere. for instance, i could just tell by r kelly's face and energy signatures what type of synastry/pattern exists. yep, it showed he would shower me with gifts/money and try to own me. his mars and pluto in my 12th is dangerous control factor. his jupiter is in my second house which is the house of money just like my ex and he spoiled me with physical gifts. almost the exact type of pattern i had with my recent ex who looked almost exactly like him and similar personality signatures. they like that bubbly 'little girl' quality/aspect in you.

    that's what these are: patterns repeated in nature and synergy between certain types of people. what synergy you have with one person and with another will differ and type of relationship. he and i have moon/pluto dw (i can't stand this aspect, some people like it) and so do my ex and i plus venus/mars. venus/mars is sexual but it pales compared to venus/pluto. that's a higher spiritual octave and more intense. you will realize it once you experience it.

    alternately, these types are not my highest soulmate types. introverted, sensitive artistic types are the ones that are my true soulmate 'types' and it's patterned even in synastry when i check. but deep down i already knew that. most people do know if they self-reflect what is best or true for them.

    the ones so far that i have the best synastry with has not only moon/mars dw , mars/uranus dw, moon/venus dw (with full circle in composite indicates endless love beyond the physical), venus/mars dw, but also mars/pluto because we both have mars/pluto in natal (mine square, his sextile) and venus trine pluto besides the valentines on north node. that's far-out synastry and amazingly hot.

    the quiet wallflower you thought would not be your type could have epic hidden inner strength and could rock your world into the stratosphere.

    this is called the twin-flame type of synastry. it is metaphorically if one soul was divided into two before incarnation and see where they land as an life experiment and could be considered worlds apart on the physical plane. it is known that with the twin-flame that all the powerful forces in this world will be working to divide and conquer between you.

    you know what they can't divide and it's indicated in even synastry? love. even if they physically, politically, socially, racially, etc divide you, they cannot break true love because it is the highest octave and they can't touch it (sacred). it is beyond this world/dimension's scope. they can employ hardship, strain, lies, deceit and doubt as well as divide through the composite (physical destiny) though.

    running into your twin flame or being able to be with them is considered exceptionally rare. partly because you have important missions in life which calls for growth with others but deep inside you will always hunger or have angst or will feel incomplete without them (the pure soul aspect). there is some sense of total in-completion no matter who you are with physically; to further add insult to injury on this plane, it's often even completely impractical because everything else physically will be like an obstacle that make it impossible or impractical.

    literally, you are often not meant to meet again until the afterlife according to astrology (even if spiritually connected); but you will and can be with your kindred soul family once in awhile.
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